My Perfect Mermaid Party

The only thing I love more than going to a party is hosting one. And in the summer, I have an especially fun time planning cute, beachy décor for any get-together with my besties. For my end of summer bash, I decided I’d throw a mermaid-themed party and I am so excited to share with you all the fun decorations I found!


I always plan super far in advance so I’m not running around last minute and settling for some less-than exciting paper plates at Target or some generic party supply store. Plus, I absolutely love supporting other small businesses so I end up buying most of my party supplies on Etsy. Also, what I’ve learned is you don’t have to go crazy with too many themed party supplies. Instead, it’s smarter to buy a handful of themed products and use them as accents to accompany solid color items you can buy in bulk.


For this party, I decided I would buy 4 mermaid-inspired decorations and then mix in solid paper napkins, plates, and cups. To accompany the cups and add some spice to our pink lemonade, I bought these Seafoam Green/White Paper Straws from ShopCelebrationLane. They’re pretty subtle and will be just enough of a mermaid-touch without being too cliché. Plus they’re only $4.00 for 25 straws, which will last me two parties, instead of one. Sweet!


Party Straws


My next two items I purchased was for the décor. I found this super cute Mermaid Tassel Garland (pictured above) from LoveGarlands and I can’t wait to hang it over my food display. It’s $23 for the 13” inch garland, but it’s well worth it because I can re-use it after this party for another one next spring. I’m also super obsessed with confetti balloons and decided I’d purchase 6 of these Gold Confetti Balloons from LolasConfettiShop to add to my decorations. They come in sets of three balloons for $7.00.


Glitter Balloon


My last decoration is the only literal mermaid decoration and it’s this super cute Glitter Mermaid Cake Topper (see below) from Pelemele. It works perfectly with the color scheme I’m going for and allows me to save money on the cake, buy it solid white, and add this mermaid topper for all the decoration it needs. It’s $15.89 and ties in all my decorations perfectly.


Cake Topper



So next time you throw a party or if you need some last minute inspiration, check out the Etsy links I featured and be sure to impress your friends with these perfect decorations!


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2 thoughts on “My Perfect Mermaid Party

  1. Those confetti balloons are so perfect for so many occasions! I love that they come in some many colors (pink and gold, especially!) so that you can customize them for your event. Thanks for the tip, I’m going to purchase some now!

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