The Very Few Yet Very Magical Truths About it Not Being Summer


Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


With the changes in temperature come the changes in demeanor from people all around us. Some people are jumping for joy at the thought of cold weather, while others are shaking in their boots at the thought of, quite literally, shivering in their UGG boots this winter. If you’re leaning towards the warmer side, check out this list of very magical reasons to love winter that may help you bear the wind chill these next few months.


Hairy legs. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more tedious and time consuming than shaving your legs. Yes, they feel great afterwards. Yes, they look shiny and beautiful, but honestly who has the time?? Maybe I’m just lazy, but being able to skip a day of leg-shaving without anyone noticing is a privilege I take full advantage of in the colder months.


Winter break. Finally, after so many months of papers and tests, we get some well-deserved “me, myself and I” time. Sadly, school isn’t over yet, but at least it’s on pause for a nice two week vacation. Hot cocoa, a good night’s rest, and a Netflix binge is exactly what this vacay was meant for.


New Year’s Eve/Day. Laughing, partying, and ringing in the new year with your besties is the perfect way to end 2015. The next day is the first day of the rest of your life, a chance to start fresh and try out a resolution or two, so join a gym, learn to cook, or get an A in that class you’ve been struggling with. Whatever you want to accomplish, 2016 is the year to do it, so set your goal and get ready to achieve it in the new year!


Snow days. It may be an unseasonably warm 73 degrees here on the East coast, but hey, a girl can dream right? Even if this year wasn’t a white Christmas, we still have plenty of time to wear our pajamas inside out and put spoons under our pillows. Don’t stop believing! I bet (and hope!) we’ll be using our sleds sometime soon.


An excuse to gain weight. Bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops are packed away for the next few months, which gives us all an excuse to grab that extra slice of apple pie or one too many leftover Christmas cookies and just be lazy. We may not be able to use the “it’s too icy to go for a jog” excuse this winter, but the “I’m preparing for hibernation” excuse works like a charm (sometimes).


Cute accessories. Two very cozy reasons to love winter: cute hats and matching mittens. Add some cheer to the dreary winter days by putting on a colorful scarf or cute pair of earmuffs. We may all be relegated to a jacket and jeans but at least we can spice up our looks with some fun accessories!


Whether you’re cold weather’s biggest fan or its worst enemy, we all must admit that there are a few reasons to love winter. If you’re still not convinced, just hang in there! Soon the frost will be melting and the flowers will be blooming once again. Only 151 more days until Memorial Day weekend! 🙂


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Finding the Perfect NYE Party Look


Written by: Lindsay Karn


They say how you spend New Year’s Eve sets the tone for how you’ll spend the rest of your year. That’s why choosing your NYE plans can take weeks, sometimes months to map out. But between all the gift shopping and time spent with friends and family for the holidays, the night you and your girls have been planning for months can totally sneak up on you. To relieve some of the party pressure, I’ve put together a quick and cute outfit guide for three different December 31st occasions: cozy beach bonfire, girly pajama party and fancy fete.



Wouldn’t it be nice if every night could end with you cuddled up in a cozy sweatshirt with s’mores and a cup of hot cocoa? Take advantage of this continued warmer winter weather by bundling up in cute layers and bringing the festivities to the beach!



This look includes:

Wildfox Frosty Face Jumper, $98.00

Urban Outfitters Fleece Lined Footless Tights, $16.00

UGG Slippers, $99.95


As much as I love lazing around the house in my yoga pants and comfy worn-in t-shirt, a new year and a new party are reason enough to pick up a pretty new pair of PJs.



These looks include:

Xhilaration Sleep Sweatshirt, $14.99

ASOS Lace Trim Pajama Set, $36.00 


If your NYE plans call for a little less spandex and a little more sparkle, cute dresses, skirts and rompers are the way to go. Even if you’re not usually one for glitz and glam, there’s just something about New Year’s Eve that demands a bit more drama.



This look includes:

ASOS Scuba Midi Dress with Embellished Waist, $49.27

LC Lauren Conrad Scalloped Ballet Flats, $39.99 

LC Lauren Conrad Starfish Stud Earrings, $7.99


Now that your outfit is all set, you just need to grab your girls go. And don’t forget to snap some photos to document that cute #OOTN – you’ll want photographic evidence when you spill about your awesome winter break once you’re back for second semester!


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The Best Beach-Inspired Bakeware



One of my favorite winter activities is baking. I love cozying up in my apartment on a cold day, spending hours in my kitchen, whipping up some decadent treat that can bring a smile to my friends’ faces while we reminisce about the days when we could leave our house without a jacket on. Not to mention, the perfect scent of warm chocolate chip cookies in the oven is almost as magical as the feeling you get on the last day of school before summer vacation.


I started thinking that it would be really nice if I could get some reminders of the beach while I’m looking out the window to see snow falling as I pop in another batch of peppermint brownies. So I went searching online to see if I could find any little trinkets I could add into my baking supplies. And luckily, even though it’s getting cold outside and summer seems further away than ever, there are still so many stores that carry bakeware that can transport our minds back to the beach! See what I found below:


mermaid cutter


Mermaid Cookie Cutter Set, $7.50 (includes mermaid, scallop shell, and sand castle)

There’s a chance you may have used enough holiday cookie cutters to not want to look at another one until Christmas 2016 but in case you still can’t get enough, take a look at this beautiful cookie cutter set from Etsy’s DIYSweetSupplyCo. For only $7.50, you get a sand castle, mermaid, and scallop shell cookie cutter that would be SO fun to decorate with or for your other summer-loving besties. Plus, I’m pretty sure we have seen enough gingerbread men and women that they can go hide in our shelves until next winter. These are the perfect replacements to keep us thinking of more magical months ahead!


starfish canister

15-Inch White Canister with Starfish Handle, $39.99 (comes with other options like seahorse and seashell)

Does anyone else not use a canister for sugar and flour and then makes a mess every time she tries to measure out a couple cups for a recipe? I sure do. In fact, this very thing is what prompted me to search for some beachy bakeware. When I was looking on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website, I found these perfect canisters equipped with starfish, seahorse, and seashell handles that would be ideal to store sugar, flour, and other baking ingredients. If you already have canisters, think about using these to store fresh cookies, coffee, or pink candies.


whale measuring cups

“’Whaled It!’ Measuring Cups,” $34.99

If you’re into baking, you most certainly are not in the market for measuring cups. In fact, you probably have a couple different sets hiding around your kitchen. But I’m all about treating myself to a little gift around the holidays that is completely frivolous and serves no other purpose than to make me happy. And purchasing these whale measuring cups from ModCloth are the perfect way to do that. Just looking at them makes me smile and get excited for summer. And who knows, maybe I won’t even use them but rather keep them out on the counter as a little decoration instead. Either way, they’re a must-have to keep me thinking of warmer months ahead!



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Add Some Beachy Flair to Your Holiday Gift Tags


Add Some Beachy Flair to Your Holiday Gift Tags

Written by: Amanda Mooney


Christmas is a time for gift-giving and showing off your totally amazing DIY skills. Even if you aren’t the most talented artist, you can still add a bit of flair to your presents by attaching an adorable gift tag to your box or bag before handing it off to a friend. Instead of going with more traditional patterns such as Santa or Rudolph, spice up your tag by using summer-themed designs to help warm up the chilly holidays!


For starters, you will need a gift tag to use as a canvas for your design. Affordable packets of tags can be found at arts and crafts stores such as Michael’s, or your local Walmart. If you don’t have the energy to venture out into the cold in search of gift tags, simply print a blank template from online and trace the shape onto something sturdy, like cardboard.


A simple, yet charming design can easily be attained with the use of a stamp, sand, and some glue. After stamping the tag to your liking, add spots of glue to the cardboard and sprinkle a layer of sand on top (if you’re lucky enough to live near the beach and have access to real sand, not the artificial kind, even better). Make sure to punch a hole at the top of the tag and loop a piece of string through it. To add a special touch, I recommend spritzing a bit of beachy scented perfume on the tag’s edges.


beach tags

Photo from


If you’re on the more daring side, try using the end of your Christmas tree or purchase pre-sliced wood from a craft store to create rustic gift tags. Whether you use stamps or carving tools to capture a perfect summertime inspired design is up to you, but it is sure to impress! Added bonus: the wooden gift tags double as coasters for your hot chocolate!


A beautifully wrapped present is the icing on the cake of an amazing Christmas gift. This year, make sure your Secret Santa leaves all your friends and family praying you pull their name when it comes time to draw partners for next year!

Main Picture from:

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How to Host a “Let’s Pretend it’s Summer Party!”



Chances are you’ve already been to a couple holiday parties this month with some more on the way. You’ve worn ugly Christmas sweaters and reindeer headbands while consuming handfuls of gingerbread cookies and breaking your teeth on candy canes. You’ve ordered countless peppermint hot chocolates from Starbucks and have already started panicking about which New Year’s Eve party you should attend in order to find a last-minute date to Winter Formal.


But the depressing thing is that after New Year’s Eve, the most exciting holiday festivities are pretty much over. Sure, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but consuming copious amounts of Hershey Kisses as you watch flowers get delivered to all your non-single friends isn’t always the most exciting holiday (even though we do get a pretty good excuse to wear pink!).


Instead of falling victim to the winter blues, why not host a “Let’s Pretend it’s Summer Party!”? Just because it’s freezing outside, there’s snow on the ground, and you’ve forgotten what it feels like to wear flip flops and shorts doesn’t mean we can’t at least pretend for one night that it’s our favorite season and throw a summer party!


Invite your best girlfriends over for a weekend night and tell them to bring their favorite summer outfit. Have them change as soon as they arrive, greeting them with a beautiful display of quintessential summer foods. Put some cotton candy in your parents’ martini glasses, have a big bowl of caramel corn, and serve pink lemonade with a drink umbrella. Later in the night, whip out a “build your own ice cream sundae” bar equipped with your favorite flavors and toppings!


Download these best summer songs of all time to play in the background while you discuss your goals for Summer 2016 and insta-stalk last summer’s fling while painting your nails different shades of hot pink. You can even start to plan out all the concerts you’ll be attending next summer or watch your favorite summer movie (read: The Parent Trap).


If you want to throw a summer party, you’ll need to go all out on the decorations. Pick up some beachy paper napkins like these from OliveItGifts on Etsy and hang up a seashell garland like this one.


Turns out just a few simple decorations, some quintessential summer snacks, and your best friends decked out in neon tanks is all it takes to successfully throw a summer party and remind us of the fun times awaiting us when school’s out!


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Seashells and Sleigh Bells: Add a Summer Flair to Holiday Decorations


Written by: Emma Veon


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?  But if you prefer Christmas in July to December 25th, here are a few decorative tips to keep a happy balance between snow and sand this holiday season!


The Tree – Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, thy leaves are SO in need of some beachy ornaments.  Stores like Target or Walmart start carrying holiday merchandise in October so they’re sure to have some fish ornaments in stock at this time of year, but the artistic decorator might want to try making his or her own ornament! Most craft stores and pottery painting shops sell clear glass balls or blank ceramic shapes that you can paint yourself.  Quaint, clean ornaments can be made from seashells, sand dollars, or starfish.  Use hot glue to attach a ribbon to the back of your ornament and hang it on the tree.  A few pom-poms and paints could turn a starfish into Rudolph or a sand dollar into Sandy Claus :).  But don’t put the glue gun and ribbon away yet!  Tie or glue some more string to a pair of old sunglasses or cut out some bathing suit or sun from colorful paper.


Beachy Ornaments


The Lights – All I want for Christmas is you… to buy me some perfect lights.  White icicle lights are beautiful, but if you’re looking for a more summery vibe this winter, bring the luau lights inside.  Strings of paper lantern lights or colorful plastic globes keep the season merry and bright without sacrificing all of your summer favorites.  Check out colorful string lights, too.


The Wreath – On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: four messy wreaths that could definitely use some updating.  Go ahead and grab those beautiful evergreen wreaths, but also pick up some shells, colorful ribbon, plastic sea creatures, fun stickers, or anything that reminds you of your treasured time at the beach.  Glue or tie the pieces of your choice to the wreath and proudly hang it on your door.  If you’d rather try something other than a traditional evergreen wreath, hit Pinterest or Etsy for some inspiration.  A wooden frame can be the base for a wreath of pictures or towel bits or seashells.


The Decor – I’ll have a blue Christmas, but only because all my decorations are blue.  Red and green are lovely, but try some blue, white, or tan, too!  Keep the summer decor up all year, but add some Santa hats, window candles, trees, snowflakes, and bells around Christmastime.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas with all the fun and warmth of a summer afternoon!


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Best Summer Songs of All Time


Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


Picture this: You’re driving with the top down with your best friends in the whole world going who-knows-where and fast. Now, imagine yourself laying out in the sun without a worry in the world, except deciding when to reapply your SPF 30. Finally, think back to your fam’s 4th of July barbecue. What’s missing from all of these summer scenarios? The soundtrack, of course! What would a day trip with friends, a cookout with family, or a night out on the town be without one? If you’re not sure what songs to add to your “Summer 2k16!!” playlist or if you’re just looking for some new additions, you’ve come to the right place! Here are The Top 10 Best Summer Songs of All Time.


  1. Under The Boardwalk//The Drifters – Throwing it back to the 60s with the original summer anthem, Under the Boardwalk is such a summer staple that it has its own tribute, quite literally, under the Wildwood boardwalk! Next time you’re on the Wildwood log flume, if you’re not too busy complaining about how soaking wet you are, listen for the crooning of The Drifters.
  1. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-dot Bikini//Bryan Hyland – Another old school throwback, this song seems to be one that everyone knows the words to. We don’t know how, we don’t really know why, but somehow these lyrics were memorized very early on in our lives. This song also brings back memories for me, personally. It inspired a very intense, very lengthy, search for a yellow polka-dot bikini back in summer ‘05, so naturally I have to include it for my 6-year-old self, who never did get that yellow bathing suit.
  1. Summer Girls//LFO – The 90s were wild times full of scrunchies, high-waisted jeans, and notoriously, boybands. LFO’s song Summer Girls is perhaps the closest thing we have to a 4 minute and 18 second summary of the iconic 90s era. If you want to feel really nostalgic and suddenly have the urge to put your hair in a crimped side ponytail, this song is definitely right for you.
  1. Ocean Avenue//Yellowcard Ocean Avenue was not just a catchy tune to belt the lyrics out to with your besties in your mom’s minivan, but it also told the tale of the most epic summer love story of the 2000s. A summer crush that lasted years beyond August? Yes, please! Paired with a catchy beat and a summer vibe, this song was perfect for a beach party in 2003, and it’s still a great throwback for 2016!
  1. Beautiful Soul//Jesse McCartney – Jesse McCartney can easily be described as the poster child of the early 2000s, and every girl’s first crush. Where would this world be without him? His song Beautiful Soul was the anthem of 2004 as a whole, specifically that summer. Ask any girl what song was on repeat on her pink iPod nano that year, and she’ll most definitely reply Beautiful Soul without missing a beat. Blast this in your beach house to invoke an all-inclusive sing along, complete with embarrassing dance moves and lots of laughter.
  1. Summer Love//Justin Timberlake – Not only was this summer jam on repeat from June 1st to August 31st of 2006, but it’s also sung by the one and only Justin Timberlake, who may be hotter than the summer sun itself. Next time you’re listening to this classic, close your eyes and picture Justin serenading you. You won’t regret it.
  1. California Gurls//Katy Perry – This song was the anthem of 2010, with its poppy beat and sassy lyrics. It had everyone wishing they were a California girl. California is cool I guess, but Jersey girls know the real fun is next to the Atlantic Ocean. While you’re rocking out to this beat on the East coast this summer, don’t be afraid to let everyone know that Jersey girls do it much better. 😉
  1. Call Me Maybe//Carly Rae Jepsen – This song was so popular in 2012 that some people don’t want to hear it for another century. Before you put in your ear plugs and swear Jepsen’s tunes off completely, listen one more time. I promise the second the catchy beat hits your ears you’ll remember why everyone was so obsessed 3 years ago!
  1. Rude//Magic! – With its reggae sound and chill vibe, this song is the perfect background noise for a lazy day at the pool or in the sand. Add this to your Spotify playlist if you’re looking to kick back and relax this summer.
  1. Love Yourself//Justin Bieber – Making his comeback in 2015, Justin Bieber has taken the world by storm with his album in just a few short months. It seems like everyone has been humming along to Love Yourself, or making the lyrics the caption to their selfie, or tweeting how much they “loooove Justin’s new album.” My prediction is that this will be everyone’s go-to song for their barbecues this year. Add it to your playlist now to be ahead of the curve!


With so many songs to choose from and so many more to be discovered, it’s hard to narrow a list into just 10 songs. The best songs are the ones you make memories to, so plug in your headphones, gather your girls, and get started! Summer may feel far away but it’s really just around the corner and it won’t be long until we’ll all be putting these playlists to good use.


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What’s Still Open Anyway? Sea Isle, NJ Edition


Written by: Emma Veon


Small birds have replaced the chirpy pre-teens that usually inhabit the promenade at sunset.  No shadows darken the white sand on the beach; not even the seagulls hop alongside the ocean as they have already begun to migrate.  Honks and revving engines rarely rip through the near-silence.  Sea Isle City is placid and pristine and, thankfully, still open!  The salty air is a little cooler than it was in the middle of July, but watering eyes and running noses will go unnoticed as you experience a whole new side of Sea Isle in the fall and winter.


Start your day with a hearty breakfast from Doc Mike’s Pancakes.  If you begin your journey through Sea Isle in the afternoon, try DeNunzio’s Pizzeria which is open from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm. Is a day at the beach complete without some ice cream at the end of a fabulous meal?  Yum Yums is open year-round from 12:00pm – 11:00pm.


Your hunger has been satisfied, but what else is there to do?  Stroll along the beach or walk down the promenade.  Bike around the quiet town, or take some friends down to see some of Sea Isle’s best off-season attractions. There is a fireworks display to ring in the New Year at JFK.  From February 12 – 14, people grab their favorite bathing suits and towels once again.  Polar Bear Plunge weekend begins with the crowning of Polar Bear royalty then moves into a costume contest before the main event – the Plunge.


There is no need to worry that you won’t be able to find anything fun to do on your visit to Sea Isle during the off-season months. There’s always something exciting to do at the beach so you might as welll “Smile! You’re in Sea Isle City.” 🙂


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Finding the 2015 Versions of the Swimsuits We Loved as Kids


Finding the 2015 Versions of the Swimsuits We Loved as Kids


Was it just me or did everyone have that one bathing suit growing up that she was completely obsessed with and decided to not only wear it to the beach or pool, but also around the house? Did anyone else beg her mom to keep sporting it even when it was a tad too small, all the color faded away, and it started to pill? I wondered this recently as I was reminiscing about my favorite childhood bathing suit—a white and pink-ruffled one piece decked out with a Little Mermaid graphic. I started thinking how great it would be to find a swimsuit of today that captured the nostalgia of growing up spending hours at the beach on vacation.


I decided to reach out to some of my beach-loving besties and found that so many of them felt the same way! So I compiled some of my friends’ favorite childhood suits and found them each a style that could remind us of more carefree days. See below for the cutest pictures of some of my favorite people and a solution to our 1995-bathing suit envy.



Maddy, The Little Mermaid One Piece Meets Shopbop’s White Ruffle Suit


That’s me on the left rocking The Little Mermaid one piece with a pink ruffle bottom. Being that I spent my summers at the beach, this ensemble got A LOT of wear. And being that The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie growing up meant that I pretty much wore this until it fell apart, whether I was on the beach or at home in Pennsylvania watching the movie in our playroom. Luckily, my older sister (you can see part of her in the picture) also had the same suit so once I grew out of mine, I had a larger one to replace it with!


The extra years of wear, however, made parting with this perfect suit even more difficult. Luckily, the one piece on the right from Shopbop really captures its essence. The ruffle (now placed at a much more age-appropriate location) pays great homage to the original pink ruffle. And I’ll be trading up the cartoon graphic for a nice crochet texture. Overall, this is the perfect 2015 version that I know I’ll be wearing all the time next summer!




Emma, Skirted Embellished Bikini Meets Perfect Turquoise Ensemble


Once you get over how cute Pinkly Perfect Contributor Emma Veon looks in her goggles, take a look at that perfect beach ensemble. Not only is it the perfect shade of blue, but there’s also a functional skirt, making this truly a pool to snack bar look. And let’s not fail to address the best part—3D pink kissing fish. The suit I found is a complete outfit, just as functional as Emma’s. Plus, it’s that same perfect shade of blue and has an awesome chevron texture. And for the fish? I really hope the Veons decided to save this bad boy, allowing for Emma to remove them and hot glue gun them to her beach bag. Some things can certainly stay in the 90s, but the fish better not.




Allie, Plaid Bikini Meets Black & White Check


When I reached out to my friends, Allie was the first to respond. She said she had the cutest plaid bikini that she absolutely adored growing up and would love to find a version for today. When I saw the picture, I was super envious. Can’t someone just make an exact copy? The plaid, gold emblem, and pleated skirt are perfect! The suit I found for today is from ASOS and one thing I really love about it is the top. It’s flattering and can be used when we have a chest burn from forgetting to reapply when wearing the typical triangle bikini top (happens to us all, ladies). Maybe Allie can scoop this one up and rock it on her honeymoon next year!




Ashley, Tropical Two-Piece Meets Unique Bikini


So I am completely obsessed with the watercolor inspired tropical floral on Ashley’s bikini. Doesn’t it remind you of something the Olsen twins would have worn in one of their You’re Invited episodes? (You’re Invited: Hawaiian Beach Party, anyone?) I decided to find a version of today that captured the allover print as well as a more unique silhouette. And I am really feeling this bikini from ASOS. It’s more full-coverage, which is a nice alternative to have in our summer wardrobe and the top is perfect to stand alone when you throw some shorts on and head to the ice cream truck.


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Turn Your Old Jeans into Perfect Summer Shorts


Written by: Amanda Mooney


The holiday season is approaching fast. If you are anything like me, this means you are in dire need of cute, affordable presents for your friends and family. People will receive plenty of cozy sweaters and scented candles this Christmas, so why not add a twist to your gifts by incorporating aspects of summer in them? Need an adorable idea that’s perfect for a girl on a budget? Try transforming old jeans into cute shorts.


What you’ll need:

  • denim jeans
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • iron-on designs (easily found at craft stores such as Michael’s)
  • lace
  • pinking shears
  • studs
  • bleach


There are tons of different ways to design your shorts, so definitely be creative with it! To start off, you will have to chop the jeans to your desired length. Here are a few tips:


  1. Purchase jeans that are one or two sizes larger than the wearer’s usual size. This will allow for a more comfortable fit after the transition from pants to shorts.
  2. Remember to measure the jean’s inseams. It’s recommended to measure off roughly three inches and slowly cut on a slight angle to the outer seam. If you cut in a straight line, the shorts will likely end up too short in the inner thighs.
  3. Before cutting along the hemline, sketch out a line with chalk. This is easily removable and helps to prevent any unwanted accidents.


If you are crafty with a needle, a simple way to give your denim a chic look is by adding lace to either the short’s back pocket or along the bottom. (Tip: If you accidently cut the jeans a tad too short, adding lace can help fix the problem by adding a little more length).


If sewing isn’t your thing, you can try a simpler design. Iron-on patterns are available at most craft stores. If you’re feeling a bit rebellious, studs can act as cute accents and can be easily added with a hot glue gun. If you desire a frayed, festival look, pinking shears (they are like scissors with tiny razor-like blades along the edge) can be a very useful, inexpensive tool. You can create an ombre effect on the denim by dipping the ends into bleach and allowing it to dry. If you want a brighter look, you could always dye the bleach section of the shorts the color of your choice.



Holiday gifts can easily become boring and repetitive, but by adding a bit of summer to your gifts, you’ll surely please all of your friends.  🙂


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