Finding the 2015 Versions of the Swimsuits We Loved as Kids


Finding the 2015 Versions of the Swimsuits We Loved as Kids


Was it just me or did everyone have that one bathing suit growing up that she was completely obsessed with and decided to not only wear it to the beach or pool, but also around the house? Did anyone else beg her mom to keep sporting it even when it was a tad too small, all the color faded away, and it started to pill? I wondered this recently as I was reminiscing about my favorite childhood bathing suit—a white and pink-ruffled one piece decked out with a Little Mermaid graphic. I started thinking how great it would be to find a swimsuit of today that captured the nostalgia of growing up spending hours at the beach on vacation.


I decided to reach out to some of my beach-loving besties and found that so many of them felt the same way! So I compiled some of my friends’ favorite childhood suits and found them each a style that could remind us of more carefree days. See below for the cutest pictures of some of my favorite people and a solution to our 1995-bathing suit envy.



Maddy, The Little Mermaid One Piece Meets Shopbop’s White Ruffle Suit


That’s me on the left rocking The Little Mermaid one piece with a pink ruffle bottom. Being that I spent my summers at the beach, this ensemble got A LOT of wear. And being that The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie growing up meant that I pretty much wore this until it fell apart, whether I was on the beach or at home in Pennsylvania watching the movie in our playroom. Luckily, my older sister (you can see part of her in the picture) also had the same suit so once I grew out of mine, I had a larger one to replace it with!


The extra years of wear, however, made parting with this perfect suit even more difficult. Luckily, the one piece on the right from Shopbop really captures its essence. The ruffle (now placed at a much more age-appropriate location) pays great homage to the original pink ruffle. And I’ll be trading up the cartoon graphic for a nice crochet texture. Overall, this is the perfect 2015 version that I know I’ll be wearing all the time next summer!




Emma, Skirted Embellished Bikini Meets Perfect Turquoise Ensemble


Once you get over how cute Pinkly Perfect Contributor Emma Veon looks in her goggles, take a look at that perfect beach ensemble. Not only is it the perfect shade of blue, but there’s also a functional skirt, making this truly a pool to snack bar look. And let’s not fail to address the best part—3D pink kissing fish. The suit I found is a complete outfit, just as functional as Emma’s. Plus, it’s that same perfect shade of blue and has an awesome chevron texture. And for the fish? I really hope the Veons decided to save this bad boy, allowing for Emma to remove them and hot glue gun them to her beach bag. Some things can certainly stay in the 90s, but the fish better not.




Allie, Plaid Bikini Meets Black & White Check


When I reached out to my friends, Allie was the first to respond. She said she had the cutest plaid bikini that she absolutely adored growing up and would love to find a version for today. When I saw the picture, I was super envious. Can’t someone just make an exact copy? The plaid, gold emblem, and pleated skirt are perfect! The suit I found for today is from ASOS and one thing I really love about it is the top. It’s flattering and can be used when we have a chest burn from forgetting to reapply when wearing the typical triangle bikini top (happens to us all, ladies). Maybe Allie can scoop this one up and rock it on her honeymoon next year!




Ashley, Tropical Two-Piece Meets Unique Bikini


So I am completely obsessed with the watercolor inspired tropical floral on Ashley’s bikini. Doesn’t it remind you of something the Olsen twins would have worn in one of their You’re Invited episodes? (You’re Invited: Hawaiian Beach Party, anyone?) I decided to find a version of today that captured the allover print as well as a more unique silhouette. And I am really feeling this bikini from ASOS. It’s more full-coverage, which is a nice alternative to have in our summer wardrobe and the top is perfect to stand alone when you throw some shorts on and head to the ice cream truck.


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