Cookie Decorating Party for Summer Lovers


One of my favorite things to do is entertain my besties with unique party themes. Another one of my favorite things to do is indulge in tasty sweets. So I decided to combine the two and mix in my love for summer to host the ultimate Girls’ Night In with my gals.


Last Friday, I invited a couple girlfriends over and instead of just watching movies we’ve seen a million times already, I came up with a great activity for us to do while chit-chatting about our weeks, crushes, and plans for the rest of the weekend.


Since most of my friends share my love for all things pretty and sweet, I decided it would be a cookie decorating party. I bought this perfect seahorse cookie cutter from TheFussyPup on Etsy and the night before, baked up a bunch of sugar cookies for us to decorate. (Note: they also have other beachy cookie cutters like mermaids, bikinis, and sailboats that would be SO fun to decorate.) I used my go-to recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, which are for soft sugar cookies although mine still always come out a bit crunchy. I don’t mind though because this recipe makes cookies that aren’t too sweet, which allows us to really go crazy with sweet decorations and not overwhelm our taste buds. Especially since Halloween was yesterday, it’s nice to have a tamer treat in the house!


Then I bought a variety of pink sprinkles, icing, and edible markers like these from FooDoodler and set up some cookie decorating stations for us all to customize the delicious seahorse sugar cookies. Since I knew we’d obviously get thirsty after venting so much about our pesky A-s on last week’s math test, I poured some sparkling pink lemonade (just mix half pink lemonade with half club soda and voilà!) into champagne glasses and rimmed the edges with extra pink sprinkles from our cookie decorating. Add in a pepperoni pizza I ordered for us to munch on and a perfect summer-inspired playlist and it was the perfect night!


The best part is that the four of us got to dig into some of our creations and then take the rest home for later!


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2 thoughts on “Cookie Decorating Party for Summer Lovers

    1. Right?? Definitely click the link for TheFussyPup on Etsy. They have the BEST, most unique cookie cutters. And update: when you store the cookies for a day or two, they end up being soft and perfect 🙂 So it was a patience issue for sure!

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