How to Repurpose Old Beach Tags


Written By: Jenna Yesenosky


Beach tags. We all use them. Unless you only vacation in Wildwood, in which case, consider yourself lucky. You’ve never been rudely awakened while trying to relax in the sand by a sweaty, sunburnt tag checker who’s making sure you actually paid to sit on the beach. Every day, sometimes twice a day, the beloved beach tag checker makes you pull out your tote and drag sand onto your towel so you can prove your purchase of sun and sand. Ugh.


What’s even worse is that the beach tags we buy are only good for a year, and after a summer we throw them away. If we’re going to have to go through all that trouble for one tiny little fluorescent tag, we should at least save them as a keepsake, right?


Here are four ways to reuse and recycle your summer beach tags:


  1. Make them into keychains. Sick and tired of confusing your keys with your bestie’s? Grab some string, some beads, and a beach tag from your favorite summer and get crafty! Attach the pin to the string, spruce it up with some beads, add a hook and you’re finished! You can even make these as gifts for your shore-lovin’ girls if they get way too jealous of yours.
  2. Jazz up your bag. Think about it: The tags have to stay on your beach bag for a whole 3 months anyways, right? You might as well make them look pretty! Grab a beach tag, one from every year, add whatever kind of crafty glitter or jewels you please, and stick them back on! Be careful though, your beach tag checker might think you’re trying to pass off a trendy new brooch as a tag!
  3. Add them to your scrapbook. Was your summer one for the books? Print out some of your favorite pictures and grab some of your best keepsakes and put them all together! Add in a beach tag from last year so you can commemorate summer 2015 and cherish it forever. (Until you make crazier memories this year, that is!)
  4. Make a DIY picture frame. Personalize a birthday gift for the BFF you spend your whole summer with. Grab a picture frame, some spray paint, glitter, jewels, your beach tags, and get to work! Glue everything onto the frame, slide your favorite picture of the two of you inside, and watch her face light up when she unwraps it. Best present ever!


Yes, beach tags are a major pain in the mermaid tail, but they definitely have a lot more uses than just ensuring you don’t get kicked off of the beach. Any of these four ways to reuse your old beach tags would make you the trendiest girl at the Jersey shore.


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The History of the Ferris Wheel


Written By: Maureen Devenny


The best way to tell you’re getting close to your favorite shore town is seeing the outline of its Ferris Wheel growing larger on the horizon. As summer itself nears on the horizon, we dive into the history of this shore town skyline staple.


The Ferris wheel was invented by George Washington Gale Ferris for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The Eiffel Tower in Paris had recently been built and was captivating the world. The Fair needed some kind of attraction on par with the Eiffel Tower. (By this point, Pinkly Perfect readers are well aware of the importance of a wellplaced tourist attraction).


The leading architect of the Fair told the group of planners, “Make no little plans,” in an effort to inspire them. Sounds like a pretty good quote for Instagram, if you ask us! Ferris drew up plans for a revolving wheel made of steel. His plans were based on an attraction that he had seen at the shore town of Asbury Park, New Jersey: a 50-foot rotating wheel called a roundabout. Though a man named William Somers had built the forerunner to the Ferris wheel, Ferris’ design was bigger and badder: a 250-foot diameter steel wheel with 36 cars that could seat a total of 2,160 passengers. More than 1.4 million people enjoyed the Ferris wheel during the 19-week Fair.




Unfortunately for Ferris, business debts and lawsuits got the better of him. Two years after the fair closed, Ferris’ wheel was dynamited.


Fortunately, his invention so captivated the world that its imitators can be found all over the globe. Next time you’re riding the Ferris wheel at your favorite shore town, thank the man who dared to “make no small plans!”


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Best Jersey Shore Races for Summer 2016



Written By: Maureen Devenny


Wearing slightly lighter coats gives us all hope that spring will eventually arrive (but seriously, hurry up!). The pleasant weather may have you thinking about ways to spend your outdoor time this summer. Maybe our article last October got you thinking about taking up running; here is a list of upcoming shore races from we’re excited to try for Summer 2016!


If you run on Memorial Day Weekend…

. . . the Stone Harbor Turtle Trot is for you! Kick off your summer with a 5K fun run in support of the diamondback terrapins that are spotted in the wetlands surrounding Stone Harbor. Trust us, those little turtles are way too cute to go extinct. We can’t think of a better way to make your Memorial Day Barbecue taste better than to burn some extra calories!

Stone Harbor Turtle Trot 5K Race and Two-Mile Fun Walk

Stone Harbor – Sunday, May 29


If you run to get messy…

. . . you’ll love the Beachcomber Krazy Color 5K. This is a classic “color run.” At varying intervals throughout the race, colored powder is thrown into the air as runners pass by. You get totally covered in every color of the rainbow, so wear an old T-shirt for the race. Don’t forget to take some awesome Instagrams of your colorful shirt after the race!

Beachcomber Krazy Color 5k

Cape May – June 19


If you run on the sand…

. . . check out the Wildwoods Beach n’ Boardwalk 5K Run. Forget running on asphalt- this race takes place on sand and boardwalk to shake things up. Better yet, the run takes place on July 4th each year to raise funds for a Vietnam War memorial in Wildwood. This race is a great way to be patriotic and work up a sweat!

Wildwoods Beach n’ Boardwalk 5K Run

Wildwood – July 4

If you run to meet people…

…join a running group! Trust us, it makes training for an upcoming race all the more enjoyable. Check out the group runs page with info on all the weekend training runs coming up. We promise, everyone is super friendly. If trotting with strangers is not your speed, run with friends. Who says you can’t get a huge stack of Uncle Bill’s pancakes afterward?



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The History of Kohr Brothers


Written By: Kristen Bahr


Close your eyes. Imagine it’s summer and you’re down the shore. Picture all your favorite shore things: the beach, the ocean, the lifeguards, and the ice cream. More specifically, Kohr Brothers’ creamy and refreshing frozen custard. Nothing beats Kohr Brothers’ twist of flavors: the classic chocolate and vanilla, chocolate and mint (my personal favorite), chocolate and peanut butter, and many more unique choices. What many people don’t know is that Kohr Brothers has a long history dating back to 1919! Almost 100 years later and Kohr Brothers is still a Jersey Shore favorite.


Kohr Brothers started when Archie Kohr decided to purchase an ice cream machine for the dairy business he owned with his younger brothers, Elton and Lester. After experimenting with the recipe and reconstructing the machine, the summer treat we all love was born. With encouragement from their uncle, the brothers set out for the busy boardwalk of Coney Island to put their sweet creation to the test. The brothers knew they had a hit when they sold over 18,000 cones in the first weekend.


Shortly after, the brothers came upon the idea to add eggs to the recipe creating a light and creamy custard that did not melt as fast as normal ice cream. Since then, the business has continued to grow in popularity and has expanded all along the east coast. The frozen custard, lower in fat and sugar than normal ice cream, is still made using Archie’s original recipe. The company tagline, “The Original Still Tastes the Best,” could not be any more true!


Today, Kohr Brothers is a necessity for every shore town. What started as a small booth on the Coney Island boardwalk can now be found in ten states. Through the business principles of quality, cleanliness, and customer service, the Kohr family still upholds the legacy of the original brothers who created the tasty dessert. So next time you’re eating this frozen treat, remember to say a special thanks to Archie, Elton, and Lester!


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Give Your Locker a Beach Makeover


Written by: Catherine Geruson 

With the sun finally out and summer right around the corner, who wants to be sitting behind a desk all day?! Cravings for boardwalk treats and some well-deserved relaxation are kicking in. It seems like it’s time to trade in the textbooks for some beach reads, but there’s still a couple of months to go! One way to help you stay on top of your studies and let the summer motivate you positively is to deck out your locker with beachy vibes!


Most lockers are probably looking a little messy at this point in the year; pictures are faded; there’s a strange smell; stray papers are everywhere. It’s time to clean it out and get going. First empty out your locker so you have a clean slate to decorate.


For the back or inside door of your locker, hanging up a cute piece of fabric similar to a beach towel is a great idea. Anything with bright colors or bold patterns can get you in the mood. Create a collage with tons of pictures of summer memories, or hang up a few of your absolute favorites as focal points inside.


Some people like to put mini chandeliers in their lockers for decoration, but hanging a unique paper lantern is even more creative and reminiscent of relaxing summer nights. Other small decorations such as Hawaiian flowers, small shells, or fun Fourth of July décor can add unique touches. Giving your locker a quick spritz of a summer scent can transport you to your favorite vacation spot, while simultaneously killing the funky smells escaping from your backpack.


Inside your locker you can even include your plans for the summer months. Right next to your assignments list write down your beach must reads! Cover the walls with summer-inspired post it notes that have items from your summer bucket list. Hopefully, thinking of the adventures to come will encourage you to finish the school year strong!

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How to Sneak Past the Beach Tag Checker



Written by: Melissa Mooney


I’d never given much thought to beach tags until the day I didn’t have one. Every shore house I’ve ever stayed in has automatically included beach tags in the price of rent. I would simply pin one to my beach tote for the length of the season, casually flashing the bag strap to the tag checker as I passed. It wasn’t until I found myself day-tripping at an unfamiliar North Jersey beach (high treason, I know) that I realized that going to the beach costs money. As I grudgingly handed over five whole dollars to the tag checker in exchange for a heinous bright orange wrist band that immediately identified me as a shoobie, I thought to myself that there had to be another way. If I had been more resourceful, perhaps I could have avoided the fee. If you ever find yourself on a day trip to the shore, or simply don’t feel like walking the three blocks back to your house when you forget your tag, here are some helpful tips for evading the dreaded Beach Tag Checker.


Pretend your mom has your tag.

Some tag checkers are more lenient than others. If you make your best doe eyes and explain that “my mom is sitting down by the water and she brought all the tags with her can I go down and grab one from her?” a nice attendant might let you by. Pointing out a random, colorful umbrella that’s “yours” will add more credibility to your story.


Team up with a group that already has tags.

Attendants rarely have time to count out individual tags on a busy day. If you’re visiting a group of friends and you’re the only one without a tag, simply shaking a family-sized Ziploc bag full of beach tags in the checker’s face will usually get you through. There’s no way she’ll notice that there are eight people but only seven tags bouncing around in your plastic baggie.


Act like you were in the bathroom.

This one requires dedication because you can’t bring anything with you- no chair, no massive tote bag, no umbrella- because why would you bring that stuff on a quick trip to the bathroom? Go to the entrance closest to the public restroom and tell the checker your tag is already on the beach with the rest of your stuff. To make it look extra believable, attach a piece of one-ply toilet paper to the bottom of your flip flop.


Hide in the ocean/ pretend you’re asleep.

Just because you got past the attendant at the entrance doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. On busy weekends and holidays, tag checkers patrol the beach to make sure everyone has paid. If you see the telltale red fanny pack approaching and you don’t have a tag, you can do one of two things: get up and dash into the ocean, or act like you just knocked back some NyQuil and fake a deep slumber. Usually, the checkers will be too timid to wake you up.



If all else fails, unapologetically sprint past the checker and onto the beach without paying. Nine times out of ten, the attendant is a middle-aged woman in a lawn chair reading a Nora Roberts novel, so your chances of outrunning her are pretty high.


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Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts

Written by: Maureen Devenny


Spring Break, whether you’re staying local or going away for some epic adventure, is the last long vacay on the schedule until the Best. Time. Of. The. Year. (If you need a reminder: SUMMER). Winter doldrums are over and we’re definitely ready to reacquaint ourselves with sunshine while recharging for the remaining push ahead. Here are some do’s and don’ts to get the most out of your break.


DON’T view your whole break through the lens of your iPhone camera. Yeah yeah, we know you’ve been planning your spring break for months and want to share your vacay adventures with all your Snapchat friends. But memories last forever- your Snap story doesn’t.


DO take time to be in the moment. You won’t regret not posting that Insta, but we can promise you’ll regret not being fully present. Close your eyes and take note of the sights, smells, and sounds around you. If you’re having a hard time, try this guided meditation practice which takes about 10 minutes, so you definitely have the time. No excuses.


DON’T overdo it. You don’t get another vacation to recover from Spring Break. Return to The Real World refreshed and ready to go, not exhausted and dull. (But in case that happens, Sephora has a ton of products that will mimic rest and relaxation. Remember that even though you’re on break, you need sleep and water and the occasional vegetable just like you do at every other time of the year.


This Sephora facemask is a steal at $6:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.38.05 PM

DO take time for yourself. Even the most gregarious gal needs some “me” time to recharge. Schedule time into your break for your favorite solo activity- a long run, knitting, or reading the book you started over winter break. As much as spring break is about spending time with others, don’t forget that your relationship with you is just as important.


DON’T get social media envy. Maybe you’re taking a staycation and feeling jealous of Instas of exotic locales. Well, guess what, jealousy is not making your vacation any better. Fight the pull of social media addiction and turn off your notifications.


DO make the most of your time. Maybe your plans for the trip of a lifetime fell through. No biggie- go out to eat at three of your all-time favorite restaurants with your pals. Maybe your plans to luxuriate on a Mexican beach are being foiled by uncooperative weather. No sweat- play a game like Cards Against Humanity or watch your group’s favorite rom-com instead.




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Best Summer Scents: Perfume Edition


Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


Nothing says summer like a fresh new perfume. Whether you’re smelling good for the date you’re going on later or trying to cover up the fact that you just ran two miles, perfume is a girl’s best friend. With so many different perfumes to try out, how can you know where to start? Never fear, Pinkly Perfect is here with our Best Summer Scents: Perfume Addition.


Stoked by Bethany Hamilton- My personal favorite, this perfume is perfect for a surfing girl! Created by the soul surfer herself, Bethany Hamilton, this scent smells like coconut and sunshine. One whiff of this and you’ll be transported to Honolulu, Hawaii, ready to ride the waves. Try Stoked here!


Pink Fresh & Clean by Victoria’s Secret- Nothing is more of a staple or more versatile than the infamous Fresh & Clean body spray. The vibe is right in the title; this perfume has a “fresh and clean” scent that works for any time of the day. Perfect for an on-the-go type of gal, just throw this in your beach bag and get ready to smell good all day. Try Fresh & Clean Body Mist here!


Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture- Although a bit more expensive than others, this perfume by Juicy Couture is the epitome of the date-night scent. With hints of vanilla and jasmine, this sweet smell works great for a night on the boardwalk or ice cream at your favorite Jersey shore spot. This perfume is a bit more formal than the others, so pair it with a flirty dress and some cute sandals and get ready for compliments! Try Viva La Juicy here or at any department store.


Whether you’re looking for something warm like Stoked, crisp like Pink Fresh & Clean, or sweet like Viva La Juicy, each of these three awesome scents are major for summer. If you’re not already loyal to a signature scent, try all three of these out and see which is your favorite!





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