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One of my favorite winter activities is baking. I love cozying up in my apartment on a cold day, spending hours in my kitchen, whipping up some decadent treat that can bring a smile to my friends’ faces while we reminisce about the days when we could leave our house without a jacket on. Not to mention, the perfect scent of warm chocolate chip cookies in the oven is almost as magical as the feeling you get on the last day of school before summer vacation.


I started thinking that it would be really nice if I could get some reminders of the beach while I’m looking out the window to see snow falling as I pop in another batch of peppermint brownies. So I went searching online to see if I could find any little trinkets I could add into my baking supplies. And luckily, even though it’s getting cold outside and summer seems further away than ever, there are still so many stores that carry bakeware that can transport our minds back to the beach! See what I found below:


mermaid cutter


Mermaid Cookie Cutter Set, $7.50 (includes mermaid, scallop shell, and sand castle)

There’s a chance you may have used enough holiday cookie cutters to not want to look at another one until Christmas 2016 but in case you still can’t get enough, take a look at this beautiful cookie cutter set from Etsy’s DIYSweetSupplyCo. For only $7.50, you get a sand castle, mermaid, and scallop shell cookie cutter that would be SO fun to decorate with or for your other summer-loving besties. Plus, I’m pretty sure we have seen enough gingerbread men and women that they can go hide in our shelves until next winter. These are the perfect replacements to keep us thinking of more magical months ahead!


starfish canister

15-Inch White Canister with Starfish Handle, $39.99 (comes with other options like seahorse and seashell)

Does anyone else not use a canister for sugar and flour and then makes a mess every time she tries to measure out a couple cups for a recipe? I sure do. In fact, this very thing is what prompted me to search for some beachy bakeware. When I was looking on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website, I found these perfect canisters equipped with starfish, seahorse, and seashell handles that would be ideal to store sugar, flour, and other baking ingredients. If you already have canisters, think about using these to store fresh cookies, coffee, or pink candies.


whale measuring cups

“’Whaled It!’ Measuring Cups,” $34.99

If you’re into baking, you most certainly are not in the market for measuring cups. In fact, you probably have a couple different sets hiding around your kitchen. But I’m all about treating myself to a little gift around the holidays that is completely frivolous and serves no other purpose than to make me happy. And purchasing these whale measuring cups from ModCloth are the perfect way to do that. Just looking at them makes me smile and get excited for summer. And who knows, maybe I won’t even use them but rather keep them out on the counter as a little decoration instead. Either way, they’re a must-have to keep me thinking of warmer months ahead!



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