Alternate Uses for Your Old Beach Toys

Written by: Elizabeth DePaul


There’s nothing more nostalgic than searching through your attic and stumbling upon your once beloved beach toys. We loved all the classics, like sand buckets (especially the ones shaped like castles, and especially if they were pink), shovels, and Disney princess beach towels. Rather than having our childhood favorites collecting dust, we thought it would be fun to re-purpose our beach toys so we can always be reminded of summers past.


Ornament: Take your favorite shovel, rubber beach toy, or shell you found in one of your old buckets and turn it into a tree ornament or wall hanging. These tips for summer holiday decorations will help you out!


Shovel Garland: If you’re anything like me, you had numerous shovels in an array of shapes and candy-colored hues. Whether you’re hosting a beach inspired party for your besties, or even just to add some summer fun to your room, string your old shovels together and hang them up for a fun, beachy garland. Spruce them up with sequins, paint, and shells or alternate them in-between some twinkle lights!


Storage Bucket: We love the idea of using old beach buckets to hold books, art supplies, or hair accessories in our room. Host a craft night and decorate old sand buckets together with your friends! (Tip: play these best summer songs of all time as you re-make your beach buckets!)


Beach Game: If you’ve got a summer full of beach visitors (hello, birthday weekend with your besties!) then turn your old toys into a new game. This beach bucket toss game would be perfect to set up during a day at the beach!


Beach Towel Quilt: Beach towels were essentially everything when we were younger. There was always that thrill of going into the store and picking out a brand new towel for the summer, adorned in shades of pink and princesses. If you still have a few and don’t mind cutting them up, use them as squares in a beach-inspired quilt. This would make a great blanket for those cold winter months and to have on display in the summer! Here’s a simple beach blanket DIY.


Have you re-purposed any of your old beach toys? Let us know in the comments section below!


Picture above from Party Fetti blog

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