The Best (And Worst) Things About Having a Summer Birthday


Written by: Emma Veon

There are pros and cons to being born in any month or season, but people with summer birthdays are often especially conflicted about their birthdates. Read on for a definitive breakdown of the best and worst aspects of summer birthdays.




  1. Everyone is always super excited for your birthday.  Is it really that everyone is excited for the summer and your birthday just happens to fall in that season?  Probably, but who can tell?


  1. Around six months after the holidays when everyone else is running out of clean socks and Starbucks gift cards, you can count on birthday presents to tide you over until winter rolls around again.


  1. Your favorite place in the whole world – the beach! – is up and running just for your birthday.


  1. When you were younger, you didn’t have school on your birthday, and now, you’re more than ready to take those offered vacation days and swing by your favorite places.


  1. Three words: Ice cream cake.





  1. Since you won’t see your friends at school (or work if you take that well-deserved vacation), it’ll only be your closest pals wishing you an in-person “Happy Birthday!”



  1. All of your friends got their licenses months before you were even eligible for a learner’s permit.



  1. Making party plans is borderline impossible because at least one of your friends will suddenly leave for vacation as soon as you think you’ve found the perfect date.


  1. In high school, nobody ever decorated your locker or bought you a cookie at lunch for your birthday.


  1. Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo always seem to draw the short end of the celestial stick.



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