Summer-Inspired School Supplies


As much as I hate to admit it, school is officially in session and by now the relaxing syllabus week is over and teachers are really piling on the work. Wasn’t it just yesterday when our days were mostly free for visits to the beach with our best friends in between babysitting jobs? Ugh.


Regardless of whether you really like going to school or if you’re more inclined to keep hitting the snooze button in hopes you’ll suddenly wake to Saturday, it’s always helpful to bring fun reminders of summer vacation with you. That’s why I spent a couple hours perusing Etsy to find some summer-inspired school supplies that will definitely aid your daydream sessions about the beach when you’re supposed to be focusing on your AP homework. The three items featured in the picture above are absolutely perfect and I hope you love them as much as I do.


The first item is the Seahorse Embroidered Notebook from FabulousCatPapers. For $26.00, you can get the pages lined, squared, or plain. What’s great about this notebook is that the color scheme really captures the ocean water and sand on the beach so just looking at it transports you to somewhere more enjoyable.


The second must-have school supply is the Starfish Zipper Pouch from SunnyblueDesigns. This is perfect for your pencil case but is also big enough to store other school essentials, like your calculator and (just in case) some makeup. The insides are also water repellent, which makes it super sturdy and well worth the $15.97 price tag.


Lastly, I’ve got you covered for my favorite subject in school: lunch. Just $11 can nail you the most perfect Eco Lunch Sack adorned with an ice cream cone screen print that reads “I-SCREAM” from alittlelark.


So if school’s got you bummed out, purchase some of the supplies I found above and spend a little bit of time everyday reminding yourself about the magic of summer! 🙂


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