Cure Your Winter Blues with Perfect Beach Books


Written by: Catherine Geruson


When thinking about the best three months of the year, what scenes come to mind? Lounging poolside, catching some rays, long beach days? During all of these times, we often have our favorite beachy books to keep us company. Although we aren’t necessarily relaxing in the summer sun during these chillier months, we can replace our summer blues with beachy books that remind us of our favorite time and place. Here are some of my favorites!


The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han: Bella expects to have a normal summer at Cousins Beach with her family and close family friends, just as she has every summer since she was born. Mainly, she looks forward to seeing Conrad and Jeremiah, who are like her big brothers. However, when June rolls around and Bella, now older and more mature, returns to her favorite place in the world, the boys begin to treat her differently. She becomes torn between two of her first crushes, two of her first best friends, all while experiencing a world at Cousins that was previously off-limits for her as the baby of the group. In the end, however, things seem to end up exactly how they were always meant to.


Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen: Auden West is about to head off to college, and for her last summer of freedom, she decides to do something drastic. She heads to her dad’s house in a small beach town to live with him and his new family: a stepmother and stepsister she’s never even met. After a childhood filled with fighting and divorce, Auden has developed insomnia and is at first hesitant to revisit so much of her past, until she meets a similar friend in the new town, Eli. Together, into the early hours of morning, the two work through their own pasts and discover the wonders the small beach town has to offer.


Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson: Birdie, Leeda and Murphy are three very different girls. Birdie lives on a peach farm with her father; Leeda, her cousin, comes from an extremely wealthy background; and Murphy lives with her single mother nearby. Yet somehow they all end up working together, slaving away under the summer sun on Birdie’s peach farm. Each girl’s personal life has its challenges, but somehow the seemingly dissimilar girls are able to help each other through them. Although there is some fighting along the way (as with girlfriends there always are), the three realize the importance of leaning on each other. Peaches, friendship, and trust learn to bloom on this farm.

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