Think Pink! 2016 Dorm Style on a Budget

Written by: Sarah Felbin

Starting to think about packing for college? Let our dorm guide help you get started! We’ve created a list of 20 dorm room essentials under $20 that will make any girl the coolest on her floor – and the best part? Everything’s pink! So channel your inner Elle Woods and get ready…


Desk Essentials:

PB & J Floral Desk Pad

Make your desk study-central with these cute accessories! With an upgraded desk lamp and an adorable (no, really, adorable) stapler, we can take your desk space from “oh, no” to “oh, yes!” for just a few dollars.

1) Lavish Home LED Foldable Desk Lamp, $17.99 from Target

This desk lamp folds up for easy packing and storage. Less clutter? Yes, please!


2) Urban Shop Swivel Mesh Chair, $19.00 from Walmart

A small swivel chair with a breathable mesh back keeps you comfortable while you work on that five-page essay!


3) Just Mustard Bunny Stapler, $8.00 from ASOS

Remember that adorable stapler we mentioned earlier? This cute pink friend will inspire you to work on even your laziest days!


4) Floral Desk Pad, $12.00 from PB&J Boutique (shown)

Dress up your desktop with this pretty paper pad, which will also help you keep track of your busy schedule!


Room Decor

Honey-Can-Do Washing Machine Hamper in pink!


You’ve turned your desk into a study paradise… But what about the rest of your room? These accessories will help you make the most of your small space while still making it feel like home. Be careful, though: These picks are so cute, your friends might get jealous!


5) LED Pink Micro Rice Christmas Lights, $8.99 from Walmart

Tiny fairy lights won’t keep you (or your roommate!) up at night, but they will instantly transform your space.


6) RoomMates Chevron Canvas Wall Art Set, $9.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

This magnetic and dry erase board comes with matching magnets, perfect for hanging a few flashcards to study or leaving your roomie a message!


7) ***DP***Formula Backrest Pillow, $14.88 from Walmart

Meet your new best friend! Save your back and your wallet with this supportive pillow.


8) Honey-Can-Do Washing Machine Hamper, $13.79 from Target (shown)

Doing laundry doesn’t have to be a chore! Make it fun with this ultra-cool hamper.


9) Timelink Smartlight Rubber Alarm Clock, $9.99 from Kmart

Small? Check. Accident-proof? Check. Will save you from missing that 8 a.m. class? Check!


10) Surya Frontier Geometric Rug, $19.99 from Wayfair

An area rug is an easy way to add a pop of color without sacrificing space.


11) Chelsea 3-Piece Reversible Comforter Set, $19.99 from Macy’s

Fashionable and reversible? We’ve yet to see anything smarter than this set!



Pink desk organizer from Sears


In a tiny dorm room, a girl needs all the organizational help she can get. These finds will help you declutter and tidy up, all while saving you valuable space. With picks for your closet, your shower, and even under your bed, we’ve got you covered!


12) Honey Can Do Set of 4 Bed Risers, $12.48 from Wayfair

Bed risers help turn empty under-the-bed space into valuable storage. Plus, these add the perfect pink touch to any room!


13) Coated Wire Shower Caddy, $7.99 from PBteen

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash… All of it will fit inside this cute wire basket shower caddy!


14) Whitmor Over-the-Door 24 Pocket Shoe Organizer, $7.99 from Target

Stuck with a microscopic closet? We’ve got you covered! This over-the-door organizer keeps your shoes separate, so you have plenty of room for that winter coat and those rain boots!


15) ClosetCandie Under-the-Bed Storage Bag, $5.47 from Walmart

When paired with the bed risers listed above, under-the-bed storage bags are perfect for storing clothes, shoes, accessories, and even books. Buy one or stock up on a few to maximize your space!


16) Organize It All Stacking Perforated Polypropylene Cubes, $12.95 from Sears (shown)

These stackable cubes are perfect for storing anything and everything. Buy a bunch and go vertical for the most storage!


Fabulous Gear

Go Jane Neon Pink Floral Flip Flops


Last but certainly not least are our picks for dorm room style! From your bed to your bathroom, we’ve found four essentials you simply have to have!

17) Threshold Shower Wrap, $12.34 from Target

A shower wrap is a great alternative to a heavy bathrobe. Just stretch the elastic and you’re ready to go!


18) The Original Turbie Twist (Set of 2), $9.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

Perfect for keeping wet hair out of your way, Turbie Twists help dry your hair while keeping it out of sight and out of mind. Best of all? A set of 2 means one for you and one for your roommate!


19) Perfect Petal Trio Jelly Thong Sandals, $9.90 from GoJane (shown)

These adorable flip flops are ideal for runs to the shower. Who said shower shoes had to be boring?


20) Snooz Silky Soft Eye Mask, $1.99 from Dream Essentials

Roommate keeping you up by pulling constant all-nighters? This comfy sleep mask helps make sleepless nights a thing of the past.


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DIY Ocean in a Box

Written by: Sarah Haurin

Finding the perfect beach souvenir proves a daunting task, especially if you would rather be soaking up the sun or floating in the ocean instead of combing the boardwalk for the ideal memento.


This year, rather than scouring the shops, create your own beachy keepsake with items that you can easily and effortlessly collect during your beach bumming days.


With shells collected throughout your trip and a decorative jar, you can create a cute decoration for your desk or your nightstand. This past June, my parents surprised me on my birthday with this jar (see picture above) filled with seashells found on the beach of Isle of Palms, SC. This token from our amazing vacation will definitely keep some summer in my life even when the leaves begin to fall and the temperature starts to drop!


If you’re feeling more adventurous with your crafting, or still have seashells leftover even after creating a frame, Christmas ornament, or hair accessory, you can build an ocean in a box using a shadow box and some beach collectibles.

We're loving how a little sand and shells can take your picture frame to the next level! Picture from
We’re loving how a little sand and shells can take your picture frame to the next level! Picture from


To personalize your box, you can use a picture of you and your friends enjoying a perfect beach day as the background. Add some collected sand, seashells, and maybe a little sea glass and you’ve created the perfect summer souvenir!


With a bigger shadow box, you have room for a collage of beach day pictures that can even include a map of your beach town, some stickers, or your favorite summer quote; nothing rings truer than “Life is better at the beach!”


Forgot to take fun pictures on your beach excursion? No problem! You can simply fill a shadow box to the brim with seashells and hang it on your wall as a year long reminder of the fun that you had collecting them.

Perfect way to use old seashells! Picture from
Perfect way to use old seashells! Picture from


What’s even more fun than crafting solo? Crafting with your best friends! You can incorporate making your ocean in a box into a fun summer party with your friends.


A personalized beach box also makes the perfect gift for your friends with summer birthdays, or even for Christmas – if you can wait that long to share your awesome creation!


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DIY Frozen Dessert Recipes

Written by: Cat Geruson

No better way to keep cool than with some frozen treats! Why spend money on boring store-bought Popsicles, though, when you can make so many different kinds right in your kitchen! Whipping up your own treats is healthier and more satisfying too.


layered popsicle
Layered Popsicles look pretty and taste great! How can you resist this picture from Pinterest?

Want a healthy frozen snack that you can eat completely guilt-free, or even have as a breakfast? Try a satisfying smoothie Popsicle. My favorite blends include mango for sweetness, bananas to keep me energized, and a handful of spinach. Simply blend with fruit juice or puree if desired and pour in molds. To seem like a real Popsicle pro, you can make more than one smoothie and layer them in the molds. Not only does this look cool, but it allows for a variety of fruits! Just let one layer freeze for 30-45 minutes before pouring another layer on top.


For when the heat seriously kicks in and we need a little something extra to get us going, why not enjoy a coffee Popsicle! Simply combine cream, milk or any flavored creamer with coffee and freeze in Popsicle molds. If you like an extra sweet coffee, add sweetened condensed milk to your Popsicle, either mixed in or at the bottom of your mold. For a mocha flavored treat, you can combine hot cocoa into your coffee mixture. You could also add chocolate chips to the bottom, or even Oreos. Nutella can be mixed in as well for a hazelnut twist! (See photo above from


orange popsicles
Photo from

The summer heat spares no one, so even some celebrities are reaching out on social media to share their ideas for frozen treats. One of my favorite celebrities with creative lifestyle ideas is Lauren Conrad. On her blog, Lauren highlights a tasty and pretty summer party must have, her Citrus Stained Glass Popsicles. These popsicles are super easy, combining oranges with Italian soda (or another fizzy drink such as citrus seltzer). Just place the peeled, cut orange slices into a Popsicle mold and pour the soda on top! Khloe Kardashian, now a fitness fiend, promotes a similar healthy Popsicle on her Instagram page. Place sliced fruit, such as strawberries or grapes into molds, and add coconut water.

What else are you making this summer to beat the heat? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Best Summer Coverups


Written by: Sarah Felbin

It’s July, which means beach days, heat waves, and… sunburn. Whether you burn first, tan later or skip tanning altogether, you’ve no doubt had a lovely beach day ruined by a low SPF and a long nap – and so have we! That’s why we sorted through 2016’s latest and greatest beach trends to bring you a list of cover-ups (besides our fave Pinkly Perfect Wildwood Coverup as seen above!) that will not only make you the belle of the beach, but hopefully save your skin, too… Don’t forget to reapply!



Shorts + shirt = easy, breezy summer style any day of the week. But rompers, the best trend next to jumpsuits, can take our favorite go-to outfit from plain Jane to “where’d you get that?!” without the extra effort. So, what does a girl wear on a hot day at the beach when her tan lines are out of control? A romper, natch.

Romper from Victoria’s Secret

Jumpsuit with Short Legs, $9.99 and $17.99 at H&M

V-Neck Swim Cover-Up Romper, $22.90 at Forever 21

Long-sleeve Cover-up Romper, $39.99 at Victoria’s Secret (shown)



Lace’s more modern cousin, crochet is a perfect way to turn heads wherever you go this summer, be it the beach, the pool, or your friend’s backyard bash. Lightweight and easy to thrown on, crochet cover-ups are a simple way to add style while also showing off your fave new suit. Dive in!

Ombre Venus Tunic
Ombre Venus Tunic

Women’s Hawaiian Tropic Kimono Cover-Up, $27.60 at Kohl’s

Ombre Crochet Tunic, $39 at Venus (shown)

The Flounce Cover-Up, $39.99 at Victoria’s Secret


Go Bold!

Ready to make a statement? These cover-ups will turn heads with bright colors, daring shapes, and bold patterns. They’re anything but ordinary…

Target Bold Beach Coverup
Target Bold Beach Coverup

Marimekko for Target Women’s Terry Cloth Cover Up, $8.98 at Target (shown)

SOL & MER Lace Paisley Cover-Up, $38 at Lord and Taylor

Pia Rossini Rosetta Printed Mini Beach Dress, $26 at ASOS


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Best Beach Hats



Written by: Sarah Haurin


Sometimes a cool pair of sunglasses just isn’t enough to stave off the sun on a hot beach day. Whether you’re going for a chic, sporty, or girly look, a perfect hat is just what you need to complete your beach ensemble. Check out the best beach hats we found for this summer!

USA Baseball Cap from Pacsun), $22.95

A wise man once said, “Every day is independence day,” (thank you, Mr. Toby Keith). Who says you have to leave your America-inspired beachwear back at the Fourth? Pacsun’s American Flag Baseball Cap is the perfect addition to your already extensive collection of ‘Murica clothes.



Monogrammed Hat from The Pink Monogram, $32.00

Want to put a personalized twist on a classic? Check out The Pink Monogram, where you can mix and match colors, embroidery styles, and hat types to create your perfect beachy headwear. You can even request a special logo to be monogrammed on the hat!



Floppy Crotchet Hat (see above) from Aerie, $21.95

For a totally trendy look, try a floppy hat. This crochet hat will match with any color suit you have, making it perfect for the beach fashionista.




Classic Bucket Hat from Urban Outfitters, $24

As the quintessential beach headwear, the bucket hat provides shade from the sun and an unmistakably summery look. This bold hat takes a fun and unique twist on our favorite classic.



Whichever style you choose, wearing a hat in the hot sun promotes healthy skin by protecting your scalp from the sun’s harsh rays. And when it comes to hats, you can’t go wrong with completing your beach look!


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How to Spend a Rainy Day at the Beach

Nothing’s more disappointing than waking up to rain on your beach vacation. Not only have you been looking forward to soaking up the sun and jumping waves in the ocean with your besties, but as great as the Jersey shore is, it can also get a little boring when you remove the possibility of going to the beach, laying by the pool, riding your beach cruiser around town, playing mini-golf, or hitting the boardwalk.


So while we’ll be crossing our fingers for you that your beach vacation includes nothing but clear blue skies and a hot summer sun, we’ll also leave you with the below list of ideas on how to spend a perfect rainy day at the shore.



Just because you’re not enjoying the beach, doesn’t mean you can’t let a beach book take you there instead. We compiled a list of great beach reads over the winter months that are perfect for daydreaming about hot days ahead.



Baking is my go-to activity when I see clouds. I love spending a couple hours in the kitchen whipping up a sweet treat to be enjoyed by my family and friends. Check out Sally’s Baking Addiction for lots of fun cake and cookie inspiration. If you have some visitors at your shore house, get everyone involved and host a cookie decorating session too!


Make Mocktails:

If you’re spending the day indoors with your besties, why not make some pretty pink mocktails to enjoy while watching Netflix? Check out our list of must-try recipes and blast the best summer songs of all time playlist while you pour some watermelon lemonade into a martini glass.


Get Crafty:

If you and your besties are more on the creative side, spend the afternoon you would be eying the cute lifeguards and create some beautiful pieces with sea glass and seashells you’ve been collecting!


What other things do you do when it’s raining at the beach? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Perfect Pink Mocktails for Summer


What girl doesn’t love a pretty pink mocktail to sip by the pool in the summer? Since it’s been so hot out recently, we decided to compile a list of must-try mocktails that are both pretty and refreshing. Take a look at our list below, grab your besties and a Laguna Beach Towel or a beach book and enjoy!


Starbucks “Pink Drink” Copycat Recipe

Assuming you have signed onto Instagram at least once in the past couple months, you’ve noticed the beautiful pink drink Starbucks lovers have been ordering off of their “secret menu.” The “pink drink” is simply their Strawberry Acai Refresher with Coconut Milk instead of water and boy does it look pretty! Take a look here at Beauty and the Beets’ copycat recipe. To spice it up, pour into a martini glass and enjoy poolside.


Watermelon Lemonade

Leave it to Martha Stewart to have the best list of Non-Alcoholic Summer Cocktails. We want to make everything on that list but today will take a special peek at her recipe for Watermelon Lemonade. All it takes are a couple lemons, mint leaves, brown sugar, and watermelon to make a refreshing pink lemonade perfect to enjoy on the deck after a beach day. If you’re with your parents or older sibling, appease them by adding a splash of vodka to theirs!


Sparkling Pink Punch

My Recipes offers up a pretty pink spin to typical summer lemonade by making a punch version featuring tart cranberry juice and club soda to pink lemonade. Serve in a champagne glass with some loose mint leaves and you’ll be sure to impress your besties! Find the exact recipe here.


What other pretty pink sweets and treats are you making this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Beachiest Colleges

Written by: Maureen Devenny


For those of us who did not grow up close enough to the beach, the college selection process represents the first time you can choose to pick up and move closer to the sand and surf. As you prepare your college tour schedule for the early fall, you might want to include a beachy college or two on the itinerary. Here are our picks:


Pepperdine University

We all know that sunny California has excellent weather and gorgeous beaches. Get your degree at Pepperdine University if you like the idea of studying for your Bio 101 exam on the beach in Malibu. Seen in above picture from


SAT Score:

Writing: 560-660

Math: 570-680

Critical Reading: 550-650

ACT Score: 25-30


University of Hawai’i. Picture from

University of Hawai’i

Just look at the map of the statewide university system. Each campus is not far from Hawai’i’s famed white sand beaches. Combined with the island chain’s tropical beauty, delicious food, and spectacular views, it might just be hard to concentrate in class!


SAT Score:

Writing: 470-570

Math: 500-610

Critical Reading: 480-580

ACT Score: 21-26


University of Tampa. Picture from
University of Tampa. Picture from

University of Tampa

This is your perfect college campus, if what you’re looking for are banana tree-lined paths and January temperatures of a sizzling 51 degrees.


SAT Score:

Writing: 480-570

Math: 500-590

Critical Reading: 490-580

ACT Score: 22-26


All test scores provided by The College Board.

Hungry for more beachy college suggestions? Check out this list of beachy colleges. Did we miss a beachy college that you recommend visiting? Share your knowledge in the comments below.


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