Shore Favorites You Can Enjoy All Year


Shore Favorites You Can Enjoy All Year


Obviously the best thing about spending summers at the shore is enjoying the beach with best friends and family. But falling very close behind getting a nice tan is the food. There are so many quintessential shore snacks that seem to lose some of their magic in the offseason. Ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles, a stack of pancakes, iced coffee, and salt water taffy are simply better when it’s hot outside and your to-do list includes relaxation only. So when September rolls around, there’s not only a dread about going back to school, but also a sadness about leaving the magic of these classic shore treats behind until the following Memorial Day weekend.


Luckily for us all, however, there’s a couple shore sweets that we can enjoy regardless of the season thanks to some of our favorite places now offering up online stores that we can order from no matter if we’re close to a beach or not!


The Original Fudge Kitchen:


The Original Fudge Kitchen has been in business for over 40 years and currently has six locations throughout the Jersey shore. I personally can’t imagine a trip to the beach without a visit to The Original Fudge Kitchen, even if it’s just to get a free sample of chocolate walnut fudge as I shop around Stone Harbor. What’s so great about them is that they ship all year, anywhere in the world. So even if next semester includes a semester abroad, ask your mom or dad to include a little beach care package equipped with a box of salt water taffy (with a lot of pink ones!), watermelon candy slices, and fudge of course!


Mallon’s Homemade Sticky Buns:


One of my favorite types of breakfasts down the shore is sleeping in and being greeted with a dozen sticky buns that my besties and I will enjoy with our iced coffees as we plan out our beach schedule for the day. And Mallon’s is definitely where we get these from. Not only are they always baked fresh and delicious, but they have four locations throughout the Jersey shore so all my friends, regardless of their seaside town of choice, have a special place in their heart for these perfect treats. The best thing is that they also have an online store that you can order from all year to get a sticky bun fix! They even offer up 14 different varieties including Raisin & Walnut, Apple, and Strawberry, as well as their just as delicious Crumb Cake. Why not host a “Let’s Pretend It’s Summer Party!” and surprise your friends the next morning with a shore favorite!


Johnson’s Popcorn:


What’s a trip to the boardwalk without a couple handfuls of Johnson’s caramel corn in between rides on the ferris wheel and games of Skee Ball? For most people I know, caramel corn is one of the most essential shore snacks that is basically necessary if you want to have a perfect summer vacation. If you find you’re missing your favorite popcorn when you go to binge-watch Netflix on a Friday night in January, you can order up a small tub of Johnson’s. Or if you’re hosting the after party for Winter Formal, you can buy some big and festive tins for your guests to enjoy while you keep the party going in your parents’ basement! If Caramel’s not your thing, you can order Cheddar, Chocolate Drizzle, Salty-n-Sandy, Peanut Crunch, or Butter instead. Yum!


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