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Emily Dimant is one impressive Girl Boss. From getting licensed at age 18 to running a successful makeup business all while in school full-time, Emily is a great example of making your dreams happen. We sat down with Emily to learn about how she got started in the makeup industry, her biggest career challenge, and her advice for high school girls.

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PP: Thanks for sitting with us, Emily! Tell us about what attracted you to the makeup industry.

Emily: I have always been a painter my whole life. In addition to makeup, I am also an illustrator, focusing on fashion and beauty illustration. I am happy to combine my love for both art and makeup.  I was also always a girly-girl! I loved playing with Barbies as a child and I always appreciated their fashion and beauty aesthetic. I decided to become a Pennsylvania licensed cosmetologist when I was still in high school, so I attended a vo-tech school half the day, and public school the other half. I was also working at a salon by age 15 getting my foot in the door of the beauty industry. After two years of hard work, I was licensed by the age of 18!


PP: That’s incredible to be so accomplished at such a young age! What was the best piece of advice you received in terms of working for yourself?

Emily: Never undercut or sell yourself short! Your rates and pricing should always be what you believe you deserve for the work you are doing. Do lots of research and be confident in how much you are charging, no matter what you are doing!


PP: Absolutely. What are your favorite types of shoots to work on or clients to have?

Emily: I absolutely love beauty and skincare shoots, so I can see my work in a high definition camera up close and personal. This allows me to critique my work and make myself a better makeup artist. My favorite types of clients are the ones who sit down in my chair, and say “do whatever, I trust you!” That makes my job easy and rewarding.


Makeup by Emily Dimant
Makeup by Emily Dimant and Photo by Wyche Studios (



PP: I bet! But I assume there are also some challenges. What has been your biggest career challenge and how did you overcome it?

Emily: Definitely that I am a full-time student while running my own business. It is 100% possible through hard work and proper time management. I started this business when I was 18, and it is very difficult for people to take you seriously when you are young. I had to prove everyone wrong by showing that I am mature and professional. My clients always questioned my age when I was doing their makeup, but I showed them that age does not matter, but talent does!


PP: Definitely! I remember at our first shoot, I was so impressed with how young you were! What have you learned about yourself since you started?

Emily: I can handle anything. When a client is being rude or mean, I do not let it get to me! Sometimes people have bad days and a makeup artist’s job is to cheer them up by making them feel beautiful.  I have also learned how to be more understanding and appreciative of everyone in the customer service industry.


Makeup by Emily Dimant
Makeup by Emily Dimant and Photo by Hope Helmuth Photography (


PP: What is your favorite makeup trend?

Emily: I love dewy and glowing skin. Clean, fresh skin is so in and it all starts with good skincare. I love using cream products all over the skin for that dewy look. Cream foundations, cream highlighters, and cream blushes applied with fingers just always look so amazing!


PP: Now you have me wanting to head to Sephora and try it out! Finally, what message would you give to high school girls in terms of beauty and confidence?

Emily: You do not need makeup to feel beautiful. Remember, trends will pass and while you may think that contouring is important now, you will realize how silly it is one day! I do not wear makeup regularly, because I feel comfortable in my skin! Makeup can clog your pores and cause breakouts. It’s super fun to wear out at night but it is not necessary every day. Your skin will thank you! You are beautiful without it and anyone who loves you will agree with that!



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