The Not So Terrible Things About Summer Ending


My fingers could barely type that title. I love summer. I built an entire brand around my love for my beach town. But as summer’s coming to a close, I can’t help but be a little grateful for fall coming my way. Below is a list of the not so terrible things about summer ending:



If the end of summer means the start of school, then that means that you’ll be surrounded by your besties again on a daily basis. If you’re in college, you’ll even get to live with them and catch them up on all your summer adventures from flings to jobs. Although a beach setting is preferred, you get to go back to dining hall chit-chat and football games, and that’s pretty sweet.


Lifeguards Football Players:

While eying the lifeguards is one of the best past-times of summer vacation, fall doesn’t mean they disappear. They just get a new title. Hello, football boys. Or soccer boys. XC boys, maybe. Whatever floats your boat, girlfriends.



Leggings, sweatshirts, pumpkin spice, baking, and general body temperature satisfaction all arrive once summer ends. While we may prefer flip-flops and coverups, there’s something very relaxing about wearing leggings and a comfy sweatshirt while sipping a pumpkin coffee and smelling fresh baked cookies in the oven. Also you won’t be sweating as much unless you’re exercising off all those ice cream calories you consumed for the past three months.


What else do you guys like about the fall? Let us know in the comments section so we can all feel a little better about summer ending! And check out a fun article if you’re looking to give your locker a beach makeover!


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Flip Flops for Any Occasion


Written by: Emma Veon

Flip-flopping between what shoes to wear this summer?  Every flip-flop lover in your life knows that there’s a pair for everywhere, you just have to find one to match your style. Here’s a short list of flip-flop favorites for any occasion.




Left to Right: Old Navy Classic Flip Flop in Coral Reef Neon Nylon ($2.50), Pinkly Perfect Sanibel Flip Flop in Aqua ($22.00 $18.00), FitFlops Lulu Leather Flip Flop ($80.00)


Old Navy ($1.00-$4.00) – The pinnacle of casual footwear, Old Navy flip flops are a lifestyle essential for men and women of any age.  From the boardwalk to the bathroom, plastic flip flops are a must!

Sanibel ($22.00 $18.00) – Pinkly Perfect’s Sanibel flip flops are a fun twist on the conventional summer shoe.  There are three styles and each leaves a special message wherever you walk.  (Pictured: “Make a Splash!”)

FitFlops ($59.00-$80.00) – Designed for ultimate comfort, Fit Flops will keep your feet happy as you stroll down the beach.




Left to right: Jack Rodgers Monte Carlo Sandal Maize Natural Fabric ($148.00), L.L. Bean Maine Isle Flip Flop in Fiery Red/Lobster ($21.99), Etsy Monogram Sandals, Medallion Flip Flop ($20.95)


Jack Rodgers ($76.99-$198.00) – These stitched shoes are perfect for some fancier outings this summer.

L.L. Bean ($21.99-$27.95) – Cute and colorful, L.L. Bean’s Maine Isle flip flops are made in a variety of patterns, including these adorable lobster ones!

Etsy (range) – If you’re looking for some snazzy shoes that you can’t find in most stores, take to the internet! Etsy offers a myriad of flip flops, many of which are customizable.




Left to right: Rainbow Double Layer Premier Leather with Arch Support ($55.00)

Rainbow ($38.25-$80.00) – Rainbow flip flops are the most versatile shoe on this list.  Their Cali beach vibe is never out of place!
No matter the occasion, flip flops are a go-to footwear option.  Whether you want to grab an ice cream cone with friends or order an expensive meal, you’ll be able to find a pair flip flops to match your outfit.


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Beach-inspired Back to School Supplies

Written by: Sarah Haurin

With the start of school looming just around the corner, summer lovers mourn the end of their favorite season. But the end of summer doesn’t have to signal the end of fun! These hand picked summery school supplies will brighten even the most dreary classroom – and each one for under $25.


The key to classroom success? Not losing your lucky pen or forgetting your history paper was due this Thursday. A Lilly Pulitzer planner will keep all of your assignments in one place and make opening up your planner to see your homework at the end of the day more bearable. We like the medium agenda in lovers coral.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner is a steal at $24!


Keep all of your supplies in one place by converting your summertime makeup bag to your everyday pencil case. The adorable seahorses on our Pinkly Perfect Newport Cosmetic Bag will keep you smiling throughout the day.

Pinkly Perfect’s Newport Cosmetic Bag is now your back to school pencil case! On sale for $14 at


What’s even better than a pineapple sticky note? A pink pineapple sticky note, of course! Stock up on these cute post-its to keep you motivated even when your favorite fruit isn’t in season. (For other pineapple accessories, check this out!)

$3 for a pink pineapple note pad? We’ll take it!


Everyone needs a lucky pen. One of these pens, shaped like a palm tree ($2.50), a whale ($2.39), or a surfboard ($7.28 per dozen) will do the trick.
These whale pens are your new lucky charm for those pesky algebra tests!

These adorable whale pens, which come in four fun colors, will make the perfect lucky pen for any beach-loving student.


Keep the summer spirit alive even through the start of school with these cool finds. With these supplies, you’ll be sure to have a smooth transition back into the school grind!


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Best Snacks to Throw in Your Beach Bag

Hate to say it but it’s a fact—summer’s winding down. With only a couple weeks before heading back to school for good, it’s time to soak up as much sun as possible.

Chances are when you’re at the beach all day, the most tempting thing to leave for is a snack (or bathroom!) break. Instead of walking across the hot sand (even in our fun Pinkly Perfect flip-flops, it can get exhausting) and going back to your beach house to grab some food, pack some snacks in your beach bag. Check out our list below of recommendations that will keep you satisfied all afternoon long!


Quest Nutrition Protein Bar:

What is packed with protein AND can satisfy your sweet tooth when your afternoon cravings kick in? Quest Nutrition bars are the perfect snack because they’ll hold you over, are easy to eat, and delicious. Our favorite is the Cookies & Cream.

Sliced Apples:

If you need a light snack that’s easy to share with your besties, slice up an apple before heading to the beach in the morning. You can buy these pre-packed but we recommend slicing your own and sprinkling with cinnamon for a little extra yummy-ness.

Kashi Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt Chewy Granola Bar:

Can’t decide between sweet & salty? If you’re like me, you decide on one and then quickly realize you really want the other and end up having two snacks? Save some calories and snack on a Kashi Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt Chewy Granola Bar that is both sweet and salty.


What do you throw in your beach bag before heading out to catch some sun? Let us know in the comments section!


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Pinkly Perfect’s Pineapple Picks


Written by: Cat Geruson

From runways to fruit bowls, pineapples seem to be everywhere these days. The summer months have amplified this trend big time, and now is a great time to get in on the fruity look as summer comes to a close. Because the trend has actually been around for a while, it can be challenging to find new products that embody the look creatively. Here I’ve gathered some pieces that provide a taste of this trend in unique ways and can carry you straight into the school year.

pineapple backpack
We’re loving JanSport’s Pineapple Backpack for back to school!

Whether you’re someone who loves to hit the books, or someone who would give anything to be hitting the beach instead, having a cute backpack will help ease the transition into the classroom. This white backpack decorated with pineapples by JanSport will not only work for school, but will also be perfect as a beach bag for impromptu shore trips! (Because even if it’s not 80 degrees, the beach is still the best getaway).

Alex & Ani Pineapple charm is a subtle way to incorporate this summer's hottest trend.
Alex & Ani Pineapple charm is a subtle way to incorporate this summer’s hottest trend.

If the pineapple trend feels a little overwhelming, try it in a subtle way incorporated into a piece of jewelry. This Alex and Ani pineapple charm is perfect on a necklace chain, and the charm’s finish gives the trend a vintage feel. This antique, yet quirky piece of jewelry can add personality to any outfit, especially if you have a school uniform.

pineapple light
Primark’s Pineapple Light can spruce up any desk!

Instead of a typical desk lamp, light up your space with this Copper Pineapple Light from Primark. Copper feels simple, but still cool. This material helps to modernize and simplify this trend, especially if you feel like the pineapple look is a bit bold for your personal taste. And hey, who doesn’t love fashionable functionality? Nothing like a cute light desk light to inspire your stuck-in-summer brain to start your homework!


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How to Get a Tan When You Don’t Have Time to Lay Out

Written by: Kristen Bahr

Between getting ready for school, fall sports, and summer jobs, the end of summer makes finding time to perfect your glowing tan to show off at school nearly impossible. However, there is no need to worry because with these few tips, getting that perfect tan will be easy! So grab your sunglasses (and sunscreen) and get started!


Riding Your Bike to Work

The end of summer means the end of summer jobs which means the end of paychecks. Spending the last few weeks of summer working a lot can be great for your bank account but not so great for your fading summer glow. Riding your bike to work is the best of both worlds. This way you don’t have to cut back on your hours, but you can still work on improving your tan everyday. As an added bonus, riding your bike to work is a great way to fit in a exercise to make up for those daily end of summer ice cream trips.


Reading Outside

If you’re anything like me, then you probably still have at least two (or four) summer reading books to get through. Sitting inside reading when everyone else is outside is even more depressing than the start of school. Reading outside or on the beach under the sun can make those dreadful school books a little more bearable. Plus, you can please your parents by doing your summer work while still soaking up the last bit of the summer sun.


Exercising Outside

Without having school everyday, summer is the perfect time to finally achieve all of your fitness goals. Free yourself from the cramped and crowded gym by exercising outside. Not only will this give you much needed fresh air, but also provide you with a radiant tan. Try going for a run on the beach and even doing those pre-workout stretches outside to help ensure the lasting tan. Following this simple tip can leave you looking perfect for every end of summer Instagram picture!


Eating Outside

Even with the craziness that comes with the end of summer, everyone needs time to eat meals! Take a break from the indoors and catch some tanning time by eating outside under the sun. This allows you to tan even more without having to take any extra time out of your busy day. Try going outside during your lunch break or eating dinner outside with your family. If you’re lucky enough to be down the shore, try going to a restaurant that offers outdoor seating by the bay. Nothing says summer like sipping on a cold drink by the bay while soaking up the sun.


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Little Known U.S. Beach Towns Worth Visiting


Written by: Sarah Haurin

Spending endless summer days at your favorite beach town is certainly living the dream, but every once in a while you may want to venture beyond your popular and crowded second home. These beach towns located throughout the United States offer a haven from the crowds of more popular destinations, while also providing the same sandy fun.


  1. Pacific Grove, CA


(Picture above from City of Pacific Grove website)

West Coast beach bums can find their adventurous getaway at this town in Monterey County, dubbed “Butterfly Town, U.S.A.” In addition to spending your days kayaking or surfing the great waves, visitors can enjoy the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, home to thousands of butterflies that have migrated from the cooler Colorado area to keep warm. The more active tourist can enjoy walks, runs, or bike rides with the breathtaking views of the seaside trail.



  1. Lubec, ME


(FDR’s Campobello Island Vacation Home – picture courtesy of the National Park Service).

For a more relaxing getaway, the easternmost town in the continental U.S. is the perfect place. In close proximity to five lighthouses and President FDR’s family vacation spot, visitors will find ample activities in addition to enjoying the beautiful beaches. History lovers can even enjoy afternoon tea where First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt did so herself every day of her vacation.


  1. Rehoboth, DE


(Picture above from City of Rehoboth’s website.)

Jersey-shore lovers can venture out of their usual state into Rehoboth, Delaware’s biggest beach town. Its mile-long boardwalk includes favorites like Kohr Bros and classic seaside rides. “The Nation’s Summer Capital,” called so because of its role as the vacation spot for residents of the nation’s capital, also boasts a beautiful beach and a variety of eclectic boutiques and outlets, so no tourist can be bored. The beach town hosts festivals throughout the summer and on the off-season, including the famous Sea Witch Halloween Festival which includes costumes, candy, and live music – something fun for everyone!


  1. Saugatuck, MI


(Saugatuck Sand Dunes Park.)

Beach lovers residing far away from either coast, have no fear! The shores of Lake Michigan make a prime getaway. Oval beach provides a spot for soaking in the sun and enjoying the water all day, and Saugatuck Sand Dunes Park offers trails for hiking and running. Saugatuck, a former lumber town, has become a coveted destination for art lovers with its dozen galleries. Its small-town America feel makes the town seem like home to tourists from all over the midwest.


  1. Tybee Island, GA


(Picture above of Tybee Island Lighthouse.)

Also known as Savannah beach, Tybee Island is the idyllic beach destination for any southern belle. The Tybee Island Marine Science Center allows animal lovers to get up close and personal to their favorite sea creatures with talks given by local sciences. Historical Savannah, only a short ride away, offers attractions for art, history, shopping, and food lovers. The island’s beautiful lighthouse makes it the exemplary beach vacation spot.


Whether you prefer an active, relaxing, or historic beach getaway, these towns will not disappoint!


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Pinkly Perfect Summer Sale!


Four of my most favorite words all in one sentence! That’s right—we’re officially running our summer sale at It’s been the BEST summer ever and we are celebrating by offering our beach-loving customers up to 20% off on select styles (no, our Zip Code Bracelets are not on sale just yet!).


You can find them all by shopping on our website but I’m highlighting my favorites here for you to get a sneak peek and start planning how you’ll be spending all your summer job money.

Pinkly Perfect’s Wildwood Coverup in Ocean Blue, now on SALE for $46.00

Starting off with my favorite piece from Pinkly Perfect’s first ever summer capsule collection (getting emotional over here!): the Wildwood Coverup in Ocean Blue Lace. This beauty was originally $58.00 and now you can score it for $46.00. Yes, yes, yes! Pick one up for your final struts in front of the lifeguard stands 😉

Perfect heather grey flowy tank for trips to the beach or hanging by the pool.
Pinkly Perfect’s Capitola Tank in Heather Grey, now on SALE for $22.00!

Next favorite item is the Capitola Tank in Tonal Grey Seahorse Print. This super soft flowy tank is the perfect piece to throw on after a day on the beach with your besties. Curl up on the couch with a pink lemonade, admire your new tan, and get ready to run off to the ice cream shop in this perfect top. Originally $28.00, now $22.00. (If you’re a true ice cream fan, pick up the white tank instead!)

Pinkly Perfect’s Solana Wristlet, now on SALE for $12.00!

Our best-seller (and latest edition to Beyond Her Blush’s August Subscription box) is the Solana Wristlet with “Coins for Cones” graphic. We’ll admit that we weren’t sure whether to mark down such a hot seller but decided to do it for our girls who may have been eyeing this perfect cotton wristlet at $16.00 all summer. So we put it on sale for $12.00, which is $4.00 extra that you can now spend on a sundae! Yay!

Pinkly Perfect’s Laguna Beach Towel, now on SALE for $20!

Last but not least, our terry velour Laguna Beach Towel is marked down from $26.00 to $20.00. Featuring our signature pink seahorse logo, this perfect sized white beach towel fits right into your Montauk Tote (also on sale!) for your last beach runs of summer 2016.

What has been your favorite item on Pinkly Perfect’s website? As we’re finalizing our summer 2017 line, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below. 🙂


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When Glamour Calls You a Girl Boss


Last week as I was watching Bachelor in Paradise (no shame in my game) and debating if I was going to order in ice cream or not (finally landed on not), I decided to do a routine Google check and type in “Maddy Pinkly Perfect.” The usuals came up like my Pinkly Perfect website and some previous press pieces.


But as I scrolled through a couple pages, I found something new. Then my heart stopped. And I got shaky. And I clicked. And I scrolled. And I died. called me a Girl Boss and quoted me in their “20 #Girlbosses Share Their Secrets for De-Stressing After Work” article. AND they linked to my website.


Words cannot describe the feeling of a major publication like Glamour calling you a Girl Boss after only 4.5 months of being in business. After using shaky hands to text my parents, sister, and my most VIP friends, then sharing everywhere possible (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), I had the best night of my life dancing around my apartment to girl anthems like Fifth Harmony’s “Boss” and Beyonce’s “Girls.” Even when I tried to go to sleep, I couldn’t! I was smiling all night long and still have the biggest smile when I think back on that moment.


I am SO lucky to be featured in Glamour but am using this blog post to get real with you. Pinkly Perfect’s Instagram may be all pink ice cream cones and beach pictures and I may have a “cute little line” and be cute and little in real life, but I’ve worked harder than you could ever imagine over the past year.


I often wake up in the 2, 3, 4 o’clock hour to get my day started and I wear a million hats throughout the day. I make mistakes and correct them and still have time to look half decent when I leave my apartment. Over the past year, I’ve received a lot of support, but I’ve also had to deal with less than pleasant comments and questions or people simply trying to find things that are wrong with what I’m doing.


And while most people cannot and may never be able to relate to this constant up and down of starting your own company and trying to make everything else work too, there are some pretty awesome and inspiring Girl Bosses who can. I am so lucky to have met a bunch of them over the past year and can’t imagine going through this journey without them. If you’re reading this and you’re not a Girl Boss, please remember to support them. Like their Facebook, follow their Instagram, or text them when they accomplish something amazing. We deserve it.


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Senior Week Saga by Sarah Haurin


Picture this: two cars filled to the brim with all of the beach essentials (snacks, chairs, and every possible combination of beach attire) putzing down the highway en route to Ocean City, NJ.


Planning for a week of living down the shore with no one but your four closest friends proved much more difficult than we initially anticipated. But after a Costco trip and several planning meetings over Jules pizza, we were ready for the most highly anticipated week of senior year.


Being the eager gals we are, we arrived nearly 3 hours before we were due to check into our house. After getting breakfast, browsing the boards for a hermit crab (which we named Bunbury and promised to return later to buy, but never did), and shopping for a few last minute food items, we moved into our adorable peaches-and-cream colored basement apartment which would be our home for the next week.


Although we had a few stumbling blocks along the way (i.e., misplacing the bag of lunch meat, cheese, and hummus, which was never to be found), the process of unpacking our excessive luggage and hanging the decorations we had been creating for weeks went remarkably smoothly.


It didn’t take me long to realize how ill-equipped I was to be living on my own. The very next morning after our exciting first night, I awoke before everyone else and set out to make myself a bagel and tea. After spending nearly ten minutes attempting to operate the toaster oven, I thought the worst part of my cooking adventure was over. However, when my bagel was perfectly toasted, I had the genius idea to use a napkin to pull it out so i wouldn’t have to stick my hand in the hot toaster oven. Paper, as I am sure you know, is quite flammable. I pulled the napkin out of the toaster and watched it catch on fire in my hand before i realized that I should probably put the fire out.


Despite the excitement of this small fire (which included the fire alarm going off before 9 o’clock in the morning), none of my friends arose from their beds to see if the loud beeping was anything to worry about. A word of advice for all future sweekers: please make your way out of bed when you hear something that resembles a fire alarm, because it may indeed be a fire alarm.


Thankfully we all survived my kitchen fiasco, and I learned not to use kitchen appliances without the supervision of one of my housemates. The rest of the week went smoothly, but my favorite part of every day was when one of my friends, most of whom were more qualified in the kitchen than I am, put together our pre-made dinners and we sat on our backyard patio to eat together. These moments made the week unforgettable as our last hurrah of high school.

Gab and Lanky (Katie) snuggle on our lovely couch.
Gab and Lanky (Katie) snuggle on our lovely couch.


And so, I would like to thank my Squidz for helping me to practice safety precautions in the kitchen. But I would even more like to thank them for being the best dang senior week house that Ocean City has ever seen. Love you all. Long Live Bunbury.


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