Summer Fads We Want to See Make a Comeback



Written by: Elizabeth DePaul

Although most fads we’re happy to bid farewell to, there are some that are just too good to forget. Whether they hold a special meaning (because all the best memories are made in the summer, obviously), or simply serve as reminders of more carefree days, these throwbacks make us nostalgic for our younger years.


We wouldn’t mind if these fads hit the shelves again:


Jelly shoes: These bright, sparkly shoes were everything during the summer months. It wasn’t officially summer unless you skipped out of the store with a brand new pair of jellies that still smelled like plastic and required a few wears before being totally comfy. But seriously, candy colored sandals that were acceptable to wear every day? Yeah, they can come back now.


Friendship Bracelets: Some say the “arm party” trend is recent, but we say it started way back when you would pile your wrists high with colorful braided thread made by your besties. You never took them off, so not only did you have great accessories 24/7, but you also had reminders of your faraway friends. Imagine looking down and thinking of your summer bestie during your never-ending Algebra class – yes, please!


friendship bracelets


Mood Rings: These were the quintessential summer boardwalk purchase. Although most consisted of plastic stones and a $5 price tag, we would love to see these come back in different styles and metals. Wearing them as everyday jewelry and still being able to track our moods throughout the day sounds pretty perfect to us.


Boy Bands: It seemed like every year, a boy band single became the summer anthem that you had on your playlist all year long. There’s nothing like blasting your favorite song while getting ready for a boardwalk night with your friends or driving into your seaside town. Whether you’re a fan of the Backstreet Boys or One Direction, I think we can all agree that we need some more boy bands in our lives.


Denim, Denim, and More Denim: From shorts, to skirts, to jackets, denim was such a craze and a good one at that. Bright, bold colors and patterns are great summer staples these days, but there’s nothing like a classic pair of denim shorts to match your perfect tee for the day and over-sized hoodie at night. The denim can come back, but the weird washes and rhinestone pockets can stay in the past, please!


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