15 Signs You’re an Avalon, NJ Girl


  1. Afternoon walks on the beach with your bestie consisted of discussing which lifeguard was cuter.


  1. And it took the entire block walk to the next stand to distinguish which one you actually meant because they are all “the tan one with light brown hair.”


  1. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you spent a couple hours doing arts & crafts at the Community Center. You have the painted rocks to prove it.


  1. You decide where to go for breakfast based on what you’re in the mood to eat. (Brian’s Waffle House for eggs, Uncle Bill’s Pancake House for pancakes, Avalon Coffee for bagels.)


  1. You get really annoyed when you go to Stone Harbor and remember you have to pay for parking.


  1. You and your besties have pictures in the Avalon lifeguard boat and attempt to recreate it exactly every summer. Same outfits, same poses, 20 takes.


  1. You’re not at all turned off by the long line at Kohler’s Bakery. In fact, you would probably wait all morning for some cream donuts if you had to.


  1. You’ve hit a golf ball into the water at Pirate Island and left it there because you’d much rather give up than stick your hand in the water.


  1. You used to beg your parents to buy you candy at Sundae Best in addition to your ice cream cone.


  1. Dune Drive is starting to stress you out.


  1. Yes, you are aware there is no boardwalk. And yes, you still want your friends to come visit you instead of getting a ride to Ocean City, NJ.


  1. Your perfect dinner “out” is a Wawa hoagie on the beach.


  1. Your dream job was being a waitress at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House.


  1. But you’ll settle for a beach tagger so you can keep your tan.


  1. You’re counting down the summers until you turn 21 because that’s when the real fun starts.
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