15 Signs You’re a Sea Isle Girl


Written by: Amanda Mooney

As a seashore veteran, I pride myself on knowing every aspect of the Jersey Shore. Having summered in Sea Isle City since before my first birthday, I like to think I know a few things about what makes someone a true “Sea Isle Girl.”

  1. You have the location of every ice cream parlor in Sea Isle memorized. Who can blame you? I mean, what’s the Jersey Shore without a nightly scoop of rocky road?
  2. You refuse to refer to the Promenade as a boardwalk and kindly correct anyone who does. (Do you see any boards? I sure don’t.)
  3. J.F.K. is not only our 35th president, but also a very important boulevard that runs down the center of the island.
  4. You have strong opinions on the Marita’s vs Springer’s ice cream parlor debate. As a loyal supporter of Marita’s, you make it very clear that competing ice cream shops just don’t cut it for you.
  5. Spinners Original French Fry Pizza is an essential part of your summer diet and acts as your sixth major food group.
  6. Every time you bike past Play by the Bay, you are flooded with an onslaught of childhood memories. (Ok, also the memory you have from last week when you spent an hour staring down the little boy who just wouldn’t share the swings. I don’t care if I’m ninety, you’ll still find me at the park. There is just something about the shore that can bring out the child in anyone.)
  7. You strongly disagree with the belief that Avalon’s tagline “Cooler by a Mile” makes it the superior island. Nothing can compete with Sea Isle.
  8. You take on Yum Yum’s “Pig” about once a season. If you don’t know what I mean by this, you are clearly not a Sea Isle girl. I feel terribly sorry for you.
  9. Odds are you begged your parents for a hermit crab adorned with a brightly colored shell as you strolled by Below Sea Level on the on the Promenade (emphasis on Promenade).
  10. You aren’t surprised by the gum drop at the bottom of your Yum Yum’s ice cream cone, but still enjoy betting on what flavor it will be with your friends.
  11. You have developed detailed plans about how you and your friends will all purchase homes on the same block in Sea Isle and spend your summers together. Your children will all become best of friends (obviously), and create just as many crazy seashore memories as you have.
  12. Every time you pass the Sea Isle City sign before crossing the bridge your heart grows a little bit fonder.
  13. You have mastered the art of strategically maneuvering your way through the mob of preteens gathered by the Promenade gazebo every night.
  14. You have created your own Sea Isle City song which is sung every time you cross the bridge, no matter who is in the car with you. (This might just be me, but it is highly recommended.)
  15. The words “Smile, you’re in Sea Isle City” never fail to put a smile on your face and brighten your day. There is no place you’d rather be. 🙂



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