Where Do Broken Hearts Go? How to Cope with the 1D Breakup


One Direction Breakup

As if we didn’t need anything else as miserable as the 25 degree weather this week.


Unfortunately on Wednesday, our favorite band of ridiculously charming boys responsible for summer anthems like “Live While We’re Young” and “Best Song Ever” decided to call it quits. For good. Because I am personally devastated and wasn’t ready to never hear a new One Direction song to instantly become obsessed with, I’m listing some coping mechanisms below to help me as well as any other girl reading this while listening to “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” on repeat.


Ice Cream

It may not feel like it now but I guarantee a big bowl of mint chocolate chip topped with whipped cream will help you feel better. When your crush didn’t ask you to the Soph Hop or you got a B+ in Geometry, didn’t some ice cream help you momentarily forget for at least a little? It did. And even though right now you’d rather take a B+ in all your classes to get 1D back together, it’ll do the trick for a quick distraction.


Reunion Tours

It’s a fact: all the greatest boy bands do a reunion tour. Being that my best friends and I went to a Backstreet Boys concert last summer, I can tell you from personal experience that the reunion tours are better than the originals. You’ll still know all the words and dance moves to your favorite songs and you’ll feel 13 again. Maybe in ten years “Story of My Life” will even be more meaningful for you!


Prom Dates

If you’re a girl who desperately wants to make a YouTube video asking Harry Styles to prom, THIS IS YOUR YEAR. Since One Direction is no longer a group, you’ve got a better chance of him saying yes. If you want an even better chance, ask them all through different social media accounts. One of them has got to be free!



For some reason, things that are vintage just seem cooler. So now you’re allowed to say you’re into “vintage pop.” Also, that One Direction t-shirt you have? Vintage!


The Memories

One Direction may not release any new albums but their music will never go out of style. You will still be able to listen to “Drag Me Down” on the way to school each morning or “Night Changes” and “One Thing” while you daydream about your crush. Luckily they were so wonderful that we’re actually left with a perfect legacy to enjoy!


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