10 Signs You Could Never be a Lifeguard



Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


When we think of the beach and summer vacation, we often think of three things: waves, sand, and lifeguards. Whether we’re getting whistles (annoyingly) blown at us, or we’re scoping out the impossibly beautiful eye candy sitting on top of his chair, we see lifeguards almost every day, for 3 months a year. While we sit and tan in the sun, we may entertain the thought of possibly becoming a lifeguard ourselves. Tanning, relaxing, hanging out with our friends on the beach and getting paid for it? Yes, please! At least, that’s what we think lifeguarding is all about, right? Well, not exactly. Lifeguarding takes a lot of training, a lot of skill, and a lot of patience. So before you lather on your suntan lotion and get ready to save some lives, take a look at these 10 Signs You Could Never Be A Lifeguard:


  1. You burn easily. A fair girl’s worst nightmare: baking in the sun for 8 hours. If you’re not going for the lobster look this summer, you may want to cross lifeguarding off of your “possible jobs” list. Sure, scooping ice cream is wayyy more tedious, but saving your skin is so worth it.
  2. You hate running. Like, despise it. Unfortunately, running miles and miles of beach is in the fine print of a lifeguarding job, not to mention the super intense training.
  3. You hate working out. There’s no shame in skipping the gym and treating yourself to a lazy day on the couch. Sadly, lifeguards work out a ton. How else would they get such amazing abs?
  4. You’re more of an indoors kind of gal. Lifeguarding takes place outside 24/7, 365 days a year. Clouds, rain, hurricane, earthquake, you’ll be outside guarding away, so be prepared!
  5. You can’t swim. This one seems pretty obvious, but hey, you never know.
  6. You’re not a morning person. Lifeguarding means waking up bright and early every morning. If you’re more of a night owl, this job might not be your perfect fit.
  7. You have an irrational fear of sharks (or other sea creatures). Sharks make appearances at the Jersey shore all the time. Lifeguards also double as shark-removal experts, so you’ll be hanging around the ocean’s finest all day.
  8. Your worst enemy is the seagull. One can only imagine how many seagulls try to boldly steal snacks from lifeguards daily. If you’re terrified of seagulls, like I am, be warned that you’ll be spending lots of time up close and personal with them.
  9. You’re bored easily. Half of the time, lifeguarding is just sitting on the beach watching little kids make sandcastles. It’s easy to get bored in a job like this, so patience is definitely key.
  10. You’re not looking for something serious. Although 90% the time you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs, the other 10% you’re, quite literally, saving someone’s life, which is a pretty big deal. Summer is a time to relax, so if you’re not looking for that kind of responsibility on your time off, you may want to consider some other part-time options.


Yes, lifeguarding is tough, but I’ve never met a lifeguard who didn’t love their job and cherish the memories they’ve made as a guard. It’s also a great way to meet new people and get involved in your shore town community. Hey, if all else fails, at least you’ll have a good tan and some new friends!


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