The Search for: Heart-Shaped Sunnies



Two summers ago on a routine trip to Target, I scored some pretty sweet heart-shaped sunglasses. They were the most perfect pair because not only were they inexpensive (read: everyday beach-appropriate), but they were also super cute—the heart-shaped lenses and the ocean blue ombre plastic rims carried enough personality to land a lot of attention from beach-loving gals and surfer boys alike.

I wore them so much that by the end of the summer, the lenses were so scratched and the once beautiful blue arms were peeling off all the color. Since then I’ve been trying to recreate my heyday of that summer and find a replacement. But to no avail. It seemed the only options I found were in the $150+ range, which were way more than my summer accessory budget allowed.

After strolling through every shop and taking the escalator to every accessory floor of my local mall, I took this search online and found these heart-shape sunnies that are totally cute won’t break the bank:


UO Heartbreaker Sunglasses:

$16 is an absolute steal for these dainty gold-rimmed sunglasses (see picture above). Also comes in black and silver.

Buy them here!


ModCloth Looking for Love Sunglasses:

If you really want some attention, these bold red plastic heart shaped sunnies are for you! Well worth the $13.99 price tag.

Buy them here!


FULL TILT Black Revo Heart Sunglasses:

100% UV protection and some pretty sweet reflective (LOVE how they look rainbow!) lenses can be yours at Tilly’s for $9.99.

Buy them here!


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