Turn Your Old Jeans into Perfect Summer Shorts


Written by: Amanda Mooney


The holiday season is approaching fast. If you are anything like me, this means you are in dire need of cute, affordable presents for your friends and family. People will receive plenty of cozy sweaters and scented candles this Christmas, so why not add a twist to your gifts by incorporating aspects of summer in them? Need an adorable idea that’s perfect for a girl on a budget? Try transforming old jeans into cute shorts.


What you’ll need:

  • denim jeans
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • iron-on designs (easily found at craft stores such as Michael’s)
  • lace
  • pinking shears
  • studs
  • bleach


There are tons of different ways to design your shorts, so definitely be creative with it! To start off, you will have to chop the jeans to your desired length. Here are a few tips:


  1. Purchase jeans that are one or two sizes larger than the wearer’s usual size. This will allow for a more comfortable fit after the transition from pants to shorts.
  2. Remember to measure the jean’s inseams. It’s recommended to measure off roughly three inches and slowly cut on a slight angle to the outer seam. If you cut in a straight line, the shorts will likely end up too short in the inner thighs.
  3. Before cutting along the hemline, sketch out a line with chalk. This is easily removable and helps to prevent any unwanted accidents.


If you are crafty with a needle, a simple way to give your denim a chic look is by adding lace to either the short’s back pocket or along the bottom. (Tip: If you accidently cut the jeans a tad too short, adding lace can help fix the problem by adding a little more length).


If sewing isn’t your thing, you can try a simpler design. Iron-on patterns are available at most craft stores. If you’re feeling a bit rebellious, studs can act as cute accents and can be easily added with a hot glue gun. If you desire a frayed, festival look, pinking shears (they are like scissors with tiny razor-like blades along the edge) can be a very useful, inexpensive tool. You can create an ombre effect on the denim by dipping the ends into bleach and allowing it to dry. If you want a brighter look, you could always dye the bleach section of the shorts the color of your choice.



Holiday gifts can easily become boring and repetitive, but by adding a bit of summer to your gifts, you’ll surely please all of your friends.  🙂


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