How to Get a Tan When You Don’t Have Time to Lay Out

Written by: Kristen Bahr

Between getting ready for school, fall sports, and summer jobs, the end of summer makes finding time to perfect your glowing tan to show off at school nearly impossible. However, there is no need to worry because with these few tips, getting that perfect tan will be easy! So grab your sunglasses (and sunscreen) and get started!


Riding Your Bike to Work

The end of summer means the end of summer jobs which means the end of paychecks. Spending the last few weeks of summer working a lot can be great for your bank account but not so great for your fading summer glow. Riding your bike to work is the best of both worlds. This way you don’t have to cut back on your hours, but you can still work on improving your tan everyday. As an added bonus, riding your bike to work is a great way to fit in a exercise to make up for those daily end of summer ice cream trips.


Reading Outside

If you’re anything like me, then you probably still have at least two (or four) summer reading books to get through. Sitting inside reading when everyone else is outside is even more depressing than the start of school. Reading outside or on the beach under the sun can make those dreadful school books a little more bearable. Plus, you can please your parents by doing your summer work while still soaking up the last bit of the summer sun.


Exercising Outside

Without having school everyday, summer is the perfect time to finally achieve all of your fitness goals. Free yourself from the cramped and crowded gym by exercising outside. Not only will this give you much needed fresh air, but also provide you with a radiant tan. Try going for a run on the beach and even doing those pre-workout stretches outside to help ensure the lasting tan. Following this simple tip can leave you looking perfect for every end of summer Instagram picture!


Eating Outside

Even with the craziness that comes with the end of summer, everyone needs time to eat meals! Take a break from the indoors and catch some tanning time by eating outside under the sun. This allows you to tan even more without having to take any extra time out of your busy day. Try going outside during your lunch break or eating dinner outside with your family. If you’re lucky enough to be down the shore, try going to a restaurant that offers outdoor seating by the bay. Nothing says summer like sipping on a cold drink by the bay while soaking up the sun.


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