Your Perfect Beach Bike


As I mentioned in my last article, one great thing about the fall weather means getting to spend a lot of time outdoors appreciating the beautiful beach scenery. One of my favorite ways to do this is to go for bike rides along the water. Since I plan on riding a lot in the fall and will be continuing to ride my bike in the spring and summer as my preferred mode of transportation in my favorite seaside town, I started researching where I could find my perfect beach bike.


I have a lot of bike envy when I’m down the shore. Every time I see a girl riding a pale pink bike with a basket, I turn way jealous and want one immediately. So I began my search by googling beach cruisers. After scouring the internet, I found a company called Villy Custom, where (get this!) you can customize your own beach cruiser. That’s right, girls! Everything from the frames to the seats to the grips is yours to tailor to your favorite combo of colors.


The website walks you through each step where you can easily choose from a variety of colors and get a visual of your bike being built. Not only is this way convenient so you can create the perfect (and original) bike, but it’s also super fun and I guarantee you will spend hours on here contemplating different variations of colors. You can even rotate the image of your custom bike to get the view from all angles! I would upload a picture of my current preferred bike for you to check out, but I keep going back and forth. Do I want to stick with all pink? Do I want white and gold? Do I want pink and mint? Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Check it out here, enjoy creating your custom beach cruiser, and send me pics of your final decisions! I can’t wait to check them out! 🙂


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