Best Waterproof Accessories You’ll Need This Summer




Summer’s all about maximizing time by the water. Whether you prefer to hit the beach, pool, lake, or bay with your besties, a little fun in the sun can turn tragic if you forget to waterproof your most valuable items. But finding the best waterproof accessories that are both effective and super cute can be difficult. That’s why I decided to do the work for you and find some perfect pink items that you’ll totally want to buy before summer starts.



Pink Waterproof iPhone 6 Case, Walmart, $10.99




Finding an iPhone case you love is difficult. So many options! But finding a cute, waterproof version is even harder. Luckily for you, I found a perfect pink case that is durable enough to withstand all the elements (sand included!). So text your crush with ease as you lay out on the beach or bring your phone with you as you stroll by the water checking out the lifeguards. Your phone will be safe!






Pink Waterproof Watch, Breo, $14.23




Even though your phone’s protected, you may not want to carry it with you everywhere, which is why getting a waterproof watch is a smart idea so you always know what time it is. Plus the above pink rubber watch from Breo is cute enough to wear even when you’re not out tubing on the bay with your friends. I actually may buy this to wear along with some stackable bracelets before heading to the boardwalk this summer! And if pink’s not your thing, Breo offers a bunch of other pretty colors like Chalk Blue, Coral, and Lime.





Waterproof Sunscreen, Neutrogena, $9.49





Finally, the last thing you’re going to want to deal with after a hot day jumping waves is a bright red sunburn that arrives just in time for you to get on your beach cruiser bike for your nightly ice cream run. So stock up on Neutrogena’s Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray at SPF 30 for only $9.49 that you can apply directly onto wet skin. And don’t forget to reapply!


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Creative Spins on the Classic Ice Cream Sandwich


Last summer over 4th of July, while visiting family in San Diego, California, I had the pleasure of discovering The Baked Bear, a build-your-own ice cream sandwich bar. And let me tell you, the experience was magical to say the least.


The Baked Bear offers up an extensive menu of cookie, brownie, and donut options that you can pair with one of 13 ice cream flavors, finishing it off with practically whatever topping/drizzle you could imagine. (Is your mouth watering yet?) I went for the classic chocolate chip cookie (gluten-free!) with birthday cake ice cream tossed in rainbow sprinkles as shown below:


Since then, I’ve become even more obsessed with my favorite ice cold treat and have been trying to recreate that perfect dessert on my own. With summer approaching, I know I’ll be indulging much more so I started thinking about some creative spins on the classic ice cream sandwich you can make at home! See some of my ideas below:


Caramel Corn Coating:


I’m all about incorporating some classic shore snacks into my daily routine and I am completely obsessed with Johnson’s Popcorn. That’s why I had the idea to swamp the classic topping like rainbow sprinkles or crushed up oreos with some delicious, salty and sweet caramel corn. Simply make your sandwich with whatever cookie/ice cream combo you’re craving and then coat the ice cream in caramel corn. Yum!




If your family’s anything like mine, we seem to always have a box of donuts from our favorite shore bakery on deck for an easy breakfast indulgence or an after the beach, pre-dinner snack. To spice things up, why not take your favorite donut (rainbow sprinkle topped from Dot’s Pastry Shop in Ocean City, NJ, anyone?) and use that to sandwich your ice cream. Since it includes a donut, it’d even count as a breakfast item, right?? 🙂


Peanut Butter & Banana (Ice Cream) Sandwich:


I’m sure most of you would agree that peanut butter basically goes with everything. But I happen to love the peanut butter & banana combo, especially in sandwich form. So why not incorporate those flavors into an ice cream sandwich?? The best part about this is that there are so many different ways to do this. Maybe it’s peanut butter cookies with banana ice cream, peanut butter ice cream layered with sliced banana in between two chocolate cookies, or vanilla ice cream with sliced banana drizzled with peanut butter in between classic sugar cookies. So many possibilities!


What other ideas do you have?? Let us know in the comments section!


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Incorporating Pink Into Your Prom Look



I’m not quite sure how this happened but somehow we’re already approaching Prom season. If you’re at an all-girls high school, now’s the time to make sure you don’t miss any parties so you can meet a cute guy to avoid trying to get set up. And if you’re at a co-ed school, (I guess?) you’re hoping you’re not the only one of your friends that doesn’t get asked. While the date is super important to having fun at prom, the more crucial factor is to make sure your entire ensemble’s on point.


For my Junior Prom, I decided to make my own dress so I had a much easier time finding and rocking the perfect color pink. But if you’re going the simpler (read: smarter) route and buying off the rack, finding a pink that isn’t too pale or too neon or too bubble-gum that you can envision working with your soon-to-be spray tan is really difficult. That’s why trying to incorporate the color pink into your accessories may actually work out better for you. See some tips below:





In my opinion, the most fun way to rock some pink at prom this year is through costume jewelry. You can also save yourself some cash this way if you buy a more simple gown and dress it up with some jewelry from Bauble Bar or H&M. If your dress’s a solid color, think about picking out this rose gold necklace from H&M or these pink and gold statement earrings from Bauble Bar to really impress your date and friends. The best part is that this jewelry can last you all summer, dressing up a plain tank before you meet up with your friends on the boardwalk!





For the gals with dates, look forward to receiving a beautiful bouquet or corsage picked out just for you by your date’s mom. Because boys in high school are clueless, they will most likely ask you what color your dress is. (I’m pretty sure they don’t actually know why they’re asking you this question, so you have some leeway with how you respond.) If you plan on rocking black, navy, grey, or white, pink flowers would complement the look perfectly! So tell your boy the color and add in “It’d look great with pink!” and cross your fingers that he’ll show up with a tiny bouquet of beautiful pink roses or a corsage tied together with pink ribbon.






Almost as fun as picking out the perfect prom dress is finding the perfect pair of shoes to go along with your look. Instead of choosing shoes that go with your dress, pick out a pair that make your dress! The above pink satin shoes with crystal accents from Betsey Johnson would look perfect or maybe even these champagne pink Betsey Johnson’s sandals. Either way, you’ll look great at prom and can re-wear them if you have a summer wedding or formal graduation party to attend!





Another great and perhaps the easiest way to incorporate pink into your prom look is through makeup and nail polish. Most likely you’re going to want your lips to be a shade of pink or red anyway so why not go all out and choose something like “Conceited” lipstick from Younique. If you like something a bit more subtle, go for Younique’s “Loveable” lip gloss. For nails, pick up ColorClub’s “Endless” nail polish for a perfect shade that will complement any color and last you all weekend!


How are you incorporating pink into your prom look? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂


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Top 10 Quintessential Shore Snacks



Written by: Elizabeth DePaul


As if summer weekends down the shore weren’t already the best, when you add in some sweet treats they become even better. Whether you’re strolling the boardwalk with your besties or hosting a girls’ night, here are some quintessential summer snacks that are worth dreaming about all year long:


  1. French Fries: Curly, crinkly, cheese, crab…there are so many options and any kind makes for the perfect indulgence while you walk the boardwalk. Order a bucket at Jilly’s French Fry Factory (1034 Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ), find the best people-watching bench, and enjoy!


  1. Donuts: Is there anything better than waking up to fresh donuts for breakfast? Kohler’s Bakery (2709 Dune Drive, Avalon, NJ) has cream donuts that are simply perfect paired with an iced coffee and enjoyed on the porch.


  1. Caramel Corn: Grab some caramel corn for your next movie night to punch up the snack bar. Just a handful of this sweet popcorn will transport you back to breezy boardwalk nights. You can pick up a tin all year long at Johnson’s Popcorn (Ocean City and Wildwood, NJ) or order it online during the off-season.


  1. Lemonade: Almost every boardwalk has a fresh-squeezed lemonade stand, a great spot to quench your thirst during a hot beach day and complement a bucket of curly fries (see #10). Check out Bob’s Fresh Lemonade (708 Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ) for this tangy treat.


  1. Funnel Cake: This fried, powdered sugared boardwalk treat is perfect to pick up after a night riding the ferris wheel. The best way to eat this twisted cake is off a gigantic plate, shared with friends, and enjoyed on a warm summer night. Bonus: Here are some fun facts on the origin of the funnel cake.


  1. Salt Water Taffy: There’s nothing that says summer down the shore quite like untwisting a chewy taffy and taking a bite. You can find salt water taffy at Fralinger’s (1519 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ) and The Original Fudge Kitchen (locations in Ocean City, Stone Harbor, Wildwood, and Cape May, NJ). Brush up on the history of salt water taffy so you can impress your besties while you discuss your favorite flavors.


  1. Cotton Candy: It’s pink, it’s sugary, and it’s sold almost everywhere on the boardwalk – there’s no doubt this is a favorite shore sweet! One bite and it instantly reminds you of skee ball, flip flops, and childhood summers, which makes it a great nostalgic treat.


  1. Pizza: Walking off the beach onto the boardwalk and grabbing a slice of pizza is one of the best parts of a summer beach day. Manco and Manco is right off the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk (and most locations are open year round), and Circle Pizza (2108 Dune Dr, Avalon, NJ) is also a good choice for a bite after the beach.


  1. Fudge: Let’s be real for a sec — we’ve all gone out of our way to walk by The Original Fudge Kitchen and snag a free sample of their delicious, creamy fudge. So many flavors to choose from (peanut butter, cookies and cream, and chocolate marshmallow just to name a few…), locations in most shore points, and shipping all year long means you can get a fudge fix any time you please.


  1. Ice Cream: Whether scoops, soft serve, sundaes, sprinkles, or a shake, ice cream is simply the ultimate shore sweet treat. For hand dipped, check out Springer’s (9420 3rd Ave, Stone Harbor, NJ) and Marita’s (5912 Landis Ave, Sea Isle City, NJ), soft serve is best at Kohr Bros (locations in Ocean City, Stone Harbor, Wildwood, and Cape May, NJ) and Avalon Freeze (23rd & Dune Dr, Avalon, NJ), or go for a sundae at the retro-inspired Cool Scoops (1111 New Jersey Ave, North Wildwood, NJ).



What’s your favorite shore snack? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂


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How to Sneak Past the Beach Tag Checker



Written by: Melissa Mooney


I’d never given much thought to beach tags until the day I didn’t have one. Every shore house I’ve ever stayed in has automatically included beach tags in the price of rent. I would simply pin one to my beach tote for the length of the season, casually flashing the bag strap to the tag checker as I passed. It wasn’t until I found myself day-tripping at an unfamiliar North Jersey beach (high treason, I know) that I realized that going to the beach costs money. As I grudgingly handed over five whole dollars to the tag checker in exchange for a heinous bright orange wrist band that immediately identified me as a shoobie, I thought to myself that there had to be another way. If I had been more resourceful, perhaps I could have avoided the fee. If you ever find yourself on a day trip to the shore, or simply don’t feel like walking the three blocks back to your house when you forget your tag, here are some helpful tips for evading the dreaded Beach Tag Checker.


Pretend your mom has your tag.

Some tag checkers are more lenient than others. If you make your best doe eyes and explain that “my mom is sitting down by the water and she brought all the tags with her can I go down and grab one from her?” a nice attendant might let you by. Pointing out a random, colorful umbrella that’s “yours” will add more credibility to your story.


Team up with a group that already has tags.

Attendants rarely have time to count out individual tags on a busy day. If you’re visiting a group of friends and you’re the only one without a tag, simply shaking a family-sized Ziploc bag full of beach tags in the checker’s face will usually get you through. There’s no way she’ll notice that there are eight people but only seven tags bouncing around in your plastic baggie.


Act like you were in the bathroom.

This one requires dedication because you can’t bring anything with you- no chair, no massive tote bag, no umbrella- because why would you bring that stuff on a quick trip to the bathroom? Go to the entrance closest to the public restroom and tell the checker your tag is already on the beach with the rest of your stuff. To make it look extra believable, attach a piece of one-ply toilet paper to the bottom of your flip flop.


Hide in the ocean/ pretend you’re asleep.

Just because you got past the attendant at the entrance doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. On busy weekends and holidays, tag checkers patrol the beach to make sure everyone has paid. If you see the telltale red fanny pack approaching and you don’t have a tag, you can do one of two things: get up and dash into the ocean, or act like you just knocked back some NyQuil and fake a deep slumber. Usually, the checkers will be too timid to wake you up.



If all else fails, unapologetically sprint past the checker and onto the beach without paying. Nine times out of ten, the attendant is a middle-aged woman in a lawn chair reading a Nora Roberts novel, so your chances of outrunning her are pretty high.


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Airport Style for Under $50

Written by: Sarah Felbin


Spring has (finally!) sprung – which means Spring Break is just around the corner. But in between the stress of finishing work, booking your flight, and packing your suitcase, you still have one crucial decision to make: What will you wear on the plane?

Whether your flight is two hours long or ten, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable; stiff seats and air conditioning on high blast are only some of the problems you’ll want to be prepared to face. But how do you stay comfy without sacrificing style? See below for some of our favorite airport essentials just in time for spring!



Where would a girl be without her trusty cardigan? Sweaters like these aren’t just an adorable layer; they can also double as blankets on a cold flight or pillows on a red-eye. Pick your favorite from the ones below – or grab more than one, just in case!


AEO Long Pocket Cardigan $22.47  (pictured)

Forever 21 Open-Front Longline Cardigan $12.90

Charlotte Russe Ribbed & Marled Cascade Cardigan $8


Carry-On Bag

That backpack you’ve used since your first flight when you were eight? Time to go! Try these fabulous and functional finds instead:


Forever 21 Faux Leather-Trim Clear Tote $22.90 (pictured)

Forever 21 Striped Weekender Bag $32.90

Vera Bradley Tote 2.0 $49


Ballet Flats

The last thing a girl needs is a blister while she’s running to catch her flight to the beach! Thankfully, we’ve already done the hard work for you – these are some faithful flats that will never let you down.


AEO Classic Scrunch Ballet Flat $29.95 (pictured)

Forever 21 Cutout Faux Suede Flats $14.90

Forever 21 Quilted Faux Leather Ballet Flats $19.90



Perfect airport outfits deserve perfect airport accessories! Check out some of these finds to make sure yours is the best. Flight. Ever.

Panicking about missing your flight? Keep track of time with Francesca’s Mackenzie Watch ($18).

Just in case a comfy cardi isn’t enough, Francesca’s Ava Textured Loop Scarf ($18) has you covered. Literally!

When you finally get to your beachy getaway, Francesca’s Ocean Tortoise Gold Sunglasses ($14) will help you bask in the success of your airport adventures. Happy travels!

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Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts

Written by: Maureen Devenny


Spring Break, whether you’re staying local or going away for some epic adventure, is the last long vacay on the schedule until the Best. Time. Of. The. Year. (If you need a reminder: SUMMER). Winter doldrums are over and we’re definitely ready to reacquaint ourselves with sunshine while recharging for the remaining push ahead. Here are some do’s and don’ts to get the most out of your break.


DON’T view your whole break through the lens of your iPhone camera. Yeah yeah, we know you’ve been planning your spring break for months and want to share your vacay adventures with all your Snapchat friends. But memories last forever- your Snap story doesn’t.


DO take time to be in the moment. You won’t regret not posting that Insta, but we can promise you’ll regret not being fully present. Close your eyes and take note of the sights, smells, and sounds around you. If you’re having a hard time, try this guided meditation practice which takes about 10 minutes, so you definitely have the time. No excuses.


DON’T overdo it. You don’t get another vacation to recover from Spring Break. Return to The Real World refreshed and ready to go, not exhausted and dull. (But in case that happens, Sephora has a ton of products that will mimic rest and relaxation. Remember that even though you’re on break, you need sleep and water and the occasional vegetable just like you do at every other time of the year.


This Sephora facemask is a steal at $6:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.38.05 PM

DO take time for yourself. Even the most gregarious gal needs some “me” time to recharge. Schedule time into your break for your favorite solo activity- a long run, knitting, or reading the book you started over winter break. As much as spring break is about spending time with others, don’t forget that your relationship with you is just as important.


DON’T get social media envy. Maybe you’re taking a staycation and feeling jealous of Instas of exotic locales. Well, guess what, jealousy is not making your vacation any better. Fight the pull of social media addiction and turn off your notifications.


DO make the most of your time. Maybe your plans for the trip of a lifetime fell through. No biggie- go out to eat at three of your all-time favorite restaurants with your pals. Maybe your plans to luxuriate on a Mexican beach are being foiled by uncooperative weather. No sweat- play a game like Cards Against Humanity or watch your group’s favorite rom-com instead.




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Best Summer Scents: Perfume Edition


Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


Nothing says summer like a fresh new perfume. Whether you’re smelling good for the date you’re going on later or trying to cover up the fact that you just ran two miles, perfume is a girl’s best friend. With so many different perfumes to try out, how can you know where to start? Never fear, Pinkly Perfect is here with our Best Summer Scents: Perfume Addition.


Stoked by Bethany Hamilton- My personal favorite, this perfume is perfect for a surfing girl! Created by the soul surfer herself, Bethany Hamilton, this scent smells like coconut and sunshine. One whiff of this and you’ll be transported to Honolulu, Hawaii, ready to ride the waves. Try Stoked here!


Pink Fresh & Clean by Victoria’s Secret- Nothing is more of a staple or more versatile than the infamous Fresh & Clean body spray. The vibe is right in the title; this perfume has a “fresh and clean” scent that works for any time of the day. Perfect for an on-the-go type of gal, just throw this in your beach bag and get ready to smell good all day. Try Fresh & Clean Body Mist here!


Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture- Although a bit more expensive than others, this perfume by Juicy Couture is the epitome of the date-night scent. With hints of vanilla and jasmine, this sweet smell works great for a night on the boardwalk or ice cream at your favorite Jersey shore spot. This perfume is a bit more formal than the others, so pair it with a flirty dress and some cute sandals and get ready for compliments! Try Viva La Juicy here or at any department store.


Whether you’re looking for something warm like Stoked, crisp like Pink Fresh & Clean, or sweet like Viva La Juicy, each of these three awesome scents are major for summer. If you’re not already loyal to a signature scent, try all three of these out and see which is your favorite!





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Shore Ways to Get Your Prom Date to Say Yes



Written by: Maureen Devenny


Prom season can be a stressful time. From finding a dress, to deciding whose house to get ready at, there are lots of important decisions to be made. The most important prom decision you can make is deciding who to go with. Whether you go with your significant other, a friend, or your best girls, we take the stress out of asking each of them.



If you’re going with your boyfriend…


Well, he’s probably going with you anyway (we hope!). But, instead of taking his “yes” for granted, you can still ask him in a way that will make him feel appreciated. You can do something simple, like taking him out for ice cream (even though it’s not Kohr Bros) in a nod to things you’ve enjoyed together in the summer. Or you can use a lot of the ideas in our post about Valentines to give to your crush and modify slightly for prom. For example, you can still give him a can of gummy worms, with a label that says “Will you do The Worm with me at prom?” Even though you probably won’t want to do The Worm in your carefully chosen prom dress, he’ll still chuckle at your idea. And, you’ll have hours of laughs practicing The Worm if you decide you’re serious about learning the move!

Picture from lovethispic



If you’re going with your best guy friend…


You’ll have all the fun of going to prom with a date, and none of the potential awkwardness of going with a set-up date. (Especially after he calls your parents’ house–land line!–to ask you out the day after prom. After trying to talk to you about AP classes over the sound of Get Low. Alas, that story is for a different day.) To ask your friend, buy a pair of sunglasses with neon sides (available on Amazon). Write “I would shore like to go to prom with you” on the side. Give them to your friend when you guys are doing something where he’d need sunglasses, like leaving a movie theater from a screening of a film you guys have been excited to see for weeks. He’ll love the usefulness, and can even bring them to prom for the dance floor!

Picture from Amazon



If you’re going with your girls…




Smart lady! You guys already have a coordinated dance to T-Swift’s Bad Blood so dance floor domination is assured. One memorable way to talk to your girls about going together is to paste your girls’ heads on a photo of T-Swift’s lady gang. Then, frame it and paint “Let’s go to prom together! #squadgoals” on the frame. Give one to each of your girls, who will crack up at your Photoshop skills and love seeing their heads on Karlie Kloss’ body. Best yet, its a memento to keep forever. After prom, swap out the Photoshopped image with a pic of you guys from prom.

Picture from E! Online



How are you planning to ask your date to prom? Tell us in the comments section below!


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DIY Sea Glass Crafts

Written by: Elizabeth DePaul


One of my absolute favorite activities during the summer months is to walk the beach in search of sea glass. I love finding the perfectly imperfect pieces, each a different color, shape, size, and with a different story. Not only are they fun to collect, but there are also so many unique ways to show off your finds. Try one of these simple crafts to display your sea glass:



Pendant Necklace: Wrap a piece of wire a few times around the middle of your favorite piece of sea glass, and then attach the wire to a strong piece of string, cord, or chain. You could even make a few at different lengths and layer them together. You’ll always have a little piece of summer with you!



Candle Votive: Place one of these summery scented candles in a clear glass votive and surround it with colorful sea glass pieces and other beach finds like shells and stones. Make a few in different sizes and use them as beachy decor for your next summer inspired party with your besties!



Framed Wall Art: This DIY is the perfect way to turn your beach treasures into a work of art. Arrange several pieces of sea glass onto a sturdy piece of paper – you could even arrange them in the shape of a heart, your initial, or the abbreviation of your favorite beach town! Secure the pieces with hot glue and place the paper in the frame. Hang this over your desk for some summer inspiration while you study.



Photo Transfer: Print out your best summer photos and use this tutorial to transfer them onto your sea glass pieces. These would make great gifts for your summer loving friends or to keep on display on your desk or dresser to remind you of your favorite summer memories.




What are some of your favorite crafts to do with sea glass? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂



Picture above from Martha Stewart

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