Best Summer TV Series to Start Binge-watching Immediately



Written by: Elizabeth DePaul


The recent blizzard and freezing temperatures have us wanting summer even more than usual. Since we’ve still got a few months to go, we thought we’d satisfy our summer cravings by watching some of our favorite summer TV shows. Whether you’re stuck inside from the blizzard, hosting a sleepover with your besties, or simply wanting to be transported to warmer temperatures for the night, get into some comfy clothes and queue up one of these shows (and maybe even whip up a batch of these cookies to go with the theme):


The OC: California, here we come! Travel to sunny, drama-filled Orange County, CA with this show that follows a group of high schoolers, complete with bad-boy Ryan, popular girls Marisa and Summer, and geeky Seth. Check out all four seasons here.


The Carrie Diaries: This series follows a younger Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex and the City fame) as she navigates high school, boyfriends, and New York City. The second season finds her living in NYC for the summer in the ‘80s, which means big hair, skirts, and drama. Both seasons are on Netflix.


Laguna Beach: A reality show following real-life teenagers in Orange County, Laguna Beach is also where Lauren Conrad made her TV debut. The cast changes in each season, and by season 3 it follows LC’s little sister. Make a batch of our favorite popcorn and get swept up in the drama! You can follow it up with The Hills, when LC moves to LA. All seasons available on Netflix.


Jersey Shore: If you and your bestie need a laugh after a long week of midterms, this show will do the trick. Eight strangers spend their summer months in a beach house in Seaside Heights, NJ and the whole summer is documented, Real World style. You can find all six seasons on MTV.


Let us know in the comments section which summer TV show is your favorite! 🙂


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