Hottest Fictional Lifeguards



Written by: Emma Veon

As summer rapidly approaches, our anticipation for beach season grows almost unbearable.  Who doesn’t like the sun, the sand, and the swoon-worthy lifeguards?  In these next few months of waiting, we can appreciate the buff beach babes in red on our TV and movie screens from home. Here are our picks for Hollywood’s hottest lifeguards:



Raymond (Aquamarine) – As any teenage girl can attest, Raymond from Aquamarine was a major babe.  He was the ideal boy: tan, blonde, and muscular, with a soft side.  Aquamarine may have been a mermaid but her lifeguard boyfriend was the real catch.




Cast of Baywatch – The beach-themed soap opera that set the “beach body” standard, Baywatch has been promoting the hot lifeguard since 1989.  The show was iconic for its cast of young, athletic beauties (like David Hasselhoff in his heyday! *swoon*) strutting around in the easily recognizable red bathing suits.




Baywatch movie – Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson star in 2017’s movie version of the classic soap opera Baywatch.  Equal parts tanning oil and bulging muscles, these Hollywood studs give the original Mitch Buchanan a (slow motion) run for his money!




Honorable Mention:

Boone Carlyle (Lost) – The Vampire Diaries hottie Ian Somerhalder was once a marooned passenger of Flight 815 on the hit show Lost.  Though his occupation pre-crash was wedding planner, an important scene revolves around his skills acquired from previous lifeguarding experience.  He may not have strutted around in those signature red trunks, but his piercing blue eyes and past experience earn Boone a spot on our list of Hollywood’s hottest lifeguards.


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