The Best DIY Caramel Corn Recipes


Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


Eating handfuls of caramel corn while strolling the boardwalk is a Jersey shore tradition that has been a part of the East-coast summer lifestyle since long before I can remember. Whether you buy it right from the boardwalk or from your trusty neighborhood Boy Scout troop, everyone enjoys snacking on this salty and sweet treat, especially in the summer! Now you don’t have to wait until June to get your hands on this delicious snack, you can make it at home with these three easy DIY recipes.


If you’re a true caramel corn lover, but you don’t have time to slave over your stove, try this No-Bake Recipe for plain, traditional caramel corn straight off the Jersey boards. Start this recipe 5 minutes before you sit down to watch an episode of your favorite show and it’ll be ready by the first commercial break!


If you’re looking to jazz up your plain-Jane caramel corn, try this Deluxe Caramel Corn Recipe. It takes a bit more time, and some oven work, but the results are so worth it. Perfect for a girls’ night in or a summer-themed party, this recipe is a go-to snack for any event you’ll be hosting in 2016.


If you’re a gal who has had caramel corn every summer of her life and is looking for somewhat of a switch-up, try this Caramel Corn Chocolate Bar Recipe. These bars have all the nostalgia of traditional caramel corn, along with a twist that keeps things interesting. Made with just 5 simple ingredients, these bars are fast and simple. They’re a lot less messy than regular caramel corn too, which makes them a great treat for when you’re on the go.


Whichever way you’re eating your caramel corn this winter, hopefully you’ll be able to transport yourself back to the Jersey shore summer lifestyle with these 3 easy recipes!


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