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Happy Memorial Day! Hard to believe the weekend we’ve been waiting for since last September has finally arrived and we’ve all (hopefully) been in full summer swing for the past couple days soaking up some sun and indulging in our favorite summer snacks.


This holiday weekend is even better than it normally is for me because Pinkly Perfect is now being sold at some of my favorite places in Avalon, NJ. Yay!


If you’re keeping up with the blog, then you know the whole line is available at Mimi’s & Suncatcher in Stone Harbor, NJ (and on our Pinkly Perfect shop website) but we also have merchandise for sale at Serendipity and Sundae Best.


Serendipity is selling our coordinate keychains for Avalon, NJ. The display’s available right by the register so definitely look around the entire store (SO much good stuff there) and pick one up in pink, blue, or black on your way out for a daily reminder of your favorite place whether you’re stuck at work or in school. (Keychains for Ocean City, Sea Isle, and Stone Harbor available on our shop website.)




Sundae Best is also selling our Solana Wristlet that reads “Coins for Cones” so make sure you stop in this summer and choose from one of many delicious homemade ice cream flavors like cream doughnut, cinnamon crumb, or chocolate covered banana. Sundae Best is SO close to my heart because my family and I used to go there every Tuesday night for dessert when I was growing up and I am so proud to have Pinkly Perfect sold there!


Keep checking into the blog or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates on where you can shop Pinkly Perfect this summer! 🙂


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Beach Loving Teens and Their Summer Goals



Written by: Kristen Bahr


Summer is the perfect opportunity to accomplish any type of goal. From getting a glowing tan, to meeting a summer love, or just getting a head start on school work, summer is the time to do it. With three months free of school and all responsibilities, anything is possible! Summer is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to start thinking about your goals to make sure Summer 2016 is the best one yet! To help with ideas, here are the goals of six summer-loving teenage girls:



Olivia, 17

“Get a head start on writing all of my college essays so I have time to actually enjoy my senior year of high school!”


Sam, 16

“Spend lots of time with my family and friends and work hard to stay in shape for the fall season.”


Blair, 14

“Continue to improve on my field hockey skills so that I can play on my school team in the fall!”


Lily, 13

“This summer I want to spend a lot of time at the beach and meet new friends before I start high school in the fall!”


Jenn, 17

“Work hard to improve my times for the summer swim season and maybe even meet a cute lifeguard at the pool too!”


Jackie, 17
“Spend a lot of time working on my tan at the Stone Harbor Beach and hopefully get the chance to talk to some of the lifeguards there too!”


What are some of your goals for this summer? Let us know in the comments section! 🙂

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Pinkly Perfect and Younqiue Partner to Celebrate Summer




Yay! Summer’s right around the corner and Pinkly Perfect is celebrating by partnering with Younique for a perfect giveaway program.


Until supplies last, if you purchase $50 or more from Lesley’s Younique business, you’ll also receive a FREE (yes, free!) Pinkly Perfect Newport Cosmetic Bag ($18 value). We love the Newport Cosmetic bag because it is so big and durable that you can carry everything you need for a perfect beach vacation (my friend even uses hers to store her iPad Mini!). The seahorse screen print is so cute and last but certainly not least, it’s made in the USA.


If you haven’t heard of Younique, now is definitely the time to look through all their perfect products. I first got hooked on their Beachfront Bronzer which you can buy here but I also love their Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, Stiff Upper Lip Stain, and Splurge Cream Shadow.


They also carry Beachfront Self Tanning Spray which we can’t wait to try! (Especially since it’s been pretty tough to get any sort of natural tan this spring!)


So stop reading this blog, look through Younique, and cross your fingers you purchase in time to receive a Pinkly Perfect Newport Cosmetic Bag!


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History of the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Written by: Amanda Mooney

The Atlantic City boardwalk holds a special place in my heart. In the summer of 1942, my grandparents both happened to be in Atlantic City. When my grandfather stopped and asked my grandmother to dance in the middle of the boardwalk, neither of them knew that they had just met the person they would spend the next 70 years with. Not only is the Atlantic City boardwalk where my grandparents first met, but it is also the first boardwalk to ever be constructed.


On June 16, 1870, the Atlantic City boardwalk was built. Added sixteen years after the resort city was originally opened, the boardwalk was constructed to allow beach-goers to have something to tread over instead of directly stepping onto the sandy Atlantic City beach. Alex Boardman, a railroad conductor, proposed a ten foot wide, thirty foot long pathway. Strictly built for walking to and from the beach, no stores ran along the boardwalk. At the end of each summer season, the planks were deconstructed and packed away for the winter to prevent damage.


After the hurricane of 1884, the boardwalk was destroyed. A new design was used to prevent the walkway from being damaged ever again. Two miles long and twenty feet high, the boardwalk was placed onto pliers that lifted it five feet above the beach to make room for the tide to wash underneath.


The boardwalk was not built for safety, for it lacked railings and a smooth walking surface. Accounts reveal that people falling of the boardwalk was a frequent occurrence. Don’t be too worried though, these falls were rarely fatal and often resulted from teens attempting to flirt. (Unfortunately there are no accounts that share how successful these “falling of the boardwalk” flirting attempts worked out, but I suspect rather poorly).


Prior to the building of the first amusement piers, the wealthy beach-goers found entertainment in hosting fashion shows, marathon dance contests, concerts, and pop-up exhibits along the boardwalk. In 1898, Steel Pier was added to the Atlantic City boardwalk. It originally debuted as a movie theatre, but expanded to feature many entertainment attractions such as the water circus, the marine ballroom, the General Motors Exhibit, and small rides. Entertainers, including Al Jolson and Frank Sinatra, appeared on the Steel Pier stage. The Roaring 20’s brought more excitement to Atlantic City. The original Miss America pageant, music, parades, and shows took the boardwalk by storm. In 1935, the Monopoly board game was created based on the streets of Atlantic City.


Margaret Gorman, 1922 first Miss America Winner
Margaret Gorman, 1922 first Miss America Winner


The outbreak of World War II in the 1940s led to the opening of a soldier training facility in Convention Hall. U.S. soldiers could be seen marching up and down the boardwalk in uniform. The hurricane of 1944 decimated the boardwalk once more. Again, it was rebuilt. Throughout the 50’s and 60’s, starlets such as Marilyn Monroe, Ed Sullivan, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, and the Beatles stopped into Atlantic City to enjoy a bit of summer fun. The 70’s and 80’s brought casinos into the beach town as gambling became legalized.


Today, 146 years after the first boards were laid onto the Atlantic City beach, the boardwalk is just as iconic. What would summer be like without our beloved boardwalks?

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Shop Pinkly Perfect in Stone Harbor, NJ


I am so excited to announce that Pinkly Perfect will be carried at FIVE (yes, FIVE) retail locations this summer! Blog post coming soon with all those details but I’m highlighting where it’s currently on display, waiting for you to shop!


If you’re a Philly or South Jersey girl, then chances are this time next week you’ll be packing your pink flip-flops and bikinis to head down the shore for Memorial Day Weekend! Make sure you stop in Mimi’s & Suncatcher if you’re near Stone Harbor, NJ because that’s where you can buy some Pinkly Perfect (also on our website, but just in case online shopping isn’t your thing).


How cute does the Pinkly Perfect display look at Mimi's?!
How cute does the Pinkly Perfect display look at Mimi’s?!


Mimi’s & Suncatcher is close to my heart because I used to work there during my summers down the shore in high school and college and I am so honored that there’s now a Pinkly Perfect display! Some of my favorite summer memories include working there and making sure all the beach-goers had everything they needed for a perfect vacation.


What’s the best thing about grabbing some Pinkly Perfect over the holiday weekend? Mimi’s is currently the only place you can buy our Capitola Tanks ($28) in White and Heather Grey (see pictures below) before they’re up on the website next month!


"Three scoops of pretty, please!"
“Three scoops of pretty, please!”
Perfect heather grey flowy tank for trips to the beach or hanging by the pool.
Perfect heather grey flowy tank for trips to the beach or hanging by the pool.

Mimi’s also sells clothes and accessories for men, women, and kids so grab your parents, crush, or siblings, and earn some Mimi dollars you can use later in the summer! 🙂


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Perfect Pink Workout Gear for Summer




Maybe it’s because of the colder than usual “spring” temperatures or the fact that I’ve been working on capturing the magic of summer all year, but this summer seems to have come out of nowhere and I am finding it very hard to believe that in just twelve days, I’ll be hitting my favorite beach town for Memorial Day Weekend. (Wasn’t it just Christmas?)


Despite the shock, summer 2016’s arrival makes me incredibly excited. Although, I do know that in twelve days I’ll be loading up on my favorite sweets like Sundae Best ice cream and Uncle Bill’s addicting stacks of chocolate chip pancakes. That being said, I need to make sure my workout wardrobe is perfectly stocked with cute, pink pieces that will motivate me to work off those extra calories that I haven’t been able to enjoy since Labor Day. (For a list of shore favorites you can enjoy year-round, click here.)


Check out these super cute pink workout clothes and accessories that will definitely allow for some extra cheat days of your favorite shore foods this summer!



Pink running shorts are necessary when planning your summer workout wardrobe. They’re perfect to throw on before a ride on your bike, a walk to breakfast, or a late afternoon jog around town. And these Layer 8 Mesh Shorts from Macy’s are some of the cutest we’ve seen. Pair them with just about anything and you’re ready to go (for only $8.99).

Does this really need a caption? Pick up Victoria’s Secret Graphic Muscle Tank to show the lifeguards who really run the world (hint: it’s girls).




Since we may not be used to how hot it’s going to get in a couple weeks, make sure to pick up a reversible pink headband from Ivivva. A perfect accessory to add to your ensemble before breaking a sweat that will protect our hair from going frizz-crazy.





Last but not least, the most important thing to remember when working out in the hotter months is to stay hydrated. So pick up this Bubblegum Pink S’ip by S’well Water Bottle to accompany you on whatever exercise you have in mind this summer!



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Behind the Scenes at Pinkly Perfect


As always, there’s A LOT of exciting things happening at Pinkly Perfect these days. Just in case anyone needs some catching up, we have so far been featured in Creator, Chestnut Hill Local, and will be picked up in four Jersey shore boutiques this summer (blog post coming soon with all those details!). We’re also upgrading our tiny two-person office to a three-person with windows and a very lucky high school senior from South Carolina won our Beach Bike Giveaway. Yay! Did I mention we’re only 15 days away from Memorial Day?! Seriously, life is so, SO good. 🙂


Sales at our online shop are going so well and top sellers include the Avalon Sweatshirt, Coordinate Keychains, Montauk Totes and Solana Wristlets, that it’s almost time to add in our Summer Capsule Collection. Not to mention pretty soon it’ll be warm enough to hit our favorite beach town with our summer-loving besties.


So yesterday we got in the summer spirit and shot some new pieces at Church Street Studios in Philadelphia with the help of Makeup by Emily Dimant. In typical Pinkly Perfect fashion, we had the best time tossing around some beach balls, blasting pop music, and munching on the cutest ice cream cone and palm tree cookies (see picture below) from Bredenbeck’s Bakery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I don’t want to give too much away but we’ve got some perfect beach products coming your way very soon!




Pinkly Perfect’s Summer Capsule features a perfect beach coverup, some super cute tanks, a shortie (for a little extra coverage at the beach or pool), and some new accessories to flaunt your beach town pride.




Keep checking in and following us on Facebook, Instagram, and of course shopping with us at so you can stay up to date and share in all the exciting things happening here! We’re so excited to have you along for the ride! 🙂


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Most Anticipated Summer Concerts of 2016




Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


Summer, a time of sun, fun, and unlimited free time. What better way to celebrate seven more hours of freedom now that school is out than by listening to your favorite music live? Not sure which concerts to attend this summer? Never fear! Whether you’re an R&B, alternative, pop, country or festival fan, here are the Most Anticipated Summer Concerts of 2016!


Made in America – Founded by Jay Z himself, this two-day festival features mostly R&B artists set right in the heart of Philadelphia. There’s no better way to celebrate the City of Brotherly Love than by bumping to the best beats of 2016. Buy tickets here, on the Made in America website.


104.5 Summer Block Parties – Exclusive to the Philly area, these free general admission concerts happen once a month all summer long starting in May and ending in September. Sponsored by Radio 104.5, Philly’s alternative station, each concert has 6 artists come and perform 100% for free. In addition, these concerts are held at the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing, so they’re easily accessible by public transportation. Check Radio 104.5’s website for updates on performers, concert dates, and ticket sale times.


Selena Gomez: Revival Tour – The Instagram queen herself is going back on tour this year with hits like “Hands to Myself” and “Same Old Love” and upbeat getting-ready-with-your-besties songs like “Me and My Girls” that will have us pumped for summer. Even if you haven’t gotten around to listening to Revival yet, just seeing what Selena will step out on stage in is worth the ticket. Can you say fashionista? Buy tickets on the Revival Tour website, here.


Justin Bieber: Purpose Tour – Also on tour this summer is Selena’s infamous ex, Justin Bieber. With an album that had the whole nation hooked, Justin one-ups his catchy lyrics and R&B inspired beats with amazing choreography and insane special effects. No kidding, it actually rains on stage. Gotta see it for yourself? Justin’s tour is currently sold out, but you can find tickets on any resale website such as StubHub. Happy hunting!


Zac Brown Band: Black Out The Sun Tour – For the country girls out there, ZBB is returning to the area once again. Even if you’re not an avid country fan, Zac Brown Band has just enough rock influences to appeal to the masses. Nothing is better than country music in the summer! Buy tickets on Zac Brown Band’s website, here.


What summer concert are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!


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Must-Have Sunscreens for Summer



Written by: Maureen Devenny


Sunscreen is a necessity for healthy skin. But from potential breakouts to a distinctive smell to a greasy feeling on your skin, applying sunscreen can feel like a real chore. Luckily, we live in the year 2016, where there are plenty more options than the sunscreens we were slathered with as kids. Here are some new and improved sunscreens we can’t wait to try out for summer 2016. (And please remember to talk to your dermatologist about the sunscreen that is right for you).



Breakout Danger Zone

Summer can be a tricky time for breakouts, since limited sun exposure can help clear up acne, but the extra sweating you’re doing can clog those pores right back up. Protect your face from sun damage and pimples at the same time with Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen–it’s tried-and-true for a reason. Another option is the Murad Oil-Control Mattifying Sunscreen, which is sold as part of Murad’s Acne Control Starter Kit–this lotion not only fights acne with tea tree oil, but also mattifies to reduce shine. Sounds like a good deal to us!




Greasy Feeling

It’s hard to feel refreshed if you’re covered in greasy sunscreen. Luckily, MDSolarSciences Quick Dry Body Spray has you covered–literally!–and dry in no time. For the face, we like Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist, which controls shine and sets makeup. We love a product that multitasks!




“Sunscreen Smell”

As a perfume person, it is heartbreaking when my fair skin forces me to douse myself in sunscreen over the summer and completely lose the scent of my perfume. But thank goodness that there are sunscreen options out there that don’t leave you smelling like Coppertone all summer! We love the Fresh Cucumber scent of Coola Sport Continuous Spray (also available in Tropical Coconut). Not only does it smell great, but the spray-on application gets you back to your great beach read just a little faster.


Happy sunbathing!


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Best Jersey Shore Date Ideas


Even though it may not feel like summer quite yet, Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner (yay!) and pretty soon, you’ll be swooning over the perfectly tan lifeguards and hoping they don’t pick up on the fact that you’ve walked by their stand three times in the last hour.


Summer’s all around way better than the winter, but dating in the summer is especially better than dating in the colder months (read a fun article here on why summer flings are better than winter romances) and it’s best to go into this summer with some great date ideas just in case your crush needs some help organizing (hint: most teenage boys do!). See below Pinkly Perfect’s picks for some perfect date spots based on your Jersey Shore beach town of choice.


Avalon, NJ:

If you’re an Avalon, NJ girl, suggest meeting up for a slice of pizza at Circle Pizza then walk over to Pirate Island for mini golf (make sure you request the pink golf ball!). Adding a little bit of competition would be super fun, especially if it’s one of your first dates, so plan for the loser to buy ice cream at Sundae Best and indulge in one of their many homemade flavors like Salted Caramel, German Chocolate Cake, or Blueberry Crumb (yum!).


Ocean City, NJ:

If Ocean City, NJ is your beach town of choice, why not go on a fun day date!? Start by renting a surrey to ride around the boardwalk. Since you’ll work up a sweat, stop by Brown’s to refuel with some hot donuts then indulge in them on the beach. Make sure you pack a beach towel to lay out before getting all sandy!


Wildwood, NJ:

By far the best thing to take advantage of in Wildwood, NJ is the boardwalk with over 100 rides and attractions. Get cozy with your crush on the Ferris Wheel, let out some screams (not too loud, girls) on one of their roller coasters, and share some funnel cake as you stroll along the water hoping to end the night with a kiss. 🙂


Cape May, NJ:

If you and your crush vacation in Cape May, NJ then lucky you! Cape May, NJ is a perfect spot for a romantic date. Start off with a horse & carriage tour of old fashioned Cape May, then stop in Fine Fellows Creamistry for a root beer float, then curl up and catch a movie on the beach like Jaws or Free Willy, both scheduled for this summer!


What are your favorite beach date ideas?! Let us know in the comments section. 🙂

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