Easy Exercises to Maintain Your Beach-Ready Bod



I’m going to get really frank about something because I know I’m not alone. By the end of the summer I get very lazy. Something about knowing that bikini-uniform season is ending makes staying motivated to exercise very difficult. It’s not like the beginning of the summer or right before Memorial Day Weekend when you know you’re going to need to feel really comfortable in minimal clothing 24/7. Combine that lack of pressure, the sadness that summer season is ending, and the feeling that you need to stock up on all the ice cream and funnel cake you can before your favorite seaside town’s closed up for the off-season, and it’s super easy to put on the extra couple pounds you worked so hard at keeping off.  (Aside: the other night I was getting anxious about summer ending and before I knew it, I had consumed three handfuls of caramel corn. End aside).

For the record, this happens to me every summer around the middle of August so I’m being realistic that it’s just how it’s going to be. But the article I found below on the teens section of KidsHealth.org feature super easy workouts you can do to mix into your day that are little helpers that can make a big difference in not feeling even worse about life once September rolls around.

Read it here so you can indulge in those big pancake breakfasts, ice cream sundaes, and handfuls of saltwater taffy without any (read: too much) guilt!

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