Why Summer Flings Are Better Than Winter Romances




Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays (obviously for the increase of the color pink, fresh flowers, and chocolate). For me, this Valentine’s Day is even better because I have my first ever Pinkly Perfect photo shoot (ahh!) on Monday. However, I realize (and know from previous years’ experience) that sometimes Valentine’s Day can actually be pretty annoying. Whether you were waiting for your crush to initiate something, you’re convinced there are no nice guys out there (hint: there are!), or know you’re stuck with the wrong guy (the worst), it’s easy to be a little down on the day when you’re supposed to feel the most appreciated and loved.


That is why I’d like to remind you of the simple fact that even if you’re convinced your crush will never like you in return (another hint: you’ll find someone you like way better in like, three days), there is still so much to look forward to! And let’s face it: summer’s right around the corner and meeting summer boys and having fun with them from June to August is way better than winter romances anyway. Here’s why:



He Looks Better, You Look Better:


It’s a fact—everyone just looks better with a little summer glow. On top of that, summer’s a time when everyone’s naturally more relaxed and happy. So not only are you both looking amazing, but you’re also on a summer high and it’s basically impossible for that not to radiate from your face 24/7. Not to mention outfits are also way cuter and you don’t have to spend a couple seconds panicking that it’s taking you too long to remove your pink jacket, scarf, gloves, and hope your static hair dies down before he notices.



Dates are Way Cuter:


I know the idea of ice skating or holding hands while walking through the snow sound super cute but for anyone who can’t ice skate or is somehow always way colder than everyone else, this actually is not fun at all. Either you fall in front of him, the wet snow made its way through your boots and socks and now you’re super uncomfortable, or you can’t hear anything he’s saying because your hood’s blocking all noise from making its way to your ears. I would much rather go out for ice cream sundaes, take a ride on a Ferris wheel, go mini-golfing, or take a late night stroll on the beach in a tank and flip-flops than cover up my cute outfit with a winter jacket and be freezing the whole time.



It’s Casual:


There’s a lot of pressure when you date someone in the winter. There’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day. The universe is basically telling you you’re doing it wrong if by New Year’s Eve, you’d rather have separate plans or you don’t feel comfortable yet accepting a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates from your current boy of choice. But in the summer, the holidays are Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day! All super fun, casual, party gatherings with fireworks and barbecues. Perfect! No awkward gift-giving and you get to hang in big groups instead of on one-on-one dates. Seeing your crush is also super casual because everyone’s already on the beach so you can just text him once your tan’s even to meet you on 29th street with your friends!



So if you were feeling a bit bummed with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I hope reading this article helped! Another way to lift your mood this Sunday is to gift your friends beachy valentines. Or, if you have a crush and are waiting around for him to make a move, step up your game and let him know you’re thinking of him instead! These valentines are so sweet and simple that he’ll totally love it!



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