Perfect Pink Nail Polish to Rock this Winter


It’s no surprise that my favorite color is pink and my favorite season is summer. But unfortunately, despite my love for warmer months, I live on the East Coast and have to put up with grueling winters in exchange for lovely summer weather and my favorite seashore town.


During the summer, I rock pink everything. Pink bikinis, pink tank tops, pink flip-flops, and hot pink nail polish. Even the walls in my bedroom down the shore are pink. However, my NYC apartment is a different story and the main differences can be found in my closet. Instead of looking into a room of various shades of pink, my New York closet holds mostly black, grey, navy, and white apparel and accessories.


That being said, I still need a little bit of pink in my life no matter where I am or how cold it is outside. And the easiest way for me to always have some visible element of my favorite color is on my nails. This past summer I succeeded at finding the perfect shade of pink: Color Club’s “Flamingo.” But the neon/coral tints unfortunately do not lend themselves to colder days. So I went searching for a solution in the form of a perfect shade of pink polish that is subtle enough to complement a more subdued wardrobe.


And luckily I found it. Color Club’s “Blushing Rose” is my new go-to this winter. It’s light, opaque, and has a touch of a warm pink that works especially well with my favorite greys and navys. The best part is that it reads pink without screaming pink. And it’s light enough to disguise any last minute chipping that happens right before you go meet up with your besties! 🙂


Buy it here and get your pink-fix all winter!


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