10 Surprising Facts About Year 2 for Pinkly Perfect


We just celebrated our 2nd birthday on April 1st! (Where has the time gone?!)

In reflection and evaluation of the past year, we decided to put together a list of 10 surprising facts you may not know about Pinkly Perfect!

  1. Our product was featured on TV!
  2. We’re over 21! Yep, we did some research and realized the majority of our customers were over 21. So we started gearing our designs more towards them and less towards high schoolers. Peace, love, wine, anyone?
  3. Our summer sales increased by 144%.
  4. We added two new product lines: hats & embroidery patches—both of which are best sellers!
  5. We filled about a million reorders over the summer (maybe an exaggeration but it sure felt like it).
  6. PP CEO, Maddy Sasso visited three new beach towns: Charleston, SC, Bar Harbor, ME, and Portsmouth, NH.
  7. She also got a full-time executive assistant in the form of a furry, almost two year old dog named Louie. He may not help with the administrative duties but assists in break time, licking tears, and encouraging walks outside.
  8. We moved into our PA office, making Pinkly Perfect run much more efficiently.
  9. Our blog got sponsored and we conducted our first ad campaign across college campuses in Philadelphia.
  10. We have a new creative genius on board who doubles as PP CEO, Maddy Sasso’s fiancé. Some of your favorite PP sayings are his ideas! (Searching for a Porpoise, I’ve got your back…)
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Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Articles


We have not been shy about our love for Valentine’s Day! From embracing all things pink to celebrating the things you love most to indulging in candy, we’re SO excited for February 14th to finally arrive. Below we’ve linked our favorite Valentine’s Day blog articles you may have missed or just want to read again. Enjoy!


Why Summer Flings Are Better Than Winter Romances:

We can’t remember the last Valentine’s Day we were bummed, but we know it’s a common theme. As a friendly reminder, regardless of your relationship status, I think we can all agree that dating in the summer is way better than dating in the winter. So! If you’re feeling down, just remember good times await that don’t require a jacket, gloves, and boots.


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (Pinkly Perfect Style):

One thing we love about Valentine’s Day is thoughtful gifts that make the people we love most happy. Check out our gift guide of our Pinkly Perfect products that we know are perfect for gift-giving this February. (And they’re even more perfect coming from us because they will arrive with free shipping in a hot pink box!)


Impress Your Crush With Beachy Valentines:

Got a crush and need a simple way to show you care? Check out these beachy ideas!


Valentine’s Day Accessories We Want Right Now:

Whether you’re staying in or hitting the town next week, we have some perfect accessories for you to shop to complete your night.


We hope you feel the love this Valentine’s Day and all year! Xoxo


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8 Common Goals of Every Beach Loving Girl


January is definitely the month for setting goals and putting yourself first! From getting fit to getting As, there’s A LOT we’re working for this month. But if you’re a beach loving girl, there’s a set of goals that we basically daydream about all year, especially once summer rolls around. Check out our top 8!


A good tan:

The best part about a beach vacation is showing off your beach vacation when you’re reunited with your landlocked besties at school. A good tan is absolutely necessary for that and it also keeps the spirit of summer alive just a little bit longer. (Check out our favorite self-tanners to get you through these dreaded non-summer months!)


Owning a beach house:

You know you’re a true beach girl when your most common daydream includes owning your own beach house someday. In fact, you probably have your top 5 favorites in your beach town of choice already picked out for inspiration when the big day finally arrives.


Getting kissed on the Ferris wheel:

A Ferris wheel kiss is the epitome of teenage summer romance! What is better than overlooking your favorite beach town in the company of your crush? Yes, it’s definitely cliché but also so perfect.


Having a basket on your bike:

Beach bike envy is so real. And if you’re a true beach lover, you absolutely need a beach bike with a basket. How else are you going to transport your iced coffees and donuts?


A good summer job:

Do we want to be stuck inside all summer when the beach is a block away? Nope! That’s why landing a perfect summer job is a major goal. We’re aiming for a breakfast hotspot that includes afternoons free and lots of tip money.


A mini-golf date:

For beach loving girls, going ice-skating is torture not the dream date. Instead, we’re crossing our fingers for the guy of our summer dreams to ask us to go mini-golfing. We can wear a cute outfit and show off our competitive side. Perfect!


Winning a big stuffed animal on the boardwalk:

Who actually wins these things? Our favorite summer movies constantly show the beach loving girl walking away from a ring toss with a massive stuffed pink bear and we’re left empty handed. Goal.


Perfect beach hair:

Another thing that seems impossible. Perfect beach hair is a struggle. The day we master it is the day we can do anything.


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Pink Accessories to Stay Organized in the New Year


Happy New Year! Despite 2016 being our launch year and the “first” of so many exciting things for Pinkly Perfect, I was SO ready to bid adieu and get started on a new year of adventures as a #girlboss. After a couple weeks of doing the bare minimum when it comes to work, I can’t wait to get back into my routine and start killing it again.


Sometimes the transition isn’t quite so easy though. I happen to be very excited to get back to the office but know I’ll need a little bit of help when I’m ready to go take a fourth coffee break and peruse the pink nail polishes at Duane Reade.


Here are my picks for the best pink accessories to stay organized and motivated in 2017! Included items are for the gal who already spent her Christmas gift money (me!) and for those who are ready to splurge!


Pink Coffee Mug:

I am so obsessed with waking up early, making a hot cup of coffee, and returning to my bed to sip and do some “big picture” brainstorming. Having a beautiful coffee mug makes that even more exciting (especially when you’ve been out late and would rather be sleeping). Check out our picks for pink coffee mugs!


Safe: Anthropologie Mimira Mug, $14 (shown above)

Splurge: Every day I’m Hustlin’ Mug from Ashley Brooke Designs, $23 


Pink Dry Erase Board:

I bought our splurge item (shown below) as a little Christmas gift to myself this year and I am SO happy with it. I will be writing my weekly goals for PP so I can hold myself accountable and be more productive this year.

Love the bracelets too? Shop our leather bracelets at pinklyperfect.com.

Safe: 18” x 24” Whiteboard from Staples, $39.99 

Splurge: ShugabeeLane Pink Framed Dry Erase Board (shown above), priced by size 


Pink Planners:

Planners are a busy girl’s best friend and absolutely necessary for keeping track of a hectic work and social life. I’m loving these pink ones!


Safe: Day-Timer Monthly Pink Calendar, $14.79 at Staples 

Splurge: 2017 Blush Planner, $68 (shown above)


Pink Piggy Bank:

If one of your New Year’s goals is to stop spending and start saving (smart), stay motivated to do so with a pink piggy bank! Or, if you’re constantly throwing change around, place that in the bank and save for a trip to somewhere warm and beachy next winter with your best girlfriends.


Safe: Pink Piggy Bank from thelittleblue house on Etsy, $14

Splurge: Gift Boutique Pink Sparkle Pig Bank, $198 (shown above)


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Let’s Get Real: Top Five “Mistakes” of 2016


Running a company (especially when it’s your first!) is full of learning experiences. And in the first year especially, there is a lot of trial and error. While what I present on our social pages is usually (and obviously) focusing on the positive, there’s actually way more frustrations that go into running Pinkly Perfect than you could ever imagine. For this post I decided to get super real and give you the inside scoop into my “biggest mistakes” of 2016 and how I’ll be turning them into the best learning experiences for going into 2017.


Eating for the Insta

Pinkly Perfect’s Instagram is full of shore favorites and summer reminders. This includes PP fashion and accessories, pictures of the ocean, and quintessential boardwalk sweets like ice cream, caramel corn, salt water taffy, and pancakes. In summer 2015 while I was sneakily working behind the scenes to make PP a reality, I had an easier time not eating all the sweets in my pics but this year I was super stressed and found comfort in it all. Nothing wrong with that but a daily indulgence doesn’t exactly help the bikini bod.

Goal for 2017: Learn to say no.


Not understanding Twitter

I just don’t get it. Please follow me.

Goal for 2017: Remember to post every day.



I am the worst at keeping secrets when I’m super excited about something. And this past year was full of A LOT of excitement! Combine that with the fact that I work alone and often get desperate to talk to people or share something with someone, and you have one of my biggest mistakes. As soon as something wonderful happened, I frantically texted my mom and best friends and posted on our social pages. This may not seem like that big of a deal but when you’re in the middle of a big project, getting so easily thrown off is actually pretty dangerous to accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Goal for 2017: Calm down.


Waking up too early

Notice there’s a lot of coffee pics on PP’s Instagram? Well, they’re needed. Somehow after launching Pinkly Perfect, my body’s alarm clock started going off early. Like, way early. Most days, I jumped out of bed by 4:30 AM while some days it was as early as 2:30 AM. I would fit in half a workday before 9 AM and then was too stressed to nap so it made for a very unhealthy (although efficient) work atmosphere.

Goal for 2017: Never wake up before 5:30 AM unless absolutely necessary.


Thinking I couldn’t do it

We launched PP on April 1st. Since then, we’ve been picked up by 9 boutiques (with more on the way for next summer!), had 13+ press features including NJ Monthly Magazine, Creator, and Glamour.com, and received such positive feedback from industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs. Yet somehow I spent so much time stress-crying alone in my office (thank god I face a wall) focusing on the mistakes or setbacks. This behavior is pretty typical of solo entrepreneurs (I’ve heard) but still it was pretty distracting and maybe even delusional.

Goal for 2017: Embrace my inner #girlboss and stop focusing on the negative.



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15 Ways to Pinkly Pamper Yourself This Winter


 Written by: Sarah Felbin

Secret Santas, pollyannas, plus gifts for your squad, your teachers, your pets, and, of course, the fam – the holidays are in full swing! With only two weeks left (can you believe it?!) before the big day, maybe you’re working your way down your mile-long present list… Or maybe not. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Our picks are perfect for banishing holiday stress and keeping you looking your best all through December.


Still struggling with gift ideas? No worries! Our Pinkly Perfect Present Picks are perfect for anyone left on your list – even that one girlfriend who already has everything. So get reading, get inspired, and get shopping!



philosophy kiss me tonight intense lip therapy, $21.00

SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, $28.00 Our Pick!

This tiny cleanser packs a huge punch! The twist-up stick is perfect for traveling on-the-go, while the pieces of rose petals inside make any morning routine extra special.

Perfect For: The athlete who’s always at the gym. But be careful – this is one gift you might be tempted to keep for yourself! Better grab two, just in case. 🙂


Herbivore Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask, $22.00 (shown)




philosophy mixed berry tart body lotion, $10.20

The Body Shop British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter, $21.00


eos Multipack of Hand Lotion, Body Lotion, and Lip Balm, $7.99 (shown) Our Pick!

A gift set already wrapped up in a pretty box for under $10? Yes, please! Plus, eos products are packed with Vitamin E, coconut milk, and shea butter for your softest winter skin ever.

Perfect For: The teacher who’s made math class that much more bearable this year.




CAKE Milk Made Smoothing White Sugar Body Scrub, $32.00 Our Pick!

This sweet scrub smells like vanilla and raspberries – yum! It’s a perfect exfoliator with real sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk, coconut oil, and shea butter to help hydrate and replenish dry winter skin.

Perfect For: Your stage manager/Art Club president/star of the swim team/straight-A bestie who somehow manages to do it all.

ULTA Luxe Smooth Exfoliating Body Scrub, $19.50

Bath & Body Works Hello Beautiful Foaming Sugar Scrub, $16.50 (shown)



Bath and Shower:

philosophy iced orchid shower gel, $18.00 Our Pick!

This sweet shower gel doubles as a moisturizing bubble bath and shampoo with a fresh floral scent. Plus, the scent stays with you even after you shower!

Perfect For: Mom! The light scent won’t mess with her usual routine, and it’s shimmery without leaving any messy glitter behind.

LUSH Rock Star Soap, $7.95 (shown)


Eclair Naturals Grapefruit Geranium Effervescent Bath Salts, $9.99




ULTA Sweet Grapefruit Sheer Fragrance Mist, $9.50

Whim Bold Glitters Nail Polish in Catching Confetti, $10.00 (shown) Our Pick!


This long-lasting polish is extra durable to keep your tips shining all the way until New Year’s. Two coats and you’re out the door with a show-stopping mani your squad will never believe you did yourself!

Perfect For: Treat Yo’self Day! Everyone needs one, and this is the perfect gift to yourself for surviving the hectic holiday season. Congrats – you’ve earned it!

Eva Nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask, $11.99


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My Interview with Girls Loft: Three Questions With


It’s no secret at Pinkly Perfect that we’re girls’ girls. Our target is beach loving teenage girls and we want to provide clothing and accessories that 1. capture the magic of summer vacation all year (duh) and 2. give our girls options to embrace the age they are, rather than feeling pressured to grow up too quickly. Our styles are girly, quirky, and capture beach town pride in a way that is competitive in a fun way.

Sometimes though, as women, we can be our own worst enemy. Last week at Inc. Magazine’s Women’s Summit, there were many panel discussions where women didn’t agree on very personal issues (more serious than if you think your beach town is better than mine…which is also serious). Regardless of their differences, they listened and treated each other with respect. This is where the magic happens. That is why they are able to be successful entrepreneurs.

What I learned at the Women’s Summit and what I learn every day by running Pinkly Perfect is that there is such power if women just started supporting other women.

An organization that does just that is Girls Loft. Taken from their About Page on their website, “Girls Loft is an inspiration project to help ladies find their side hustle, turn hobbies into careers and cultivate a more meaningful daily grind.” I love that they use successful women to inspire others who are looking to make the leap, or may just be feeling a little uninspired in general.

That is why I was so excited to be featured in their “Three Questions With” series, which you can read here. We should all be supporting each other every single day and be an inspiration to others. Please read the article, get inspired, and follow Girls Loft.

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What I Learned at Inc. Women’s Summit


A couple days ago, I was lucky enough to represent Pinkly Perfect at Inc. Magazine’s Women’s Summit with speakers Barbara Corcoran, Venus Williams, Lisa Price, Alexa von Tobel, Katia Beauchamp, and more.


It was an all day event for women entrepreneurs and included Q&A panels and networking opportunities. (Plus free food and unlimited coffee, which never hurts.) So I obviously knew it would be an inspiring day.



Free (pink!) Baked by Melissa cupcakes! Melissa Ben-Ishay was also a guest speaker.


Barbara Corcoran (if you don’t know who she is, stop reading this and check out her article from Inc. here), was discussing what makes a successful entrepreneur. Among other distinctions, Barbara said entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of failure. Instead, they’re motivated by it. She said that it’s not failure that scares people. Anyone who’s ever failed probably can look back and know that great things came from what seemed at the time to be the worst thing ever (yes, yes, yes!). But it’s the fear of failure that stops people, especially women.


This really resonated with me as I’ve realized in the last couple months that I have been fearful of so many things in my life that actually aren’t scary at all. Instead, facing them has lead to my most rewarding moments.



The first time I remember experiencing fear. For real, that slide was scary and I remember getting to that point and turning around and going back down the steps over and over until I asked my mom to take my picture so I would HAVE to go down. Once I did it, it was so fun! Why did it take another 25 years to learn that I shouldn’t be afraid of so much?


In terms of Pinkly Perfect, I was terrified of launching my website, afraid to promote blog articles I wrote, nervous to admit success, or ask questions when I didn’t understand something. In my personal life, I was afraid to look like an idiot at the gym, tell people they hurt me, say goodbye to people who brought me down more than they lifted me up, or go in the ocean alone (watch out, Summer 2017).


But all of those fears, after I faced them, weren’t scary at all! I wouldn’t have any revenue without my website, I love writing blog articles, I am proud of my success, I understand things that were once confusing, I can eat my favorite summer sweets without hating myself, I don’t hold grudges, and I genuinely like everyone in my life. (Will report back next summer how going in the ocean alone goes!)


Even though this was a lesson geared towards entrepreneurs, I really hope it can resonate with girls at all different stages of their lives. Asking questions in class could lead to more As, trying out for the basketball team could just as easily mean making the basketball team rather than getting cut, telling someone how you really feel could lead to meeting someone way better for you, and trying new things could lead to recognizing your life’s passion rather than coasting by on other people’s expectations of you.


While I attempt to go through life even more fearless than I’ve been, I hope you join me!


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Study Tips for the Best School Year Ever


Written by: Sarah Felbin

The school year is here at last! Getting to see your girlfriends every day is, of course, a huge plus – but homework, tests, and quizzes? Not so much. Lucky for you, you don’t have to do it alone! With so many new apps and strategies out there, it’s just too easy to make this year the best year ever… So what are you waiting for?


Amazing Apps!


OneNote is a note-taking app that allows you to access notes from anywhere! Type, write, or draw your thoughts using this program, which is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users (which, we have to admit, is pretty impressive). With multiple ways to organize your documents and the ability to share pages with classmates and friends, OneNote is a must for taking digital notes in class!


Anki is a digital flashcard program that uses spaced repetition to make sure you never forget a vocab word again! Create your own flashcards from anywhere (even your phone) and review them daily to make any information stick. You can even add pictures, which is a tried and true method for faster and more accurate recall during tests. It’s perfect for information-heavy courses, like foreign languages, history classes, or even the sciences!


Wunderlist is your new personal assistant. A to-do list app that allows you to sort your tasks based on different areas of your life, Wunderlist stands out from the crowd with its ability to create shared to-do lists with others. Working on a group project? Add everyone to the same list so you can all keep track of your progress! You can even sort tasks by the date they’re due, which works wonders for procrastinators. So get downloading and get to work!


Sunrise is the digital agenda you’ve been looking for! Your own personal secretary, Sunrise can sync with your Facebook account, Google account, and even your Office 365, allowing you to see all of your events and appointments in one place. Schedule your classes, projects, meetings, parties, travel plans – everything – and see exactly what your week looks like at a moment’s notice. We’d tell you it’s free for both iOS and Android users, but we don’t want you to get too excited…


Forest is perfect for those time when your Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and texts are just blowing up… But you have a massive essay due tomorrow and absolutely no motivation. What’s a girl to do? Download Forest, of course! To get you working, Forest plants a tiny virtual tree every time you set the timer on your phone, iPad, or computer. After you set the timer, checking your phone or visiting other websites will kill the tree, so you can’t distract yourself while you’re working. The best part? Growing trees earns you coins, which you can donate to planting real trees in the real world. Put down your phone, crush that essay, and help save the world!


Study Smarter, Not Harder


Give Yourself a Goal:

Not in the mood to study those vocab words? Promise yourself a little reward for finishing – a trip to Starbucks, lunch with your bestie, or even ten minutes on your phone shopping Pinkly Perfect – whatever keeps you going! Having something to look forward to makes time fly by, trust us.


Break It Up:

Studies show we work best when we give our brains a break to process information. How long your study seshes are is up to you – just make sure you’re not tiring yourself out! Try the Pomodoro method (25 minutes of work, 5 minute breaks, then a longer break after you’ve completed 4 cycles) or experiment to see what works best for you. (Just don’t get too off task while your brain absorbs those facts!)


Take Note:

Good notes can make or break your test prep, so why not branch out a little? Organize information into an outline, make a mind map, create a chart, incorporate some color, or start a whole new system, like Cornell notes. It can take a few tries to find the method that helps you the most, so don’t be afraid to try something new!


Set Yourself Up For Success:

Location, location, location! Sometimes, where you study can be as important as what you study, so choose carefully! Look for a place that has good lighting, so you won’t want to take a nap, and bring earbuds. Studies show that music can help us focus and remember information better, so if blasting Sia helps you with those equations, go ahead! We won’t tell. 🙂


Brain Food:

Sometimes, the only thing keeping you going is a study snack – or two! But instead of reaching for Nutella and a spoon, try these (healthier!) alternatives:

  • Popcorn
  • Hummus and veggies
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Peanut butter (pair with apples, bananas, or crackers!)
  • Avocado (on toast, or even in guacamole!)
  • Granola bars
  • Oatmeal (try searching for “overnight oat recipes.” Yum!)


With these tips by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do – so get working on that essay, because we’ve got a school year to crush!


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Girl Boss: Hannah Carmody of HanMade by Han


Last month I was lucky enough to meet fellow girl boss and Jersey shore lover, Hannah Carmody over iced coffees in our favorite beach town. She is the passionate girl boss behind HanMade By Han, a jewelry company inspired by her trips to the bead store in Stone Harbor, NJ. Learn more about her journey, challenges, and trend obsessions below.


PP: Thanks for meeting with me, Hannah! Let’s start with how you first got involved in jewelry design and what was the ah-ha moment when you realized you could turn your passion into a business?

HC: Ever since I was little, I have been going to Stone Harbor, New Jersey. When I was younger, I would go downtown to the little bead store for hours and hours! I loved all of the different ways to make accessories and the endless bead options. Two summers ago, I got to spend my summer working at the shore! Working at the make-your-own jewelry store was something I had always dreamed of. I started making HanMade originals and suddenly all of my friends wanted their own. When I got back to Penn State for my junior year, I realized that I could turn my passion for beading into my own business!


PP: So exciting! I remember spending rainy days at that bead store too! What has been your biggest challenge since running your own business and how have you overcome it?

HC: My biggest challenge has been making my company a well-known brand that all customers can trust. As a young entrepreneur, it is easy to have bigger retail stores take advantage of you. The best way to overcome that is to always stick up for yourself and focus on what makes your brand unique. If you can find a way to separate yourself from your competitors, people will support you.


PP: Agreed! What have you learned about yourself since starting your own business?

HC: My life motto has always been: do what you love, love what you do. I have learned that if you have the opportunity to take a passion and turn it into your own business, it doesn’t feel like work at all.


PP: Love that, Hannah. What advice would you give to high school girls in terms of branching out and starting their own company?

HC: My advice would be to find a mentor and ask a lot of questions. It is important to educate yourself and find people that can help you grow as a startup. When I was at Penn State, I loved taking classes on entrepreneurship. The classes allowed me to meet other students interested in starting their own business and develop all of the skills I needed to find success in the earliest stages of my venture.


PP: What is your favorite jewelry trend right now?

HC: My favorite jewelry trend right now: LAYERING! I think it’s fun to have your favorite everyday necklaces to layer with new pieces. There are so many ways to wear your favorites! I like to choose different lengths and shapes to make my own combinations. One of my favorite HanMade necklaces to layer is the Ellie! The elephant charm makes a statement and gives any outfit a little more personality.

Get your perfect layering pieces at www.hanmadebyhan.com!
Get your perfect layering pieces at www.hanmadebyhan.com!


PP: We’ll have to try it! What is your best seller?

HC: My best sellers have been the crystal collection. With many teardrop styles to choose from, girls love having two or three to switch up their look. The Dale is popular for day and the Nala is trendy for night.

Shop HanMade by Han at www.hanmadebyhan.com


PP: Finally, what is your favorite shore memory?

HC: My favorite shore memory is getting up early to go to the beach before the lifeguards arrive. Those mornings make me feel lucky to have such a beautiful setting, just blocks away!


Like HanMade by Han on Facebook

Follow HanMade by Han on Instagram

Visit HanMade by Han’s Website


The Girl Boss series celebrates women business owners who are making their dreams happen.


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