Recapture the Lost Art of Letter Writing with Perfect Beach Stationery


Recently I got really into writing cards. Thank you cards, birthday cards, or just plain “I’m thinking about you” cards can really brighten up someone’s mailbox and it’s so rewarding to be able to do that for people you love. Since this is a new hobby for me, I was able to dive right in with a bunch of stationery sets I’ve collected over the years that have been sitting on my bedroom shelves waiting to be written on and sent to new homes in the company of some of my favorite people.


I am happy to report that I am now nearing my last couple cards and am so committed to keeping this trend going that I’ve already started my search for some new stationery. This time, however, I’m all about finding something beachy; not only because thinking about summer makes me super happy, but I know a little reminder of vacation and warmth as it keeps getting colder and colder will bring some smiles to my friends’ faces as well.


If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know by now that my go-to for cute, handmade items is Etsy so that’s exactly where I started. Take a look at what I found below.


For personal stationery…

Personalized Stationary copy

I am obsessed with these flamingo personalized one-sided stationery cards from CelebrateLilThings on Etsy. They are super adorable and subtle enough to use for a variety of occasions. Plus, the shop allows you to choose from 26 different fonts for your name. If pink’s not your thing, you can also choose a flamingo that is more orange or one that is more red. For $13.80 for 12 cards, I’d say this is definitely a bargain.


When it’s her birthday…

Birthday Card

But really, who doesn’t want to be called a land mermaid? This card from Shop803 not only is full of compliments for your bestie’s birthday, but will also certainly make her laugh. It’s $4.50, which is a lot for just one card to buy online but Shop803 offers so many more great cards for all occasions so you can snag a bunch at once and make that shipping cost well worth it.


To say thank you…

 Thank you Card

Thank you cards are what I use up the quickest. Whether it’s after your birthday, a holiday, or an hour-long vent sesh that you really need to thank your friend for, there are so many times when a thank you card is appropriate. That’s why I decided I would need multiples here. So I found this stack of five bright yellow thank you cards adorned with seashells from ilootpaperie. I love this card because it not only screams summer, but it also screams happiness, and that is ultimately what we really want to give to someone else.


For no reason at all…

Just Because Card

Let’s get ice cream. Four perfect words that can certainly brighten up anyone’s day. This card from KatieVaz on Etsy screams summer, fun, and friendship and is a must-have for times when you send a little “just because” card to a friend, especially one that shares your love of ice cream (who doesn’t?). In fact, I think I’ll buy a couple to keep on deck.


Let me know in the comments section if you’ve found any other great summer-inspired stationery! 🙂


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When I was a Mermaid


The majority of my favorite childhood memories were from my summers at our beach house in Avalon, NJ. My mom, a true bathing beauty, rarely went in the ocean and during our visits to the beach, would instead hold down the fort of toys and topsy-turvy sand castles while my dad took the kids into the water to catch some waves. Being that I was much shorter than my older sister, much more fearful than my brother, and all around athletically-disinclined, this was more often than not a terrifying experience for me.


One time in particular, my dad took my sister and me into the ocean to cool off after a couple hours digging in the sand. As usual, I was enjoying myself until I started to realize we were going out a little further past my comfort zone. Combine my dad’s imperfect hearing, my sister’s complete childlike unawareness to anything other than the fun she was having, and my quiet voice that clearly no one heard when I was screaming at them that we’re “going too far!” and I was all set up to await disaster. Instead of deciding to run back to my mom and brother who were safe and sound on the beach, I eagerly attempted to catch up to my family, frantically running in their direction so I could be safe with them and not on my own.


I guess I was so focused on catching up that I didn’t notice the most menacing wave of all time about 2 seconds away from making landfall directly on my 3-foot-something frame. I was completely unprepared and terrified and was left no choice but to await the doom. The wave would crash on top of me and I would probably get knocked around and tossed up on shore with one bathing suit strap down my elbow, tears in my eyes, hair in my face, completely disoriented that the thought of even locating where I was playing before seemed impossible. Even as a little girl, I knew this was not a good look. And yet, that is exactly what happened.


When I finally appeared from the water, I looked around. I was convinced that my dad would be close by after realizing what had happened to me. But in typical dad-fashion, this was not the case. In fact, he and my sister were exactly where they were before, completely oblivious that I was no longer with them with no understanding of what had just happened to me.


So I ran back to my mom on the beach, completely hysterical (admittedly more because no one seemed to care that I got knocked around rather than any pain or discomfort caused by the act itself). I somehow mustered out the words, “Did you see what happened?” She told me she did and then she wrapped me up in a Disney beach towel, cradled me on her lap, and told me a story about two mermaids who went into the ocean and the little mermaid was so brave that she got knocked down by a wave that was bigger than she thought.


This story is probably more about how instantly a mom can make you feel better but the reason I am sharing it here is because it’s very applicable to situations throughout our lives. There are often times when I feel small, beaten down, scared, or like I need to catch up. There are times when people have seen me fail and there are times when my mom isn’t with me to remind me that I’m a happy, graceful, beautiful mermaid no matter how terrible I feel. But the situations or troubles that we will inevitably find ourselves in can never take away who were are as people. With my mom’s help, I realized I was a mermaid the entire time I was in that ocean, whether the wave took me down or not, and that is a lesson I will carry with me forever.



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Let’s Add Some Beach Candy Into the Halloween Assortment


If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, by now you have suggestions on where to go and what to wear this Halloween. But let’s not forget one of the most important aspects of this spooky holiday—the candy. Dressing up in tiaras and boas and screaming through haunted hayrides was (and still is) super fun, but the abundance of candy is really what makes Halloween such a nostalgic holiday for so many people. I know for me at least, it was the one night of the year when my siblings and I got to really indulge in artificially sweet and super chocolate-y sweets (after the massive trading session with the neighborhood besties, obviously).


So I think it’s really important that whether you’re trick-or-treating, answering the door to pretend Elsas and fictitious Batmans, or heading to a party with your friends, that you make sure to keep tradition alive and sneak in as many KitKats and Milkyways as possible this year.


However, since I’m the ultimate summer-lover, I wanted to offer up some alternatives to the Peanut M&Ms and Crunch bars. Obviously the classics must be present. But why not add in some beach-themed goodies for both you and the sugar-obsessed kids who most certainly need reminders of their favorite three months? I see no reason to exclude the following treats from the assortment this year.


Flip Flop Gummies:

I always appreciated houses that offered up non-chocolate sweets for Halloween, mostly because my brother didn’t eat chocolate when we were younger (update: he has since realized its perfection) and I ended up trading him most of my fruity candies. But the more I got, the more I could keep for myself. So when I found these individually packed assorted flip flop gummies, I knew they would be a hit.


Candy Beach Charm Bracelets:

Ummmm, honestly what could be better than jewelry that doubles as candy? The answer is jewelry that doubles as candy that also features beach-inspired edible charms like sunglasses, beach balls, flip flops, and suns. I loved these as a kid and I think I love them even more now. Since stackables are so in, you’re only on trend if you wear a bunch at once so they’re perfect for the over-indulgence of Halloween.


Luau Buttermints:

You know when you’re leaving a restaurant, grab a couple mints on the way out, open it, and realize they’re buttermints?! Jackpot. No matter what your dinner was like or how the service was, your night is made. Who doesn’t love the melt-in-your-mouth buttermints when you need a quick minty fix? I certainly love it, especially when they’re in super cute packages adorned in beach scenes with palm trees and beach umbrellas. These are perfect to keep a big bowl of when you have friends over or throw a couple in your purse before heading to the movies with your crush.




Flip Flop Chocolates:

I saw these at The Original Fudge Kitchen in Stone Harbor, and had to buy a bunch. Because a candy assortment is not complete without some chocolate, they are perfect to round out your holiday offerings. They’re also the perfect size where you only need to eat one (as opposed to them being tiny and all of a sudden you realize you’ve had five. Ugh. Happens to the best of us, ladies). The flip flops also have a little flower on them that comes in a variety of colors so everyone could get a different color, adding to the fun of trading later in the night. (Because obviously, the pink one is worth flighting for.)


Beach Candy2


So be sure to add these beachy goodies into your Halloween candy selection this year! Let me know in the comments section if you’ve found any other summer-inspired sweets 🙂




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Accessorizing Your Summer Clothes for Your Fall Wardrobe


Written by: Emma Veon

You know that your summer clothes will never be “out of season,” but when the seasons change, how can you rock your favorite summer styles in colder weather? Well, there’s no need to exile your summer favorites to the attic this year! Keep the spirit of summer alive all fall by adding a few warm accessories to any top, dress, or skirt.


Tops: Add a sweater or jacket to any summer top to stay warm and fashionable. For light tanks and t-shirts, a knit pullover will expose just enough of your beachy flair while still keeping you warm. A chunky cardigan pairs well with that gorgeous blouse or high-neck tank that you just needed five months ago. A jacket works nicely with your flowy tops. Starch military-style and jean jackets will complement the movement of your blouse. Dark neutrals like gray, navy, and black will perfectly offset the bright pinks, blues, and yellows of summer. Whites and creams will offer an attractive contrast to bolder reds and purples. A scarf is always an ideal accessory. A light, solid-colored scarf over your favorite patterned tee that still smells like the ocean and an army jacket will bring some June to any October day.


Skirts & Dresses: Tights easily make any summer skirt fit for fall. Maroon, black, navy, patterned and gray tights keep your legs warm and your outfit autumn appropriate. Though it might be a little too cold to show off your new pedicure in sandals, dark shoes will match and keep your toes warm, too! Pair that dress or skirt with a trench and a scarf to complete the look.

Nobody will recognize the cocktail dress that you wore to every event over the summer once you pair it with a short trench coat and black tights.  For more casual pieces, try tall boots and a sweater or light jacket.


The calendar might say “October,” but your outfit will scream summer this autumn!


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Let Your TV Take You Back to Summer with Some Favorite Films


Written by: Catherine Geruson


With the winter temperatures slowly setting in, our memories of summer seem to rapidly fade away. Sometimes the only way to beat the sudden onset of pre-winter blues is to kick back, relax and let our minds travel back to sunny skies and hot summer days. And what better way to do that than with the best summer movies. Here are some favorites:


The Parent Trap– When Hallie and Annie meet at summer camp in Maine, realizing they’re actually twins from separated parents, an instant bond is created. Fun and chaos ensue as the two try to reunite their estranged parents. This film is perfect for all ages of summer lovers because who doesn’t think of crazy family dynamics and classic camp memories when they think of summer?


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off– Even though it’s not exactly set during the summer, this film is all about taking a day off from school, and that’s pretty much the point of summer, right?! Ferris, a typical high school trouble maker, deceives his principal and classmates all for a little fun in Chicago with his best friend and girlfriend. With a little joyriding and a whole lot of laughs, this movie reminds us we can have some good old-fashioned fun, any season.


Aquamarine– In Aquamarine, two longtime best friends find a mermaid who is washed onto the beach of their small Florida town. Aquamarine enlists the help of the girls to try to prove to her father that true love exists. Not the most realistic summer blockbuster, but mermaids, best friends and a super cute lifeguard? Sounds like summer to me!


The Last Song– When teenager Ronnie gets shipped off to her estranged father’s, she’s anything but excited for the summer. However, in a small, intimate beach town in Georgia, Ronnie learns the importance of family, relationships and embracing one’s talents. And who doesn’t love a summer romance starring Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus (post Hannah Montana, pre Teddy Bear onesie of course).


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants– Summer is all about adventures, especially when you can share them with the people you love, even if they can’t be by your side. This movie follows four childhood best friends as each embarks on her own journey, and a pair of jeans that is just as special as the love of a sisterhood. Each girl’s experiences are unique, like each of them: some are wild, some are challenging, but each is an opportunity for growth between the short months of June, July, and August. And since we’re not in the classroom over the summer, we might as well learn a little something about ourselves while soaking up the rays.


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Halloween Costumes for the Beach-Loving Gal


This past weekend, my best friend and I took a cooking class. Since it was a big group and everyone arrived in pairs, the instructor suggested an icebreaker to get to know each other prior to learning how to make some delicious Spanish tapas. Naturally, I started panicking. Icebreakers throw me off so much that I’m considering spending a couple minutes tonight writing a note in my phone of random fun facts about me (I’m a twin), never-have-I-evers (got a speeding ticket), and semi-believable lies (played a high school sport), that I can easily reference the next time my mind goes completely blank when I have to come up with something interesting about myself.


Luckily, our instructor was a little bit more practical and asked us to go around and introduce ourselves and tell the class what we’re going to be for Halloween this year. Phew! My type-A personality already has my Halloween costume set to go so I was golden. However, as we went around the room, a lot of people said they didn’t know what they were going to dress up as.


Since I am now lucky enough to focus most of my time on beach and summer-related things, I started brainstorming about some really cool costume ideas for all the beach lovers out there. Why not pretend we’re still living in our favorite seaside towns in the warm summer months for one night? Below I listed some of my ideas that would be perfect if you’re still looking for some costume inspiration.


1940s Beach Bum: (see picture above from Shutterstock) If you’re lucky enough to have taken any history of fashion classes, you know the 1940s beach bum was pretty much a million times more glamorous than we are when we hit up the beach now. While we sport barely-there bikinis and messy buns, the 1940s gal wore a true beach ensemble, equipped with a little skirt and push-up halter top with perfectly waved hair. Add in a bold red lip and blow up a beach ball, and you’re not only decked out in an awesome beachy costume, but you’re also looking real good when your ex arrives with his new girlfriend in some lame couples costume.


California Surfer Girl: In case you have any semblance of a tan leftover, you can totally rock a California surfer girl costume. All you need is some printed board shorts, a neon pink rash guard, some rope bracelets, flip flops, and a cardboard cut-out of a surfboard. If you want to get a little bit more creative, saw off some of the pretend surfboard and make it look like you survived a shark attack. You’ll look super cute and pretty tough, which is a double win.


Mermaid: Mermaid costumes are not just for little girls. In fact, you can have a lot of fun with this one. Buy a long green sequined skirt and wear it with a bright blue crop top and some messy “beach hair” with a stunning red lip and you’re the adult “Little Mermaid.”


Sally Selling Seashells: “Sally sells seashells” is not only a super frustrating tongue-twister, but also an innovative Halloween costume. Put on a champagne-colored camisole and make yourself a seashell-adorned skirt with prices written on them in black sharpie. Finish it off with a fun headpiece with some seashells glued on, and you’re all set. This is one of my favorite ideas because it’s more unique so chances are you won’t be competing with anyone who may have done it better.


Uncle Bill’s Waitress: My bestie came up with this one and I think it’s great. If you’re lucky enough to vacation at the Jersey shore, you either worked at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House or know someone who did. Meaning you always requested her table, gave her an unreasonably high tip, and can borrow her shapeless white polo dress and apron for your creative Halloween costume this year. Pick up a notepad to write orders on, carry some straws in your pocket, put your hair up, and grab your whitest sneaks. If you want to take it to the next level, carry around a coffee pot and fill it with your drink of choice for the night.


Hopefully one of the above ideas inspired you to go shopping now and make the best Halloween costume happen! Think I missed one? Let me know in the comments section. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @pinklyperfect_inc 🙂



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Ice Cream Lover’s Take on Pumpkin Spice


When I’m down the shore in the fall, my favorite dessert indulgence is pumpkin pie ice cream from Springer’s in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. I featured this perfect ice cream in my article, Pumpkin’s Hitting the 7-Mile Island and if you still haven’t tried it, again I will say that you need to immediately. (For the record, there are actual pieces of pumpkin pie in the ice cream. YUM!)


Unfortunately though, my time down the shore in the off-season is limited to a weekend here and there and I don’t get to scarf down this tasty treat as much as I’d like to. Because of this reason, and also because I am pretty much being forced by every food and drink company that exists to constantly crave pumpkin spice flavors in the fall, I searched online to find an easy to make at home frozen pumpkin dessert.


All it took was one search in Google to find Taste of Home’s Frosty Pumpkin Pie recipe, which seemed like the perfect fit because 1. It was a frozen pumpkin treat (exactly what I’ve been craving) 2. Looked super easy and 3. Featured some reduced fat ingredients like low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt and a reduced-fat graham cracker crust, which always helps.


It literally just took a couple minutes to combine all the ingredients and place in the graham cracker crust before popping it in the freezer to set. The only difficult part was waiting out the 6 hours before I could do a little taste test! But trust me, it was well worth the wait. I decided to add a little pizzazz to the looks of this frosty pumpkin pie and topped it off with some Halloween-inspired sprinkles and I imagine there are a ton of ways you can get creative with the looks of this one to make it really special in both taste and appearance (maybe drizzle some chocolate fudge on top? Add in some candy corn around the edges?? The possibilities are endless.)


Not only does this recipe satisfy my craving for pumpkin and ice cream when I can’t get my Springer’s fix, but it’s also super convenient because it’s a frozen dessert so it will keep perfectly fine in my freezer until I decide to whip it out when my besties come over to watch some iconic fall movies (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?).


So if you’re mouth’s really watering now, test out the recipe and let me know what you think!


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I Met the Turtles on the Turtle Crossing Sign


Pinkly Perfect Contributor Maureen Devenny shares one of her favorite summer memories and how it collides with this classic New Jersey sign



Despite not having pets, I really loved animals as a kid. I was lucky enough to attend Zoo Camp at the Philadelphia Zoo for several summers in a row, which was the absolute coolest thing my preteen self could have ever done. Campers learned about animals and were permitted to go behind the scenes at America’s oldest zoo, which included trips to the commissary (a cafeteria for zoo creatures!), to the pachyderm house (you’d be surprised at how many carrots it takes to satisfy a rhino’s hunger!), and to the veterinary facilities that cared for injured and sick animals (ever seen a giraffe-sized operating table?). Even though these activities were more than enough to satisfy my zoology interest, I looked on with envy every year as the oldest kids in the camp (the incumbent 8th graders) participated in the coolest behind-the-scenes project of them all: rehabilitating endangered terrapins (a kind of turtle) for release into the wild.


Turtle Pic 1

Who wouldn’t want to take care of this cute little guy?

Photo from


Northern Diamondback Terrapins are the only kind of turtle adapted to live in brackish water. That’s the kind of water found in bays across the Jersey shore–a mix of fresh water from inland, and salt water from the Atlantic. The largest terrapins are female, growing up to 9 inches long. When you compare that to a Galapagos tortoise, that’s still pretty small in the turtle world. Only females leave the aquatic environment, which means that in today’s day and age they’re crossing roads and parking lots. You may have noticed turtle crossing signs down the shore. Unfortunately, a 9-inch turtle is pretty much invisible to a passing car, so the turtles are often hit by cars (part of the reason that they’re endangered!). Some survive the impact, some don’t. A team of scientists scour the roadside in various NJ beach towns for dead and injured female terrapins. The scientists remove the eggs from the dead females, and send them to various facilities (including the Philadelphia Zoo) for incubation. Once hatched, the baby terrapins are kept in captivity until they are about a year old, then released back into the wild. That’s where Zoo Camp comes in!


After years of waiting, I was finally old enough to participate in the terrapin rehabilitation program. Our batch of terrapins was about 10 months old, which meant my camp group had two months to care for them before their release. The terrapins lived in large rubber containers with approximately 15 terrapin roommates. Twice a day, I fed fresh smelt (a kind of small fish) to teeny turtles the size of my palm, and every couple days I cleaned out the container. Each camper was assigned to a bin, and it was amazing to get to “know” the 15 or so turtles in my bin. Over those two months, I was able to recognize the turtles through their patterns (their shells can range from yellow to black, and their skin can have stripes, speckles, or splotches) and eventually, by their personalities. Toward the end of the summer, the day came for us to set the terrapins free.


We loaded a van with campers and terrapins, and commenced the drive to Cape May, where the terrapins would be released. We pulled up to a patch of land in the marsh and met up with the scientists from the Wetlands Institute, who gave them a clean bill of health. Releasing the terrapins was anticlimactic—as cute as I thought they were, the affection I felt toward the terrapins was definitely not a two-way street. They paddled off, disappearing instantaneously into the marsh’s muddy brown water. The terrapins don’t remember me, but I’ll always remember them!


Article Photo from


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Best Jersey Shore Races


Written by: Maureen Devenny

Did you know that there are hundreds of races that occur in towns along the Jersey Shore every year? We took a look at the race calendar on to pick out our favorite races for whatever reason you run.


If you run for distance…

…the Atlantic City Marathon is the one for you! Don’t worry, if you aren’t in shape to hop out of bed and run a marathon, there are half marathon, 10k, and 5k options for the race. You’ll run on the iconic AC boardwalk, past the Absecon Lighthouse, and among the casinos that are the backbone of AC. If you’re looking for an “easy” marathon, this is a good one–when you’re running at sea level, you know there aren’t any hills!


Atlantic City Marathon & Half Marathon

Atlantic City

October 18


If you run for a cause…

…the Polar Bear Run for Autism is perfect for you. The race was started by the owner of a local seafood restaurant to raise money for autism research and advocacy, after two of his children were diagnosed with autism. Aside from the sense of satisfaction you’ll get from supporting such an important cause, you’ll enjoy live music and a donut buffet (yum!) at the end of the race.


Polar Bear Run For Autism 5k Run/1 Mile Family Fun Walk

Sea Isle City

February 14


If you run for fun

…you’ll love Dashing Thru The Sand in Avalon. This Christmastime race is rife with Santa hats, ugly sweaters, and elf ears. For an added twist, the race takes place entirely on the beach. In the spirit of the season, you’ll warm up afterward with hot chocolate and other treats provided by the race organizers.


Dashing Thru The Sand 5k Run/Walk


December 27


If you run to bond with your family…

…the Fast & The Furriest Turkey Trot, sponsored by the Humane Society of Ocean City, is the race for you. Taking place on Thanksgiving Day, the 5k race is a great way to see your ex-football player uncles huffing and puffing down the boardwalk. Best of all, you can chow down at Thanksgiving guilt-free–after all, you ran a race!


The Fast & The Furriest Turkey Trot 5K

Ocean City

November 26


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Haunted Happenings at the Jersey Shore


In case anyone missed this week’s episode of Scream Queens, you may be unaware that Halloween season is in full swing and everyone’s basically already planned everything from what party she’s going to to what she’s dressing up as. I, however, have not only not quite landed on what my costume should be (debating between a couple ideas to be honest), but I’m also super torn on how I want to celebrate the spookiest night of the year.


Obviously, I’ll be spending it with my besties and plan on consuming more candy in one night than I do all year, but other than that, I really have nothing planned. So I started to do some research to see if I could spend it down the shore at my favorite seaside town and still take part in some sort of haunted happening.


And boy, did I hit the jackpot! Turns out, there are SO many Halloween-themed events going on at the Jersey shore! In fact, I may decide to make a whole weekend out of it rather than just one night. Below I’ve listed some of them for you.


Haunted Tales in Atlantic City, NJ:

Adorned like a haunted house, this boardwalk attraction offers up a haunted show with chilling special effects, a haunted photo booth, and a coffin ride for two. If you’re bringing any little ones with you, this may be your pick because it gives off a more “fun” Halloween vibe rather than a super frightening one. Plus it’s only $8 for admission so the more, the merrier!


Elaine’s Haunted Mansion Restaurant in Cape May, NJ:

Through October, Elaine’s, a boutique hotel and dinner theater in Cape May, NJ, is putting on its especially ghostly production, The Mostly Dead. Not only will you be entertained by this “zombie-comedy,” but you’ll also get a full course dinner for only $47.95 per ticket. Given that the Food Network voted Elaine’s one of the Top 5 Dinner Theaters in America, I would definitely not want to miss this one!


For more information, click here.


Night of Terror in Mullica Hill, NJ:

Located at Creamy Acres Farms in Mullica Hill, Night of Terror is one of the Philadelphia area’s premier haunted attractions and offers multiple haunted houses, corn mazes, and hayrides. In fact, their “Ride of Terror” haunted hayride was even featured on HGTV’s Scariest Haunted Houses special. They even offer a haunted paintball hayride if you need to take some aggression out! For only $30 for access to all attractions, I’d definitely say this is a must-see this Halloween season!


So in case you weren’t excited before, I hope you’re all geared up to celebrate Halloween at the Jersey shore. Let us know in your comments which ones you’re planning on hitting up!




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