You Collected All Those Seashells. Now What?



Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


Nothing is more exciting than finding a perfect, unbroken seashell at the beach. Why do we collect seashells? Maybe it’s a way of collecting memories, maybe it’s a tradition passed from generation to generation, or maybe it’s just a way to waste the lazy Jersey shore days away. Whatever reason we do it, by August it’s always the same story: we end up with a pile of pretty seashells that we have no legitimate reason to keep. So, the  question is asked: You Collected All Those Seashells. Now What?



Picture Frame– Keep your favorite Jersey shore memories in this DIY frame made of shells from your favorite tanning spot. The best part about this DIY Seashell Frame is that it can be super simple or, if you want to spruce it up a bit, the shells can easily be painted to match any room or wall. Get creative! Try out a bright color, some glitter, or both!



Ornaments– Having a hard time thinking of a gift for your shore bestie? Make her something instead! Try something like these Ombre Glitter Seashell Ornaments. These ornaments take some time to complete, but they make perfect gifts for any Jersey-shore-loving girl! To make it even more personal, use her favorite colors or write her a letter that includes all your summer inside jokes.



Hair Accessories– If you’ve spent your whole life looking for a way to become a mermaid, look no further. Check out these simple DIY Seashell Hair Accessories. These hair clips are an easy way to bring a little piece of the summer around with you wherever you go. If you don’t have any shells to spare but you still want a beachy vibe, check out these Beachy Hair Pins from Ornate Treasures or any other beach-inspired hair clips from one of the many Etsy shops available.



“Beach In A Jar”– Remember summer even as the snow falls outside with this cute room decoration. Let your creativity fly as you fill your mason jar with as much sand, as many shells, and as many memories as you please. Add in some sand and voila! Your very own beach in a jar that you can wistfully stare into until June. Think of it as a motivational tool to finish out the school year strong! 🙂



Whether you’re wearing your shells this winter or getting a jump start on your 2016 Christmas gifts, it feels good to finally have a way to put these shells to good use. After all, finding an unharmed seashell is like impossible, so it’s always nice to finally be able to flaunt your findings.


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