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Written by: Maureen Devenny

Being that we’re supposed to get a blizzard this weekend, it’s super important to plan ahead and make sure we have enough fun indoor activities that can keep us busy while we pretend our Algebra homework doesn’t exist. If your choice includes being glued to the TV, check out these Best Summer Movies. But if you plan on spending the weekend curled up enjoying a more typical of summer sweet treat, keep reading for some delicious variations of the classic S’more.


S’mores need no improvement–their crunchy graham crackers, melty chocolate, and gooey marshmallows make the perfect dessert. But, as much as we love s’mores, we’re aware that there can be too much of a good thing, s’mores included. After all, variety is the spice of life!


So, to be able to enjoy s’mores all weekend long without fatigue, below are the best alternative s’mores recipes. Try one or try them all; which is your favorite?


1) Stick with the Basics


There’s not much wrong with s’mores as they are. But they can always withstand experimentation.


Introduce a sauce: salted caramel is all the rage, and there’s no reason that can’t make its way on our s’mores. Same goes for Nutella or peanut butter.


Go loco with your choco: who said you have to stick with Hershey’s milk chocolate? Try dark chocolate to turn up the volume; use chocolate flavored with sea salt or chilies to make over your s’more.


2) Think of Pie


S’mores are the sandwich version of pie. Instead of graham cracker crust on just the bottom, s’mores are sandwiched between two layers of graham crackers (twice the deliciousness!). So, we turned to our favorite pie recipes for some ideas.


Lemon Meringue s’mores: swap out the chocolate for lemon curd. The toasted marshmallows are still a great stand-in for browned meringue.


Grasshopper s’mores: This minty pie finds its way onto s’mores. Swap out the regular milk chocolate for a peppermint pattie. If you want your grasshopper s’more to taste super authentic, use chocolate graham crackers.


3) Use Fruit


Dessert doesn’t always have to be a gut-buster. Fruit will lighten up your dessert, and add nutrients!


Strawberry Short(cracker): strawberry shortcake is great, and there’s no reason it wouldn’t be delicious on a s’more. Slice ripe strawberries thinly, or use strawberry jam; layer toasted marshmallows and whipped cream on top.


Pina-Chocolada: taste summer all winter long with these tropical s’mores. Thinly slice pineapple and lay on your crackers; place a chocolate-coconut candy (we like Mounds) on top.



Photo above from Mentalfloss

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