Exercises That Will Make You Feel Like it’s Summer Again



Written by: Maureen Devenny


Winter layers are adding up, tans are long gone, and its getting harder and harder to remember what summer feels like. Good thing there are plenty of things you can do to replay summer in your head — accessorize with summer florals, baking with beachy bakeware, or listening to the best summer songs of all time. And now we’re adding one more tool in your fight against winter blues–exercises that will bring you right back to summer!




1) Hot Yoga

Let’s remember that a silver lining of winter is wearing yoga pants. So put them to work while sweating like it’s the dog days of summer. Hot yoga gets the muscles warm, which often means better stretching (great for combating the winter muscle tightness we all carry), and is great for detoxifying skin. Hot yoga can mean many different things, from a warmer-than-room-temp vinyasa flow to a 103 degree Bikram yoga practice. Yoga classes are easy to find at many price points–you can even pull up a YouTube vid and do it in your living room–turn up the thermostat just a couple degrees and you’ll see a difference. Imagine that your yoga mat is a beach towel to make the best time of the year seem just a little closer.




2) Spinning

Bikes plus boardwalks is another thing that you just can’t get in the winter–but spinning is a very close substitute (minus the salty wind in your hair, of course!). Classes take place on stationary bikes, usually with a great playlist and a challenging mix of cardio and strength to carry you through class. If you’ve never done a spin class before, many studios and gyms have themed rides (like all T. Swift songs, or Kanye versus Drake, etc) so your favorite singer can take you through the hard parts. When it’s time to dust off your beach bike, getting up the ramp onto the boardwalk will be no sweat.





3) Playing in the Snow

Snow is the sand of winter, so embrace its chilly charm. Having a snowball fight will leave you winded, so that definitely counts as a workout in our book. Shoveling snow is a fantastic way to work out your legs and arms, and to help out around the house. Just remember to lift with your legs and not your back!




What else do you do to remind you of summer in the winter? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂


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