Perfect Ice Cream Sweets to Make at Home


Although summer may be “over” (in reality, the last day of summer is September 22nd), it is still so hot outside! Just today I could barely walk around for more than five minutes without needing something to cool off. So before everyone jumps on the chunky sweaters, suede boots, and pumpkin spice coffee train, let’s keep throwing some love to the ultimate summer cooler-offer: ice cream.


Not only is ice cream perfect for cooling off on sweltering days, but it is also an ultimate mood enhancer. If you’re having a bad day at school or if your ex-fling came back from summer vacation with a new girlfriend, I guarantee you that digging into an ice cold sweet over girl talk with your besties will certainly make you feel better.


Unfortunately a lot of my seaside favorite ice cream parlors are starting to close so I’ve been searching my favorite food blogs for some recipes for ice cream treats that are easy to make at home. I categorized them based on taste preference so whether you prefer tangy, chocolately, or salty, I’ve got you covered!


If you like a bit of a tang…

Pink Lemonade Freezer Bars

My favorite food blog Averie Cooks features a recipe for Pink Lemonade Freezer Bars (see picture above). This is still super summery (and pretty!), which is why I love making this tart treat. The pink lemonade and Ritz crackers also offer a bit of tang so it won’t throw you into a sugar meltdown an hour later. Find the recipe here!


If you’re a chocoholic…

fudge pops

Let’s face it: chocolate solves (mostly) all problems. That’s why it was my personal preferred method to get over a pesky A- or when my crush asked someone else to prom. These chocolate fudge pops in the picture above are the perfect food therapy and the best part is they are only 125 calories per pop so you can have multiple and still not feel (too) bad about it! Find the recipe here!



If you crave something salty…

Hot Fudge Bar

I originally found this recipe when searching for something to make my chocolate-loving friend’s birthday and was pleasantly surprised to see it also incorporated peanut butter, adding the perfect touch of salt to this frozen dessert. Ingredients include ice cream sandwiches, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, whipped cream, and peanuts to create the tastiest, chocolately, salty, crunchy treat. And plus it serves 12 so it’s perfect to eat now and then save for later in the freezer. Find the recipe here!


Hope you enjoy the recipes I featured above and remember to follow me on Instagram @pinklyperfect_inc 🙂



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