Summer Foods: The “Apple” of our Eye

Written by: Maureen Devenny

If there were a Venn diagram of “best summer foods” and “best apple recipes,” the place where those circles overlap might be called “nirvana.” Here are some ways to experience nirvana this fall, without having to say goodbye to your favorite summer treats.


Caramel popcorn turns into…caramel apple popcorn!

Popcorn, brown sugar, apple pie spice, dried apples, almonds–this might be even better than the summer version. JustĀ try for yourself.


Iced tea turns into…warm apple cider chai tea!

Warm apple cider on the stove or microwave, and add a splash of Dona Chai (stay tuned for our Girl Boss article on founder Amy coming soon!), sugar or honey, and your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk.


Pancakes turn into…apple cider pancakes!

Before we get accused of heresy over here: there is NO substitute for hot, fluffy pancakes from Uncle Bill’s. There. Just. Isn’t. But…you’re going to have a pancake-shaped hole in your heart until next summer, and apple cider pancakes are one way to try to fill that void.


A trip to the ice cream parlor turns into…a trip to the freezer!

We’ll miss the excuse to leave the house, but let’s not kid ourselves–the convenience of not having to put on real shoes makes grocery store ice cream a-ok in the winter. We love Talenti’s caramel apple pie flavor–a perfect way to bring the summer into fall.


Apple cider donuts…ok, you stay.

There are some foods that are so perfect, their consumption should not be limited to just one season. So, when you’re not down the shore to line up for perfectly hot and fresh donuts from Ove’s, here’s a recipe to make your own.


Happy snacking!


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