My New Favorite Cookie Recipe


Did you see my blog post last year about my obsession with Jersey shore sprinkles from Sweetapolita?

If you missed it, you basically just need to know that discovering these perfect pastel sprinkles inspired by my absolute favorite place makes baking and indulging in sweets even more enjoyable!

While I am trying to eat healthy (check out these pretty recipes!), there’s no way I can deny myself of baking and celebrating some pretty exciting press with desserts in the company of my best friends.

I decided to try out this recipe for Confetti Cake Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction (I get so many delicious recipes from her blog) and it was so easy (literally 30 minutes start to finish) and the cookies came out perfectly!

Jersey shore sprinkles!

The recipe doesn’t require any mixer so cleanup is a breeze and there’s SO many different ways you can customize it based on your mood. Switch out festive sprinkles for your favorite holiday or cake mixes for a different flavor. Over the weekend I bought pink velvet cake mix and heart sprinkles that I’ll be making for  Valentine’s Day in a couple weeks!


What recipes are you into this winter? Let us know in the comments section so we can try them out!


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We Scream for Ice Cream: Pinkly’s Perfect for the Ice Cream Obsessed

No matter the freezing winter temperatures, any summer girl will still get the occasional (read: daily) ice cream craving. While we may not be able to throw on some flip-flops, hop on our beach cruisers, and go to the local ice cream parlor in our beach town of choice, we can make a little trip to the freezer section and indulge in our favorite store bought brands.


At Pinkly Perfect, we totally get the ice cream obsession, which is why we’re here to help. From affordable merchandise to creative blog articles, check out how we’re screaming for ice cream this winter.


Madison Bracelet, Ice Cream Cone ($24)


Our latest addition to the Madison Bracelet family is Pinkly Perfect’s Ice Cream Cone Bracelet in gold metallic leather and painted mint back. It’s made in the USA, and pairs perfectly with your zip code bracelets for a daily reminder of summer vacation. At $24, it’s also the perfect price for a gift for your ice cream-obsessed bestie.


Newport Cosmetic Bag, Reminders of Summer ($20)


Patches, patches, patches. We couldn’t go for this trend without incorporating the color pink and our favorite summer sweet! Our Newport Cosmetic Bag in “Reminders of Summer” perfectly sums up why we love this magical treat. Pick it up for $20 and bring it on your next vacation or slumber party.


Creative Spins on the Classic Ice Cream Sandwich Blog Article

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide exactly how we’re craving ice cream. In a bowl, covered in rainbow sprinkles (always), in a cone, or our personal favorite—sandwiched between two warm, gooey cookies. Last year, we wrote a blog article on creative spins on the classic ice cream sandwich. Read it here and get inspired for your next homemade treat!


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Pretty Pink Recipes to go from Holiday to Healthy

The holidays are almost over and it’s getting to be that time when we begin the dreaded transition from Christmas cookies and lounging around in sweatshirts and leggings to more healthy foods and moving your body again.


If you’re like me, you may have been indulging pretty consistently since Thanksgiving, which is why the switch back to healthy eating will probably be a little bit more difficult than you’re used to (or ready for!). But the good news is the sooner we get back into our old routines, the sooner we’ll be excited about wearing bikinis again! (Only 148 days until Memorial Day 2017. Yay!)


There definitely is no equivalent to sugar cookies decorated like sparkly snowmen or a big mug of hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows but there are some healthy recipes that are also pretty beautiful! Below I decided to highlight some of my favorites that also happen to be pink. (Go figure ;).)


Strawberry Chia Pudding:

Yum yum yum! This strawberry chia pudding recipe sounds as delicious as it is pretty! Chia pudding is one of my favorite anytime snacks because it reads like ice cream (not lying) and I can’t wait to give this one a try. It’s also so good for you because it includes nutritious ingredients like almond milk, strawberries, chia seeds, honey, and vanilla extract. Check out the recipe here.


Pitaya Breakfast Bowl:

This month I’ll happily be trading in my usual Christmas-time breakfast of carbs on carbs on carbs for something a little bit more energizing. I’ve never had a pitaya bowl before, but this recipe that’s basically just fruit and coconut water looks pretty perfect for a pre-workout meal.


Cherry Ice Pops:

The hardest thing for me after the holidays is to train myself to not crave sweets after every meal. If you’re still home before heading back to college in a couple weeks (lucky you!), there’s probably still a lot of holiday temptations lying around that saying no in general could be a bit too challenging. Instead, whip up some cherry ice pops. With only a few simple ingredients like cherries, water, and honey (so easy!), these are a much healthier option than leftover cannoli.


In addition to checking out these recipes, also try some of our favorite exercises that can both help you get back in shape and remind you of summer! Win-win!


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Pink Holiday Dessert Recipes

It’s official! Pinkly Perfect has caught the holiday baking bug. With just one week until it’s “acceptable” to start listening to Christmas music, we are already planning what recipes we’ll be taking on this holiday season.


And in typical Pinkly Perfect fashion, we’re looking to pink-ify the standard winter treats for something a little more on brand. Below is what we found!


Candy Cane Pink Hot Chocolate

Uhhhm whaaat….we were SO excited to find this recipe for easy candy cane pink hot chocolate from Real Housemoms. What could be better than cozying up with your besties, Netflix (hello, Gilmore Girls), and a hot cup of something pink and chocolate-y covered with whipped cream and candy canes? Nothing.


White Christmas Peppermint Layer Cake

We can’t wait to make this vanilla layer cake with pink peppermint frosting. Perfect for a girls’ night in party or for Christmas Eve with the family. Check out the recipe from Midwest Living here.


Pink Velvet Cookies


What’s the holiday season without Christmas cookies?! Instead of the traditional red velvet cookies, take any recipe and sub pink food coloring for red. Same delicious taste, just prettier. Picture above from Desserts With Benefits.



What other ideas do you have for holiday baking? Let us know in the comments section!


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Girl Boss: Amy Rothstein, Dona Chai


Written by: Maureen Devenny


Amy Rothstein is the founder of Dona Chai (pronounced “Donna”), a chai tea concentrate brewing company based in Brooklyn, New York. We sat down with her at a local cafe for–you guessed it–a chai latte and a chat about a college class that changed her life, her mom’s creepy childhood doll, and what it takes to run a company that stocks across the country.



PP: What inspired you to start Dona Chai? 

AR: In college I was an environmental studies major and took a class about the ecology, politics, and ethics of food. I didn’t realize that there was more to food than just cooking or eating it, and I was intrigued. I decided I wanted to study food further, and entered a graduate program at NYU for food studies. I went to a lot of coffee shops in my first semester to do homework, and noticed that while there was a strong culture of locally-roasted coffee, there was no parallel focus on locally-blended teas. That’s when the idea for Dona Chai came to me.


PP: What sets Dona Chai apart?

AR: For one thing, the recipe. I spent the summer between my first and second years of graduate school wholly devoted to perfecting the tea recipe. “Chai” is actually a very broad term that simply means tea blended with spices, so there is no set recipe. After three months of experimenting, I settled on a blend of molasses, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, green cardamom, black peppercorns, cloves, and black tea, that I was absolutely confident in. [Editor’s note: the Dona Chai latte I sipped while talking to Amy was hands down the best chai latte I’ve ever had.] The other thing that sets Dona Chai apart is that I am relentlessly critical of the company and product. It sounds negative but the constant evaluation helps me make sure that the product is the absolute best it can be.


PP: What is the hardest part of running a company? 

AR: Well, I can tell you what the easiest part of the company was for me–the name! My mom had a creepy childhood doll named Dona who sat in my grandmother’s living room. I wasn’t allowed to play with her; somehow Dona is the first name that came to mind when I was thinking of a name. I know that the story doesn’t make sense to most people, but the name is perfect to me.  Another thing that is easy is waking up in the morning. I am eager to get to work! [For more about Amy’s daily life, check out this article about her on Forbes.] Keeping up with the fast pace of a growing company is always an exciting challenge. Thankfully, my brother is on the Dona Chai team. His degree is in business, so his analytical skills complement my skill set. We’ve grown to 6 employees, so I’m not doing everything myself.


PP: How has being a woman affected your business?

AR: I’ve been lucky enough to meet fellow female entrepreneurs. I went to a women’s summit hosted by Forbes called 20/40; it matched up female entrepreneurs in their 20s with those in their 40s for mentorship advice. I’ve learned that the more people you talk to, the better; that’s something I’m working on as the company grows. Women are supportive of each other.



If you can’t resist a good tea photo, the Dona Chai Instagram is your new happy place.



PP: What have you learned about yourself in this process?

AR: I’ve discovered a bunch of new interests. I’m getting more interested in the graphic design, photography, and marketing elements of the business. I’ve also started developing recipes that use Dona Chai–it’s not just for lattes!–so that’s been fun.


PP: Have there been any surprises?

AR: There are always surprises in running a small business. One thing I certainly wasn’t expecting was meeting my boyfriend through work! I walked into his cafe to sell him some chai, and we’ve been dating for two years. We’re both small business owners, so we understand what the other goes through each day.


PP: How will you know when you’ve achieved success?

AR: When I feel like I can go on a vacation and things will be ok in my absence. I’m looking forward to that day!



Like Dona Chai on Facebook

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The Girl Boss series celebrates women business owners who are making their dreams happen.


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Jersey Shore Candies Perfect for Halloween


This time last year, I wrote a blog post about beachy Halloween candy and one about Jersey shore and summer-themed Halloween costumes. This year, I’m combining the two and decided to post about adding some Jersey shore flair to your candy assortment.


Admittedly dressing up for Halloween always turns into a bit of a letdown. Even with a fashion background, I can’t seem to pull together the idea that looked so great in my imagination.


One thing that is never a letdown though, is the candy. Instead of getting the classics like M&Ms, Twix, Milky Ways, etc…why not add in some favorites from Jersey owned businesses? Below are some of our recommendations:


Salt Water Taffy from Shrivers:

Our first suggestion is to mix up the Halloween assortment by adding in Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy. You can conveniently purchase a 2 lb box of individually wrapped taffy online in their traditional assortment, which includes delicious flavors like chocolate, vanilla, banana, peanut butter, and cinnamon. The variety of flavors are sure to please all taste buds while also making the after trick-or-treating trade with the neighborhood kids much more interesting. While you’re at it, pick up some fudge to store in your kitchen whenever you need a reminder of your favorite summer treat.


Candy Legos from The Original Fudge Kitchen:

The Original Fudge Kitchen is a staple for any visit to Cape May, Wildwood, Stone Harbor, or Ocean City, NJ. So why not add a little treat from them on the biggest candy day of the year? Obviously, their fudge is amazing (have you tried their pumpkin pie flavor yet?), but we recommend purchasing their Candy Legos as a little something different.


Candy Assortment from George’s in Ocean City, NJ:

We also recommend adding in some candy from George’s in Ocean City, NJ. George’s has been around since 1954 and is an Ocean City favorite. If you can’t make an off-season trip, check them out online and pick up some salt water taffy, fudge, or chocolate covered macaroons.  Yum!


What candy are you hoping for this Halloween? Let us know in the comments section!  🙂


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Summer Foods: The “Apple” of our Eye

Written by: Maureen Devenny

If there were a Venn diagram of “best summer foods” and “best apple recipes,” the place where those circles overlap might be called “nirvana.” Here are some ways to experience nirvana this fall, without having to say goodbye to your favorite summer treats.


Caramel popcorn turns into…caramel apple popcorn!

Popcorn, brown sugar, apple pie spice, dried apples, almonds–this might be even better than the summer version. Just try for yourself.


Iced tea turns into…warm apple cider chai tea!

Warm apple cider on the stove or microwave, and add a splash of Dona Chai (stay tuned for our Girl Boss article on founder Amy coming soon!), sugar or honey, and your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk.


Pancakes turn into…apple cider pancakes!

Before we get accused of heresy over here: there is NO substitute for hot, fluffy pancakes from Uncle Bill’s. There. Just. Isn’t. But…you’re going to have a pancake-shaped hole in your heart until next summer, and apple cider pancakes are one way to try to fill that void.


A trip to the ice cream parlor turns into…a trip to the freezer!

We’ll miss the excuse to leave the house, but let’s not kid ourselves–the convenience of not having to put on real shoes makes grocery store ice cream a-ok in the winter. We love Talenti’s caramel apple pie flavor–a perfect way to bring the summer into fall.


Apple cider donuts…ok, you stay.

There are some foods that are so perfect, their consumption should not be limited to just one season. So, when you’re not down the shore to line up for perfectly hot and fresh donuts from Ove’s, here’s a recipe to make your own.


Happy snacking!


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Best Snacks to Throw in Your Beach Bag

Hate to say it but it’s a fact—summer’s winding down. With only a couple weeks before heading back to school for good, it’s time to soak up as much sun as possible.

Chances are when you’re at the beach all day, the most tempting thing to leave for is a snack (or bathroom!) break. Instead of walking across the hot sand (even in our fun Pinkly Perfect flip-flops, it can get exhausting) and going back to your beach house to grab some food, pack some snacks in your beach bag. Check out our list below of recommendations that will keep you satisfied all afternoon long!


Quest Nutrition Protein Bar:

What is packed with protein AND can satisfy your sweet tooth when your afternoon cravings kick in? Quest Nutrition bars are the perfect snack because they’ll hold you over, are easy to eat, and delicious. Our favorite is the Cookies & Cream.

Sliced Apples:

If you need a light snack that’s easy to share with your besties, slice up an apple before heading to the beach in the morning. You can buy these pre-packed but we recommend slicing your own and sprinkling with cinnamon for a little extra yummy-ness.

Kashi Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt Chewy Granola Bar:

Can’t decide between sweet & salty? If you’re like me, you decide on one and then quickly realize you really want the other and end up having two snacks? Save some calories and snack on a Kashi Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt Chewy Granola Bar that is both sweet and salty.


What do you throw in your beach bag before heading out to catch some sun? Let us know in the comments section!


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DIY Frozen Dessert Recipes

Written by: Cat Geruson

No better way to keep cool than with some frozen treats! Why spend money on boring store-bought Popsicles, though, when you can make so many different kinds right in your kitchen! Whipping up your own treats is healthier and more satisfying too.


layered popsicle
Layered Popsicles look pretty and taste great! How can you resist this picture from Pinterest?

Want a healthy frozen snack that you can eat completely guilt-free, or even have as a breakfast? Try a satisfying smoothie Popsicle. My favorite blends include mango for sweetness, bananas to keep me energized, and a handful of spinach. Simply blend with fruit juice or puree if desired and pour in molds. To seem like a real Popsicle pro, you can make more than one smoothie and layer them in the molds. Not only does this look cool, but it allows for a variety of fruits! Just let one layer freeze for 30-45 minutes before pouring another layer on top.


For when the heat seriously kicks in and we need a little something extra to get us going, why not enjoy a coffee Popsicle! Simply combine cream, milk or any flavored creamer with coffee and freeze in Popsicle molds. If you like an extra sweet coffee, add sweetened condensed milk to your Popsicle, either mixed in or at the bottom of your mold. For a mocha flavored treat, you can combine hot cocoa into your coffee mixture. You could also add chocolate chips to the bottom, or even Oreos. Nutella can be mixed in as well for a hazelnut twist! (See photo above from


orange popsicles
Photo from

The summer heat spares no one, so even some celebrities are reaching out on social media to share their ideas for frozen treats. One of my favorite celebrities with creative lifestyle ideas is Lauren Conrad. On her blog, Lauren highlights a tasty and pretty summer party must have, her Citrus Stained Glass Popsicles. These popsicles are super easy, combining oranges with Italian soda (or another fizzy drink such as citrus seltzer). Just place the peeled, cut orange slices into a Popsicle mold and pour the soda on top! Khloe Kardashian, now a fitness fiend, promotes a similar healthy Popsicle on her Instagram page. Place sliced fruit, such as strawberries or grapes into molds, and add coconut water.

What else are you making this summer to beat the heat? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Perfect Pink Mocktails for Summer


What girl doesn’t love a pretty pink mocktail to sip by the pool in the summer? Since it’s been so hot out recently, we decided to compile a list of must-try mocktails that are both pretty and refreshing. Take a look at our list below, grab your besties and a Laguna Beach Towel or a beach book and enjoy!


Starbucks “Pink Drink” Copycat Recipe

Assuming you have signed onto Instagram at least once in the past couple months, you’ve noticed the beautiful pink drink Starbucks lovers have been ordering off of their “secret menu.” The “pink drink” is simply their Strawberry Acai Refresher with Coconut Milk instead of water and boy does it look pretty! Take a look here at Beauty and the Beets’ copycat recipe. To spice it up, pour into a martini glass and enjoy poolside.


Watermelon Lemonade

Leave it to Martha Stewart to have the best list of Non-Alcoholic Summer Cocktails. We want to make everything on that list but today will take a special peek at her recipe for Watermelon Lemonade. All it takes are a couple lemons, mint leaves, brown sugar, and watermelon to make a refreshing pink lemonade perfect to enjoy on the deck after a beach day. If you’re with your parents or older sibling, appease them by adding a splash of vodka to theirs!


Sparkling Pink Punch

My Recipes offers up a pretty pink spin to typical summer lemonade by making a punch version featuring tart cranberry juice and club soda to pink lemonade. Serve in a champagne glass with some loose mint leaves and you’ll be sure to impress your besties! Find the exact recipe here.


What other pretty pink sweets and treats are you making this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!


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