History of the Hotel del Coronado



Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


Hotels are like mini-vacations within an actual vacation. For me, the most fun thing about my first ever Disney World experience was the hotel pool, which was located a good 15 miles from Disney’s front gates. There’s something about living somewhere else for the weekend that is so exciting. Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t have to make your own bed in the morning, or the enthralling idea of breakfast being delivered right to your door, but no matter what it is, the fascinating atmosphere of a really great hotel is something that has captivated vacation-goers for centuries The Hotel del Coronado is no exception.


The appropriately named Hotel del Coronado in sunny Coronado, California is no exception. Situated on a beautiful white sand beach with a scenic view, this resort was built in 1888 and is still up and running today. Known for its stunning views and incredible weather, Hotel del has had quite a bit of foot traffic throughout the years, including big names like the one and only Marilyn Monroe.


Monroe filmed one of her most famous movies, Some Like It Hot, on the very beaches of the Coronado. The hotel has also been frequented by prominent stars such as Charlie Chaplin, who was always up for a game of polo, and Judy Garland. During the Prohibition, many stars used the hotel as a pit-stop for their trips to Mexico where they could drink as many cocktails as they pleased. During World War II, the hotel became a haven for celebs who had just undergone plastic surgery. The Hotel del Coronado is still a hotspot for A-list celebs, so if you happen to be oh-so-lucky enough to be vacationing at the same time as Brad Pitt or Robert Downey Jr., you may even be able to sneak a coveted photo-op into your family vacay!


Some guests love the del Coronado so much that they never want to leave. One guest in particular has been checked in since 1892. Kate Morgan checked into the hotel on Thanksgiving Day, 1892, and committed suicide just short 5 days after. It is said that her ghost still roams the halls, and many guests have witnessed supernatural things happen inside the room she stayed in. In fact, the room she stayed in is often the most requested room among guests of the hotel. Another area she frequents is the gift shop; many visitors and employees have reported gifts flying off of shelves inexplicably. Always polite, Kate makes sure the things she throws off of shelves are never broken or damaged. She has also been spotted along the beach and in the hallways of the hotel. Guests interested in her story sometimes check in hoping for a glimpse of her spirit.


No matter if you’re into the supernatural or just looking for a sweet getaway spot with a picturesque view, the Hotel del Coronado has something interesting for everyone!


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Beachy Gift Ideas for Winter Birthdays




One of my favorite things to do is celebrate my friends’ birthdays! Especially when it’s for one of my besties, I end up thinking about it at least a couple weeks before to make sure I get the most perfect gift to show them how much they mean to me. Since we tend to be drawn to people with similar interests, so many of my friends are also beach and summer-obsessed so choosing a gift is really like shopping for myself, except better because I get to give it away and see how happy it makes my favorite people.


A lot of my friends have birthdays in May, June, July, and August (read a fun article about the best things about summer birthdays here), but for my friends who were born in the winter months, I still like to surprise them with little reminders of our favorite season! Below are some perfect gifts that I suggest you check out!




It’s really impossible to go wrong with getting your friends a cosmetic bag as a gift. We all wear makeup and love stashing our necessities for our beach getaways in a super cute pouch. The above Soho Cosmetic Bag in Beachy Keen from Target is super cute and will definitely remind your friend of summer no matter how cold it is outside! Plus, it’s only $14.99, so you can also pick up a pair of heart-shaped sunnies to add to it and make a great gift. 🙂




I’m also pretty sure that most girls go through a phase of really wanting to get in on the charm-necklace-craze. If your friend’s going through that phase now, Bauble Bar’s gold pineapple charm could be the perfect present! It’s only $14.00 so add in a pink necklace cord too to complete the gift. She will love it!




Since we’re not quite into the tank and short weather yet (soon enough though!), a beachy sweatshirt like the above from Billabong that reads “Salty Daze, Summer Rays” is a great gift! It not only is super cute, but it also looks way comfy! She’ll definitely want to wear this at school and on the weekends when lounging around daydreaming of summer and beach days ahead!


What other gifts have you bought for your summer-loving besties recently? Tell us in the comments section below! 🙂


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Best Surfing Beaches in the US



Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


If you ask someone to name one summer activity, the first thing they will think of is most likely surfing. Who can blame them? Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than getting knocked over by a huge wave. It may not be the most fun way to cool off, but it sure is effective! If you’re looking to test the waters this summer, here are Pinkly Perfect’s Three Best Surfing Beaches in America.


Ocean City, New Jersey

One of the best surfing beaches on the East Coast is right in our backyard. Beautiful Ocean City, New Jersey is not only notorious for its family vibe, but it also has a pretty serious surf record. Ocean City High School has won eight consecutive championships for the state of New Jersey, which is a testament to the kind of surf culture the town has. Ocean City is quaint, but if you’re looking to do something a little crazier you can easily access the wildest place on the coast, Atlantic City (check out our article on fun things to do there if you’re under 21), which is just a short drive away. As for the actual surfing, relative to any other New Jersey and most other East Coast surf spots, Ocean City is the most consistent, uncrowded, and predictable. One caveat that Ocean City has compared to the West Coast is the fluctuating weather. New Jersey has a lot going for it, but the winter months are not one of them. I suggest surfing in December, but only if you’re a member of the Polar Bear Club.


Santa Cruz, California

When one thinks of surfing, they normally think of California right away, and for good reason. Santa Cruz’s waves are among the best in the world; they’re big and easy to ride almost every day of the year. As for the culture, Santa Cruz is a beautiful suburban city that is just a short car ride away from San Francisco, one of the West Coast’s most bustling cities. Santa Cruz is full of hidden alcoves and exclusive spots, so it’s perfect for the surfer who’s bored of the same old, same old. Just be careful of sharks!


Haleiwa, Hawaii

No surf-beach list is complete without the place that practically invented surfing: Hawaii. The Rainbow State is notorious for its beautiful beaches and gnarly waves, and Haleiwa is no exception. The best surfing season of the North Shore is September through May, which gives you plenty of time to master your skills before the summer rolls around. Haleiwa is not a place for beginners, though, since it is known for its potentially life threatening waves and shallow spots. If you’re daring enough to face it, Haleiwa is a quiet town during the off season perfect for low key riding and a busy venue during the contest season great for scoping out talent. The North Shore itself is calm, but Honolulu, the tourist capital of Hawaii, is a hop, skip, and a jump away!


Whether you’re a West Coast surfer or an East Coast beach bunny, America is full of amazing surf spots that are unique in their own way. Any of these fantastic spots would be the perfect place to kick back, soak up some sun, and ride some waves. Let us know in the comments section which beach you’re most excited to check out this summer! 🙂


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Best Sea Isle City, NJ Boutiques



Written by: Amanda Mooney


I cherish Sea Isle City like it’s my own child. I know, kind of (read: a lot) weird, but I can’t help it. I grew up with the shore. My parents met down the shore. My favorite memories were compiled down the shore. It’s my summer safe haven.


Due to my undying love for this little shore town, I have taken the time to memorize every nook and cranny of it. I know the best restaurants, the best ice cream parlors, the best coffee houses, and of course, the best places to shop. Sea Isle, though it might not offer quite as many shopping options as its neighboring town, Stone Harbor, has plenty of hidden gems worth popping into. Here are my personal favorite Sea Isle City stores:




Birdcage: 3914 Pleasure Ave, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243


This charming boutique offers a variety of clothing options. You can purchase anything from a casual hoodie to a sophisticated cocktail dress. Also available are bags, sunglasses, jewelry, and hair accessories. Birdcage, though primarily a summer clothing store, offers a selection of jeans, boots, and sweaters that transition into the cooler autumn months perfectly.





Kiwi Boutique: 4000 Pleasure Ave, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243


Kiwi Boutique’s attractive decor draws you in the second you enter the store. The modern style chairs and kiwi green accent colors adorning the walls give the store a fresh, pleasing vibe. After taking in the decorations, you will be equally as excited- or possibly more- about the clothing options. Kiwi Boutique offers an assortment of beachy clothing options. Need a sundress for your dinner date by the bay? Check. A pair a stylish shorts to bike the promenade in? Double check.




Groovy Girls: 3814 Landis Ave, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243


Groovy Girls is a fun store. The clothing, accessories, and shoes have one-of-a-kind character. My favorite Groovy Girls purchase include a neon orange messenger bag and an apple red statement necklace. Both pieces are able to transform a simple outfit into something more. The best part? An entire wall of the store is dedicated to inexpensive, yet good quality, jewelry.




Sunsations: 28 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243


Sunsations is known for its swimsuits. Whether you are looking for a triangle bikini or a retro one-piece, this boutique’s got you covered. The entire upper floor, which is dedicated to bathing suits, is organized by color. Also available are cover ups, beach bags, sunglasses, sundresses, and flip flops.


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Planning a Pinkly Perfect Launch Party!




For those of you keeping up with the blog and/or following us on Instagram, you know by now that there are A LOT of very exciting things happening for Pinkly Perfect in 2016! In case you missed it, I am currently decorating for my first ever real-life office (!!!) that I will move into prior to my website launch in a couple weeks! Yay! We also had the best ever photo shoot last Monday during a crazy blizzard that served as the perfect reminder of summer vacation coming our way very soon.


And while I’ve been so, so, so busy with everything from packing merchandise to model go-sees to designing new products, I decided that I would for sure make time to plan and host the official Pinkly Perfect launch party! So I rented out a space in NYC where 50 of my closest friends and family will come to celebrate this perfect little brand that I created out of my love for the beach, summer, and fashion.


Since this is such a huge event for me, I am pulling out all the stops with the perfect decorations, entertainment, and giveaways for all my favorite people who have cheered me on along the way! Below are some Pinkly Perfect tips for planning a launch party.




Since Pinkly Perfect’s all about girly, beachy fun, I’ll be decorating the venue with a bunch of pink balloons, including letters that spell out “Pinkly Perfect” (obviously). To add in that summer vibe, there will also be some beach balls tossed around as well as a life-sized inflatable flamingo. The bartender will also have a supply of pink party straws like the above from WhenItRainsPaper to use when making my guests’ drinks. Add in the instruction on the invitation to wear something pink and I can already see how perfect everything will look together!





The best parties are always a result of how good the music is. That’s why I’m taking making the perfect party mix very seriously. I’ll for sure be adding in the Best Summer Songs of All Time playlist as well as some oldie summer jams and some classic pump-up hits. By the end of the night, I hope everyone’s in the mood for some late 90s/early 2000s hip hop to get us going to move on to our next location! 🙂






Another important consideration when planning a perfect event is the giveaways! With admission to the party, guests will also receive raffle tickets to enter to win some of my Pinkly Perfect merchandise! But instead of the typical raffle tickets, I will cut out different summer shapes like seashells and sunglasses for guest to write their name on. Each guest will also leave with a sparkly pink seahorse sugar cookie made from Sweet Impressions (inspired by my non-professional attempt above!) to enjoy as a late night snack when the celebrations end!


Can you think of any other fun ideas to add to my party planning? Let me know in the comments section below and make sure you keep checking back in to see the official announcement of Pinkly Perfect’s online launch! I am so excited for all that’s to come and even more excited to share it with all of you! 🙂


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Exercises That Will Make You Feel Like it’s Summer Again



Written by: Maureen Devenny


Winter layers are adding up, tans are long gone, and its getting harder and harder to remember what summer feels like. Good thing there are plenty of things you can do to replay summer in your head — accessorize with summer florals, baking with beachy bakeware, or listening to the best summer songs of all time. And now we’re adding one more tool in your fight against winter blues–exercises that will bring you right back to summer!




1) Hot Yoga

Let’s remember that a silver lining of winter is wearing yoga pants. So put them to work while sweating like it’s the dog days of summer. Hot yoga gets the muscles warm, which often means better stretching (great for combating the winter muscle tightness we all carry), and is great for detoxifying skin. Hot yoga can mean many different things, from a warmer-than-room-temp vinyasa flow to a 103 degree Bikram yoga practice. Yoga classes are easy to find at many price points–you can even pull up a YouTube vid and do it in your living room–turn up the thermostat just a couple degrees and you’ll see a difference. Imagine that your yoga mat is a beach towel to make the best time of the year seem just a little closer.




2) Spinning

Bikes plus boardwalks is another thing that you just can’t get in the winter–but spinning is a very close substitute (minus the salty wind in your hair, of course!). Classes take place on stationary bikes, usually with a great playlist and a challenging mix of cardio and strength to carry you through class. If you’ve never done a spin class before, many studios and gyms have themed rides (like all T. Swift songs, or Kanye versus Drake, etc) so your favorite singer can take you through the hard parts. When it’s time to dust off your beach bike, getting up the ramp onto the boardwalk will be no sweat.





3) Playing in the Snow

Snow is the sand of winter, so embrace its chilly charm. Having a snowball fight will leave you winded, so that definitely counts as a workout in our book. Shoveling snow is a fantastic way to work out your legs and arms, and to help out around the house. Just remember to lift with your legs and not your back!




What else do you do to remind you of summer in the winter? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂


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Best Jobs to Land Down the Shore This Summer



Written by: Kristen Bahr


For most girls, the idea of working during what is supposed to be your summer vacation brings dread. However, for those lucky girls who get to spend June, July, and August down the shore, summer jobs are anything but boring. They can be the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make great memories. Now is the ideal time to start looking for the perfect summer job to make sure that you’ll be able to snatch one up (they go pretty fast!). From walking the beaches of Avalon to beating the heat inside, each of these jobs are bound to give you an unforgettable summer!


Avalon, NJ: One of the best summer jobs, by far, is being an Avalon beach tagger. What’s better than getting paid to walk on the beach? (Which totally counts as exercise, right?) Plus, every day gets spent working on your perfect summer glow. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen though, because as every beach goer knows this never turns out well. While working on your tan and getting exercise, you also get to gaze at the gorgeous lifeguards on top of the stands. Since you’re practically working with them, you’ll have so many opportunities to strike up a conversation with them. With the beach, the tanning, and the lifeguards, who knew working could be so fun?



Stone Harbor, NJ: One of the first things I think about when I think about the shore is the famous Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. The next best thing to going there for a warm and delicious pancake breakfast is spending your mornings working there yourself! Besides  the obvious benefits of working at the best pancake place around, there are many other perks to the job. Number one: the tips. It might not seem like much at first, but by the end of summer they can really add up. Number two: getting off work in the early afternoon. You’ll still have the rest of the day to relax at the beach or go out at night with all your best friends. Nothing is better than spending the morning making money, and having the rest of the day to spend it on everything else the shore has to offer.



Sea Isle City, NJ: Summer just isn’t complete without those nightly trips for ice cream. Imagine getting to spend your nights surrounded by the sweet aroma of the quintessential summer treat. The best part: free ice cream! So, for all those ice cream fanatics out there (myself included), the best summer job in Sea Isle is at Yum Yums Ice Cream Parlor. Nothing beats getting paid to sample every single flavor of ice cream. Another great perk: air conditioning. While everyone else is dying from the summer heat outside, you’ll be cool, comfortable, and surrounded by the best summer dessert. Warning: be ready to face the long lines and never ending flow of hungry customers anxiously awaiting their ice cream cones.


What job are you planning on landing this summer? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂


Picture above from foodandwine.com


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Things to Consider Before Renting a Beach House with Your Besties



Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


Renting a beach house for the summer with your closest friends is a right of passage. You hear all about it from the seniors that have come before you so much that you may already have a countdown on your phone. On the other hand, you may hear such gruesome horror stories that even the thought of renting a beach house all summer makes your skin crawl. Why do we hear such conflicting things? Every shore house is different and every friend group is different, so it’s hard to tell whether the house will be fun in the sun or a dark cloud looming over the rest of your summer. As a guide, here is Pinkly Perfect’s list of Things To Consider Before Renting a Beach House with Your Besties.


  1. Are you willing to spend? Shore houses are expensive enough on their own (especially if you want a quality space, see #7) without the added cost of food and other necessities. If you’d rather save that cash for college, plan a day trip to visit your friends instead.
  2. Are you a homebody? It’s easy to be excited about living on your own, hours away from home when you’re not actually living on your own, hours away from home. If you get homesick easily, you may find yourself missing home so much that you forget to have fun.
  3. Do you know everyone in the house? New friends are fun, but the last thing you need is your BFF’s second cousin to forget a rent payment, or your friend’s boyfriend to cost you your security deposit. Think about the people that you’d want in your house before you make any payments. Your best friend might be super fun to hang out with, but if she’s a slob you probably won’t want to be rooming with her.
  4. What kind of people do you want to live with? If you plan on getting a job down the shore, you may feel left out if the rest of your house is loafing around without you all day. If you’re messy, rooming with your most organized friends may cramp your style. Living with similar personalities will mean less arguments and way less stress.
  5. How long are you willing to stay for? Some people are content with Senior Week, while others are ready for an entire Senior Summer. What is your time frame, and does everyone in your house agree? If not, think of a compromise that benefits everyone.
  6. Do you want your name on the lease? In New Jersey, and most of America, you need to be 18 to put your name on a house. With great power comes great responsibility, though, so think long and hard if you want to be the head of the house. If something goes wrong, you’ll be the one your landlord calls.
  7. Is the house live-able? Some of the most common stories that travel home from the Jersey shore are tales of awful houses. The price tag looks great at first glance, but who wants to sleep in the same place as a family of rats? Inspect the house you plan on staying in before you make the decision. Trust me, it will be worth it.
  8. Do you like your landlord? Chances are, you’ll run into your landlord more than once. If he or she is rude or gives you weird vibes, you may not want to rent from him or her.
  9. What about your neighbors? A house located smack-dab in the middle of a family-oriented community isn’t the best spot for you and your friends to decide on. First and foremost, families may get irritated with you (aka: pesky noise complaints), but more importantly, don’t you want to be surrounded by other senior houses full of cute boys? 🙂
  10. What beach do you want to live in? If you’ve spent every year since birth in Ocean City, but your friends want to rent in Wildwood, that may excite you or frighten you, depending on your personality. Think about whether or not you’re up for a new adventure or if you’re sick of seeing the same place summer after summer.


Whether you’re renting a beach house for the week or making day trips, everyone’s shore house is one they make their best memories in. Chill on the beach with your friends, make some extra cash, and make sure you take pics! Think of it as practice for living with college roommates, and hey, if all else fails at least you’ll have wild stories to tell! 🙂


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Why Summer Flings Are Better Than Winter Romances




Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays (obviously for the increase of the color pink, fresh flowers, and chocolate). For me, this Valentine’s Day is even better because I have my first ever Pinkly Perfect photo shoot (ahh!) on Monday. However, I realize (and know from previous years’ experience) that sometimes Valentine’s Day can actually be pretty annoying. Whether you were waiting for your crush to initiate something, you’re convinced there are no nice guys out there (hint: there are!), or know you’re stuck with the wrong guy (the worst), it’s easy to be a little down on the day when you’re supposed to feel the most appreciated and loved.


That is why I’d like to remind you of the simple fact that even if you’re convinced your crush will never like you in return (another hint: you’ll find someone you like way better in like, three days), there is still so much to look forward to! And let’s face it: summer’s right around the corner and meeting summer boys and having fun with them from June to August is way better than winter romances anyway. Here’s why:



He Looks Better, You Look Better:


It’s a fact—everyone just looks better with a little summer glow. On top of that, summer’s a time when everyone’s naturally more relaxed and happy. So not only are you both looking amazing, but you’re also on a summer high and it’s basically impossible for that not to radiate from your face 24/7. Not to mention outfits are also way cuter and you don’t have to spend a couple seconds panicking that it’s taking you too long to remove your pink jacket, scarf, gloves, and hope your static hair dies down before he notices.



Dates are Way Cuter:


I know the idea of ice skating or holding hands while walking through the snow sound super cute but for anyone who can’t ice skate or is somehow always way colder than everyone else, this actually is not fun at all. Either you fall in front of him, the wet snow made its way through your boots and socks and now you’re super uncomfortable, or you can’t hear anything he’s saying because your hood’s blocking all noise from making its way to your ears. I would much rather go out for ice cream sundaes, take a ride on a Ferris wheel, go mini-golfing, or take a late night stroll on the beach in a tank and flip-flops than cover up my cute outfit with a winter jacket and be freezing the whole time.



It’s Casual:


There’s a lot of pressure when you date someone in the winter. There’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day. The universe is basically telling you you’re doing it wrong if by New Year’s Eve, you’d rather have separate plans or you don’t feel comfortable yet accepting a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates from your current boy of choice. But in the summer, the holidays are Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day! All super fun, casual, party gatherings with fireworks and barbecues. Perfect! No awkward gift-giving and you get to hang in big groups instead of on one-on-one dates. Seeing your crush is also super casual because everyone’s already on the beach so you can just text him once your tan’s even to meet you on 29th street with your friends!



So if you were feeling a bit bummed with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I hope reading this article helped! Another way to lift your mood this Sunday is to gift your friends beachy valentines. Or, if you have a crush and are waiting around for him to make a move, step up your game and let him know you’re thinking of him instead! These valentines are so sweet and simple that he’ll totally love it!



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Impress Your Crush with Beachy Valentines



Written by: Maureen Devenny


In the Venn diagram of beach-related words and crush-related words, there are a ton that overlap. Use it to your advantage on Valentine’s Day! Here are some sweet and not over-the-top ways to acknowledge the person who puts in a twinkle in your eye. Here are some ideas for beach valentines to give to your crush in person or hide in his desk, locker, or backpack for a sweet surprise!


1) Swedish fish

-write a note that says “You’re the perfect catch!”

-put a label on the bag that says “I’m glad we’re in the same school!”


Photo from Pinterest 



2) Gummy worms

-put them in a metal pail with “I’m hooked on you!” written on the outside.

-write “I’m sweet on you” on the label.


Photo from Pinterest




3) Goldfish crackers

-add a label that says “I’m yours, hook, line, and sinker”

-stick on a label with “Will you O-fish-ally be my Valentine?”


Photo from About a Mom


Don’t let this perfect opportunity to tell your crush you’re thinking of them pass by! Got any other cute ideas for cute and clever beach valentines? Tell us in the comments section below! 🙂



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