Perfect Halloween Costumes for Your Pooch

Written by: Maureen Devenny

NYC is a center of fashion, so it’s no surprise that the dogs who came in costume to the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in NYC, considered the largest costume dog parade in the world, were dressed to the nines.


Last week, we dished on how to incorporate Pinkly Perfect gear into your Halloween costume. We didn’t want to leave Girl’s Best Friend out of the fun, so here is a roundup of pink, perfect, and beachy costumes from this weekend’s parade. It’s not too late to pick one for the Fido in your life!

Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian graced the parade with underwater style.

These pooches are sweet enough, even without all the candy surrounding them! Their owners were dressed as a gumball machine and a bottle of Sprite.

This guy was dressed like popcorn, one of the best summer treats. If only it were caramel apple popcorn...

This pooch embodies everything we love about fashion: confidence, attitude, and pink, pink, pink.

We’re obsessed with ice cream here at Pinkly Perfect, so obviously this ice cream truck manned by two French bulldogs tickled our fancy.


Check out more photos from the parade here.


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Take Center Stage with the Ballerina Fashion Trend!

Written by: Sarah Felbin

This fall, the ballerina trend is sweeping celeb Instagrams and New York Fashion Week runways. Pink + tulle + sparkles? Sign us up! Check out our top picks below for ways to get inspired:


1) Tulle Skirts



What’s a ballerina without her tutu? These tulle finds can instantly turn any day into The Nutcracker or Swan Lake: GoJane City Ballerina Tulle Skirt ($34.21) (shown above), Charlotte Russe Tulle Full Maxi Skirt ($26.39), ASOS Maya Embellished Midi Tulle Skirt with Embellished Waist ($105)


2) Nails



Our favorite pastel shades? “Let Me Bayou A Drink” from O.P.I, “Go Go Geisha” from Essie, and “Pink Ribbon” from butter LONDON (shown above)


3) Jewelry



Shine bright with these baubles: J.CREW Lucite and pave necklace ($36) (shown above), Francesca’s Joelle Ball Outline Teardrop Earring ($14), and Forever 21 Faux Stone Dome Studs ($3.90)


4) Shoes


Pink ballet flats – what could be better?! Target Journee Collection Cortini Pointed Toe Cut-Out Flats ($26.39), Charlotte Russe Strappy Pointed Toe Flats ($11.49) (shown above), and Keds Taylor Swift Champion Metallic Canvas ($55.00)


5)  Hair



Make a show-stopping bun with a little help from: Conair Bun Maker Set from Amazon ($4.97), Free People Stone Bun Cuff ($18.00), Nymph Code Rhinestone Hair Pins from Amazon ($11.98) (shown above)


Still looking for some extra inspo? These prima ballerina Instagrams are the definition of girl power!

  • Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe) is the first African American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater – so, in short, a queen.
  • Isabella Boylston (@isabellaboylston) is also a principal at ABT like Misty, and equally as fierce – check out her profile and you’ll see what we mean.
  • Dusty Button (@dusty_button), a principal at the Boston Ballet, dances, teaches, and models… Seriously.
  • Miko Fogarty (@mikofogarty) originally appeared in the ballet documentary First Position, and now dances professionally with the Birmingham Royal Ballet.
  • Juliet Doherty (@julietdoherty) starred alongside Miko in First Position and now dances professionally and competitively. Fun Fact: She’s also vegan, for all you #plantpowered girls!


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Shop Pinkly Perfect Fall Favorites, Now Low In Stock

Time is flying in the Pinkly Perfect office! Which is great news considering we’re still 221 days away from Memorial Day 2017… 🙁

Anyway! We can’t believe that our Fall capsule collection has already been on our website for almost a month! Luckily, we’ve had a great selling season so far but that means some of your favorites may be running low in stock. Just in case you’re waiting to collect more babysitting money before picking up your next Pinkly Perfect piece, here’s a little update on what’s running low:


Newport Cosmetic Bag, Reminders of Summer ($20):


Patches. Patches. Patches. Patches. Patches. That’s what we kept hearing for fall and we listened! So we snagged some perfect pink ice cream cone and flamingo patches and scattered them on our best-selling Newport Cosmetic Bag. Not only is it super cute, but it’s also made in the USA, incredibly sturdy, and stands on its own, meaning it’s perfect for holding all your makeup for a weekend getaway somewhere warm.


Dennis Greeting Card, Let’s Drink Pink Lemonade ($6):


One of my favorite additions to the Fall collection was partnering with Honizukle Press to create an exclusive for Pinkly Perfect line of greeting cards. So much of our merchandise is perfect for gift-giving that we decided to make it even easier for our customers. And it’s been such a hit that our perfect pink card that reads “let’s drink pink lemonade and pretend it’s summer” is running way low. If you try to buy from us and we’re already sold out, check out Mia’s Christmas Gallery in Ocean City, NJ or Serendipity Shops in Doylestown, PA, who are also carrying this Pinkly Perfect favorite.


Cape Cod Pouch, It’s Summer Somewhere ($18):


No surprise here! Our made in the USA Cape Cod Pouch has been our top seller BY FAR this season. We think that has something to do with the pink glitter and perfect summer saying “it’s summer somewhere” with pink lemonade graphic. If this Cape Cod Pouch is on your wish-list, pick it up now before we sell out. 🙂


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How to Wear Pinkly Perfect in Your Halloween Costume


Written by: Maureen Devenny

There’s a bite in the air and PSL’s are available at Starbucks, which means only one thing: Halloween is just around the corner. If you’re still undecided about what to dress as on October 31, Pinkly Perfect is here to help. Incorporate these PP pieces into your costume and avoid looking like Lindsay Lohan this Halloween.


1) Snapchat flower crown filter

You’re lying if you deny that this is your favorite filter. Make a crown out of silk flowers to avoid wilting–here’s a nice tutorial–and pop on your Wildwood Coverup for that breezy Coachella vibe.



2) Abbi from Broad City

Our favorite bestie duo is #goals. While Ilana’s look is, um, difficult to capture, Abbi’s look is a little easier to create. Dress like a trainer at Soulstice: get a black tank top and write “TRAINER” on it with a gold paint pen, and pop on your Fire Island Shorties to complete the look.


Dress like your favorite funny lady. Photo here.


3) Swimmer Katie Ledecky

This girl’s performance in Rio this summer blew us out of the water. Is there a better way to keep summer going, and be a total badass on Halloween, than to dress like her? Pop on your favorite one piece (if you don’t have one, a leotard or tight-fitting tank top and Fire Island shorties will do) and throw a Laguna Beach towel around your neck–don’t forget the four gold medals! Slide into Sanibel flip-flops if the weather permits.


Katie Ledecky, you are amazing. Photo here.


And while we’re at it…

4) The Final Five 

This is a great costume for the whole group. You and four friends don your Margate leggings and athleisure jackets, put your hair in a tight pony, and have fun with makeup that emphasizes your eyes. Once again, don’t forget the gold medals!


Is it too late for us to become gymnasts? Photo here


5) No matter what you dress as…

…make sure you have your Montauk tote on you! Whether you’re trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or getting ready for a costume party at your friend’s house, this tote is a Halloween must-have.


How are you incorporating your Pinkly Perfect gear into your Halloween costume? Tell us in the comments below.


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Jersey Shore Candies Perfect for Halloween


This time last year, I wrote a blog post about beachy Halloween candy and one about Jersey shore and summer-themed Halloween costumes. This year, I’m combining the two and decided to post about adding some Jersey shore flair to your candy assortment.


Admittedly dressing up for Halloween always turns into a bit of a letdown. Even with a fashion background, I can’t seem to pull together the idea that looked so great in my imagination.


One thing that is never a letdown though, is the candy. Instead of getting the classics like M&Ms, Twix, Milky Ways, etc…why not add in some favorites from Jersey owned businesses? Below are some of our recommendations:


Salt Water Taffy from Shrivers:

Our first suggestion is to mix up the Halloween assortment by adding in Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy. You can conveniently purchase a 2 lb box of individually wrapped taffy online in their traditional assortment, which includes delicious flavors like chocolate, vanilla, banana, peanut butter, and cinnamon. The variety of flavors are sure to please all taste buds while also making the after trick-or-treating trade with the neighborhood kids much more interesting. While you’re at it, pick up some fudge to store in your kitchen whenever you need a reminder of your favorite summer treat.


Candy Legos from The Original Fudge Kitchen:

The Original Fudge Kitchen is a staple for any visit to Cape May, Wildwood, Stone Harbor, or Ocean City, NJ. So why not add a little treat from them on the biggest candy day of the year? Obviously, their fudge is amazing (have you tried their pumpkin pie flavor yet?), but we recommend purchasing their Candy Legos as a little something different.


Candy Assortment from George’s in Ocean City, NJ:

We also recommend adding in some candy from George’s in Ocean City, NJ. George’s has been around since 1954 and is an Ocean City favorite. If you can’t make an off-season trip, check them out online and pick up some salt water taffy, fudge, or chocolate covered macaroons.  Yum!


What candy are you hoping for this Halloween? Let us know in the comments section!  🙂


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Study Tips for the Best School Year Ever

Written by: Sarah Felbin

The school year is here at last! Getting to see your girlfriends every day is, of course, a huge plus – but homework, tests, and quizzes? Not so much. Lucky for you, you don’t have to do it alone! With so many new apps and strategies out there, it’s just too easy to make this year the best year ever… So what are you waiting for?


Amazing Apps!


OneNote is a note-taking app that allows you to access notes from anywhere! Type, write, or draw your thoughts using this program, which is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users (which, we have to admit, is pretty impressive). With multiple ways to organize your documents and the ability to share pages with classmates and friends, OneNote is a must for taking digital notes in class!


Anki is a digital flashcard program that uses spaced repetition to make sure you never forget a vocab word again! Create your own flashcards from anywhere (even your phone) and review them daily to make any information stick. You can even add pictures, which is a tried and true method for faster and more accurate recall during tests. It’s perfect for information-heavy courses, like foreign languages, history classes, or even the sciences!


Wunderlist is your new personal assistant. A to-do list app that allows you to sort your tasks based on different areas of your life, Wunderlist stands out from the crowd with its ability to create shared to-do lists with others. Working on a group project? Add everyone to the same list so you can all keep track of your progress! You can even sort tasks by the date they’re due, which works wonders for procrastinators. So get downloading and get to work!


Sunrise is the digital agenda you’ve been looking for! Your own personal secretary, Sunrise can sync with your Facebook account, Google account, and even your Office 365, allowing you to see all of your events and appointments in one place. Schedule your classes, projects, meetings, parties, travel plans – everything – and see exactly what your week looks like at a moment’s notice. We’d tell you it’s free for both iOS and Android users, but we don’t want you to get too excited…


Forest is perfect for those time when your Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and texts are just blowing up… But you have a massive essay due tomorrow and absolutely no motivation. What’s a girl to do? Download Forest, of course! To get you working, Forest plants a tiny virtual tree every time you set the timer on your phone, iPad, or computer. After you set the timer, checking your phone or visiting other websites will kill the tree, so you can’t distract yourself while you’re working. The best part? Growing trees earns you coins, which you can donate to planting real trees in the real world. Put down your phone, crush that essay, and help save the world!


Study Smarter, Not Harder


Give Yourself a Goal:

Not in the mood to study those vocab words? Promise yourself a little reward for finishing – a trip to Starbucks, lunch with your bestie, or even ten minutes on your phone shopping Pinkly Perfect – whatever keeps you going! Having something to look forward to makes time fly by, trust us.


Break It Up:

Studies show we work best when we give our brains a break to process information. How long your study seshes are is up to you – just make sure you’re not tiring yourself out! Try the Pomodoro method (25 minutes of work, 5 minute breaks, then a longer break after you’ve completed 4 cycles) or experiment to see what works best for you. (Just don’t get too off task while your brain absorbs those facts!)


Take Note:

Good notes can make or break your test prep, so why not branch out a little? Organize information into an outline, make a mind map, create a chart, incorporate some color, or start a whole new system, like Cornell notes. It can take a few tries to find the method that helps you the most, so don’t be afraid to try something new!


Set Yourself Up For Success:

Location, location, location! Sometimes, where you study can be as important as what you study, so choose carefully! Look for a place that has good lighting, so you won’t want to take a nap, and bring earbuds. Studies show that music can help us focus and remember information better, so if blasting Sia helps you with those equations, go ahead! We won’t tell. 🙂


Brain Food:

Sometimes, the only thing keeping you going is a study snack – or two! But instead of reaching for Nutella and a spoon, try these (healthier!) alternatives:

  • Popcorn
  • Hummus and veggies
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Peanut butter (pair with apples, bananas, or crackers!)
  • Avocado (on toast, or even in guacamole!)
  • Granola bars
  • Oatmeal (try searching for “overnight oat recipes.” Yum!)


With these tips by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do – so get working on that essay, because we’ve got a school year to crush!


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Summer Foods: The “Apple” of our Eye

Written by: Maureen Devenny

If there were a Venn diagram of “best summer foods” and “best apple recipes,” the place where those circles overlap might be called “nirvana.” Here are some ways to experience nirvana this fall, without having to say goodbye to your favorite summer treats.


Caramel popcorn turns into…caramel apple popcorn!

Popcorn, brown sugar, apple pie spice, dried apples, almonds–this might be even better than the summer version. Just try for yourself.


Iced tea turns into…warm apple cider chai tea!

Warm apple cider on the stove or microwave, and add a splash of Dona Chai (stay tuned for our Girl Boss article on founder Amy coming soon!), sugar or honey, and your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk.


Pancakes turn into…apple cider pancakes!

Before we get accused of heresy over here: there is NO substitute for hot, fluffy pancakes from Uncle Bill’s. There. Just. Isn’t. But…you’re going to have a pancake-shaped hole in your heart until next summer, and apple cider pancakes are one way to try to fill that void.


A trip to the ice cream parlor turns into…a trip to the freezer!

We’ll miss the excuse to leave the house, but let’s not kid ourselves–the convenience of not having to put on real shoes makes grocery store ice cream a-ok in the winter. We love Talenti’s caramel apple pie flavor–a perfect way to bring the summer into fall.


Apple cider donuts…ok, you stay.

There are some foods that are so perfect, their consumption should not be limited to just one season. So, when you’re not down the shore to line up for perfectly hot and fresh donuts from Ove’s, here’s a recipe to make your own.


Happy snacking!


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Shop Pinkly Perfect in Ocean City, NJ!

We are so excited that while we’ve been cooped up working in NYC, Pinkly Perfect’s been traveling to so many new beach towns!


One of our latest additions to where you can shop our perfect beach inspired accessories is Ocean City, NJ at Mia’s Christmas Gallery at 11th Street and the boardwalk.


Mia’s Christmas Gallery will be our exclusive retailer in Ocean City so if you’re down the shore and want to shop us in person, that’s where you can go! They are currently carrying our Dennis Greeting Cards, Cape Cod Pouch (seen in picture above), Ocean City, NJ Zip Code Bracelets, and Ocean City, NJ Coordinate Keychains. (Hint: rumor has it we have some awesome new colors coming SO soon!)


We love Mia’s Christmas Gallery because it’s the perfect place to shop for gifts (especially with the holidays approaching!) and Pinkly Perfect makes great gifts for summer loving besties, teachers, hostesses, and more! It’s no coincidence that everything Mia’s is carrying can fit perfectly into a stocking, is it? 🙂


If you didn’t know when your next shore visit would be, now’s the time to plan! In addition to shopping Pinkly Perfect, you can also check out the other great places in Ocean City that stay open in the off-season!


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