Give Your Bedroom a Quick Beach Makeover



Recently I’ve been getting really homesick about my favorite seaside town. Now that my entire summer and a couple long weekends every month are turning into one weekend every two months, I’m really in need of some daily reminders of my happy place. Luckily, my apartment in NYC has a lot of beach accents, like a coral-inspired art print on the wall in my living room, a “Bring on the Beach” pillow in my bedroom, and a framed photo of my besties and me at the beach in my entryway.


These little accents really have a way of transporting me back to summer and I honestly don’t think I could get through my beach town-homesickness without them. Since you’re a summer lover too and are probably experiencing the same dread I am about winter approaching, I thought I’d give you some help on how to give your bedroom a quick beach makeover. Just a few additions can really make you feel like you’re back at the beach!


Roll With the Tide Pillow


“Roll with the Tide” Decorative Pillow Cover

The first item I found is this Kelly Slater “Roll with the Tide” pillow cover from PBteen. I love everything about this: the colors, the quote, and the various textures. And instead of getting new bedding, all you need is this cover to add to an 18” square pillow and place it somewhere in your room (if it doesn’t quite work with your existing bedding, add it to a chair instead!). Who said money can’t buy happiness? For $49, I’m instantly very happy.


Keep Calm and Pretend You're at the Beach


“Keep Calm and Pretend You’re at the Beach” Print

The next necessary item for your beach makeover is this “Keep Calm and Pretend You’re at the Beach” print from Target. I mean, I really don’t have to say much here. The color scheme is so calming and just reading this perfect quote can get you over whatever winter job or school stress you may have. It’s a little pricey at $56.00 so you may want to add it to your Christmas list instead of buying it for yourself.


Starfish Accents


White Pencil Starfish Decorative Accents

Lastly, buy a couple of these White Pencil Starfish decorative accents from BeyondtheSeas on Etsy and place them throughout your bedroom. Add one to your desk, your nightstand, and your bookshelf as a reminder of the beach everywhere you look. I love these because 1. They’re only $3.00 for two pieces and 2. They are super subtle and versatile. You could even buy a couple extra and use them with a big blue bow to wrap a gift for your summer-loving friend!


So there you have it! With just a couple easy purchases, you can quickly transform your bedroom to a beach oasis 🙂


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Turn Your Summer Snacks into Fall Favorites


Written by: Emma Veon

Uncle Bill’s Pancakes – Uncle Bill’s pancakes are always the perfect breakfast, but how can we cope when we’re craving pancakes in the winter, spring, or fall?  Pumpkin or apple spice pancakes might not be on the menu, but a seasonal twist on a summer favorite will make any autumn morning.  For pumpkin spice pancakes: combine pancake mix, cinnamon, ground ginger, and pumpkin purée (full recipe here).  For apple spice pancakes: mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and nutmeg, then add eggs and vanilla. Dip apple rounds in the homemade mix and place on a skillet (full recipe here). Both are best served with some hot cocoa or coffee. Maybe it’s time to ask Uncle Bill to add some fall recipes to his menu! 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 7.23.46 AM


Manco and Manco Pizza – No matter where you stand on the Manco and Manco Pizza controversy (where did Mack go?), you know that even when you can’t have your favorite shore-side slice, you still need to satisfy your cravings.  Try adding different seasonal toppings to a plain or white pizza.  Seasonal vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, corn, or peppers, plus sausage, and lots of different cheeses can turn that light summer pizza into a hearty meal that’s perfect for the colder weather.


Kohr Brothers Ice Cream – Ice cream and frozen custard are summer staples, but is it too cold in the fall and winter for these yummy treats?  Of course not!  When you can’t grab Kohr Brothers, you can make your own pumpkin spice, cinnamon, or coffee ice cream. For pumpkin ice cream, check out this recipe on For cinnamon ice cream, take a look here. And for coffee ice cream, click here. All three require cream, vanilla, and sugar in addition to recipe-specific ingredients like cinnamon or brewed coffee. If you don’t want to make your own ice cream, add some of your extra Halloween candy or chocolate sauce to your flavor of choice.  Add warm chocolate or caramel sauce to balance the coldness of the ice cream. Graham cracker crumbles, caramel sauce, and apple chunks turn vanilla ice cream into a chilly apple pie.


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Not All Beaches Are Warm


Pinkly Perfect Contributor Maureen Devenny dishes on the beaches she saw on her recent trip to Iceland.

Iceland, a country appropriately named for its frigid weather, is the last place you’d expect to find a tourist beach. But I found myself staring at the most spectacular beach I’ve ever seen, just last week as I road-tripped around Iceland with a friend. It was spectacular for reasons that would surprise you.


I mean, just look at it: a beach with black sand, covered in ice that looks like diamonds. This amazing sight was actually a result of global warming (eek!). Several miles inland from this beach is an ancient glacier that is rapidly melting, receding at a rate of about 100 meters (about 300 feet, give or take) per year. The melting glacier has created a lagoon, which didn’t exist 80 years ago but gets larger each year. The lagoon is so big now that it meets the sea.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.54.32 AM

The icebergs are enormous. Check out the bird at the top left for size comparison!


Pieces of ice shear off the glacier into icebergs, and get progressively smaller as the ice breaks and melts on its journey toward the coast. You can actually tell how long the ice has been separated from the glacier by color: newer pieces range from white to blue, and the older, smaller pieces are transparent. Older ice is polished as it floats around in the lagoon, creating beautiful sculptures.


Delicate One of a Kind

The ice sculptures were delicate and absolutely one-of-a-kind.


During low tide, some of the smaller pieces are left on the shore to glitter and sparkle. And of course, make amazing photographs.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.57.27 AM

Maureen on the beach!


While this was not a beach where you’d want to take a dip, it is certainly worth a visit–if you’re ever in the neighborhood!


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Perfect Pink Workout Gear to Trick Us into Liking Exercise



As I am writing this article, I am warming up with a cup of coffee and a seahorse sugar cookie, decked out in a long sleeve tee and black cotton leggings. Needless to say, I am very happy. But I have to admit, I would probably be happier if I got a workout in today and really worked for these extra calories.


Somehow, as it gets colder and colder, staying in and warming up with comfort food becomes more tempting while changing into workout clothes and hitting up the gym gets less appealing. When it was warmer out, I had more energy and could easily throw on some shorts and a tank and hit the ground running (literally). But just the simple fact that now I have to check the weather app and whip out my colder weather workout gear, adding on the layers accordingly, throws me off so much that I would much rather stay inside and see what’s new on my Instagram feed in the company of some chocolate M&Ms.


I have found that the only way I can somehow trick myself into getting excited to go to the gym is if I have some great new workout clothes and accessories that make me feel like a million bucks, even if I have indulged a bit more in Halloween candy and sugar cookies recently.


In case you need some extra motivation like me (if you don’t, feel free to help us out and leave some advice in the comments section!), I scoured the internet to find some awesome pink workout gear to aid in our attempts to motivate us to get on the treadmill. Below is what I found and all can be seen in the picture above.


Ivivva’s Village Chill Scarf, $34.00

Ivivva (for those of you who don’t know, it’s Lululemon’s girls’ line) sells this awesome pink space dye scarf that you can easily throw on for some extra warmth before heading to the gym. You can wear it a bunch of different ways so it’s super versatile (aka the $34.00 price tag is way worth it). I love this because after a workout, the last thing I want to do is wrap my Kate Spade scarf I got for Christmas last year around my sweaty neck. (Gross, I know but if you can’t relate to that, you probably aren’t getting the best workout in.)


Zella’s “Breathless” Tee, $38.00

As fall decides to stick around, we unfortunately have to swap our neon active tanks for some long sleeve tees. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice summer colors! Zella (Nordstrom’s private label brand—check it out if you haven’t!) sells this subtle yet stylish “Breathless” tee, which works perfectly for both your workout and your well deserved Dunkin’ Donuts run afterwards. The best part is that it comes in pink!


C9 Champion Girls’ Power Core Warm Compression Tight, $16.99

Since we’re loading up on pink everywhere else, I think it’s important that we stick to some more basic bottoms. Target’s C9 label offers up these black compression tights with a pink waistband for only $16.99. For that price, I’m about to snag up a couple!


24 Oz Kangaroo Pink Water Bottle with Pocket, $18.99

Since we’ve been consuming a lot of fall treats recently, it’s important we get a good cardio workout in, meaning we’ll definitely be needing a water bottle to stay hydrated. This one from Avex Sport is perfect because not only does it fit 24 ounces of water, but it also has a special compartment for our phone, car keys, and some cash for our coffee and donut visit later. The convenience of this is well worth the $18.99 price tag.


So are you excited to hit the gym now?! Probably not excited, but definitely more so now that you can be decked out and looking pretty in pink! 🙂


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Cookie Decorating Party for Summer Lovers


One of my favorite things to do is entertain my besties with unique party themes. Another one of my favorite things to do is indulge in tasty sweets. So I decided to combine the two and mix in my love for summer to host the ultimate Girls’ Night In with my gals.


Last Friday, I invited a couple girlfriends over and instead of just watching movies we’ve seen a million times already, I came up with a great activity for us to do while chit-chatting about our weeks, crushes, and plans for the rest of the weekend.


Since most of my friends share my love for all things pretty and sweet, I decided it would be a cookie decorating party. I bought this perfect seahorse cookie cutter from TheFussyPup on Etsy and the night before, baked up a bunch of sugar cookies for us to decorate. (Note: they also have other beachy cookie cutters like mermaids, bikinis, and sailboats that would be SO fun to decorate.) I used my go-to recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, which are for soft sugar cookies although mine still always come out a bit crunchy. I don’t mind though because this recipe makes cookies that aren’t too sweet, which allows us to really go crazy with sweet decorations and not overwhelm our taste buds. Especially since Halloween was yesterday, it’s nice to have a tamer treat in the house!


Then I bought a variety of pink sprinkles, icing, and edible markers like these from FooDoodler and set up some cookie decorating stations for us all to customize the delicious seahorse sugar cookies. Since I knew we’d obviously get thirsty after venting so much about our pesky A-s on last week’s math test, I poured some sparkling pink lemonade (just mix half pink lemonade with half club soda and voilà!) into champagne glasses and rimmed the edges with extra pink sprinkles from our cookie decorating. Add in a pepperoni pizza I ordered for us to munch on and a perfect summer-inspired playlist and it was the perfect night!


The best part is that the four of us got to dig into some of our creations and then take the rest home for later!


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