The Very Few Yet Very Magical Truths About it Not Being Summer


Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


With the changes in temperature come the changes in demeanor from people all around us. Some people are jumping for joy at the thought of cold weather, while others are shaking in their boots at the thought of, quite literally, shivering in their UGG boots this winter. If you’re leaning towards the warmer side, check out this list of very magical reasons to love winter that may help you bear the wind chill these next few months.


Hairy legs. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more tedious and time consuming than shaving your legs. Yes, they feel great afterwards. Yes, they look shiny and beautiful, but honestly who has the time?? Maybe I’m just lazy, but being able to skip a day of leg-shaving without anyone noticing is a privilege I take full advantage of in the colder months.


Winter break. Finally, after so many months of papers and tests, we get some well-deserved “me, myself and I” time. Sadly, school isn’t over yet, but at least it’s on pause for a nice two week vacation. Hot cocoa, a good night’s rest, and a Netflix binge is exactly what this vacay was meant for.


New Year’s Eve/Day. Laughing, partying, and ringing in the new year with your besties is the perfect way to end 2015. The next day is the first day of the rest of your life, a chance to start fresh and try out a resolution or two, so join a gym, learn to cook, or get an A in that class you’ve been struggling with. Whatever you want to accomplish, 2016 is the year to do it, so set your goal and get ready to achieve it in the new year!


Snow days. It may be an unseasonably warm 73 degrees here on the East coast, but hey, a girl can dream right? Even if this year wasn’t a white Christmas, we still have plenty of time to wear our pajamas inside out and put spoons under our pillows. Don’t stop believing! I bet (and hope!) we’ll be using our sleds sometime soon.


An excuse to gain weight. Bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops are packed away for the next few months, which gives us all an excuse to grab that extra slice of apple pie or one too many leftover Christmas cookies and just be lazy. We may not be able to use the “it’s too icy to go for a jog” excuse this winter, but the “I’m preparing for hibernation” excuse works like a charm (sometimes).


Cute accessories. Two very cozy reasons to love winter: cute hats and matching mittens. Add some cheer to the dreary winter days by putting on a colorful scarf or cute pair of earmuffs. We may all be relegated to a jacket and jeans but at least we can spice up our looks with some fun accessories!


Whether you’re cold weather’s biggest fan or its worst enemy, we all must admit that there are a few reasons to love winter. If you’re still not convinced, just hang in there! Soon the frost will be melting and the flowers will be blooming once again. Only 151 more days until Memorial Day weekend! 🙂


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