DIY Pink Pumpkins


Written by: Sarah Felbin

Autumn is finally here! Sweater weather has us all excited, as does the one thing you can’t have a PSL without: Pumpkins! Big, small, or in between, decorating pumpkins is one of the best ways to start embracing the new fall season. Whether you’re ready to start getting into the Halloween spirit or searching for the perfect Thanksgiving decor, these pretty pink pumpkins are a great way to add a little flair to any space!


How pretty and unique is this table setting? Picture from Oh Happy Day!


Hosting a fall fest for your BFFs? This pumpkin centerpiece is an easy DIY that packs a huge punch! Find the instructions (along with some adorable table setting ideas) here at Oh Happy Day.


Pumpkins need Halloween costumes too! A pretty pumpkin perfectly disguised as a pineapple from Studio DIY.

If you haven’t noticed, we here at Pinkly Perfect love the beach (like, a lot!). However… We’re not fans of fifty degree beach days. Fortunately, even though we can’t be where the sun meets the sea, this pineapple pumpkin from Studio DIY reminds us that it’s never too chilly for a sunshine state of mind!
Photo from Twinspiration.


Easy? Check. Budget-friendly? Check. Gorgeous? Check! While these pumpkins may look super-expensive, they’re actually simple to make and won’t break the bank! All you need is paint, tissue paper, and Mod Podge – find the instructions here from Twinspiration.
Yum! These pumpkins from Studio DIY are giving us all sorts of cravings.

These tiny pumpkins (donuts?) look good enough to eat! Make them yourself or host a painting party with your besties – find the recipe here at Studio DIY!


We’re loving how unique this pumpkin is. Picture and DIY instructions from A Beautiful Mess.


Even if you’re not the most artistic (because, let’s be real, some days it’s hard to even draw a straight line), you can absolutely whip up a few fabric paint pumpkins anytime! We’ll be surprised if you can restrain yourself to just making one or two. Find the instructions here at A Beautiful Mess!


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How to Host a Flamingo Party!

Written by: Keri Berghahn

Trying to beat the summer heat? Throw a Pink Flamingo pool party! Not only are flamingos the “it” summer pool accessory, but who also doesn’t love a pop of pink!? To successfully complete the pink flamingo summer look, you’ll need some key supplies.


First, you’ll need some pretty pink flamingo pool floaties! Adding these to your backyard pool is the perfect way to add that pink pop of color!

Urban Outfitters sells the most perfect flamingo pool float!
Urban Outfitters sells the most perfect flamingo pool float!

Second, you’ll want to serve your guests some delicious sweets and treats. We suggest anything with some pink frosting or candies. Check out this recipe for some homemade cupcakes with Flamingo toppers.


Next, you’ll want to decorate your yard or patio area with some pink decorations. By simply adding in some other summer colors, the whole yard will look bright and summery! Check out these flamingo decorations from BlushBazaar on Etsy.

Check out BlushBazaar on Etsy for some perfect Flamingo decorations.
Check out BlushBazaar on Etsy for some perfect Flamingo decorations.

Think about letting your guest know about the theme with some perfect flamingo-inspired stationery.


Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you have the best summer games and activities and of course keep them pink flamingo themed! You could create your own obstacle course with the flamingos, or maybe even try a pink flamingo ring toss.

We love this idea from Sugar and Cloth!


With these summer tips, your pink flamingo pool party will be a perfect summer success!


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DIY Ocean in a Box

Written by: Sarah Haurin

Finding the perfect beach souvenir proves a daunting task, especially if you would rather be soaking up the sun or floating in the ocean instead of combing the boardwalk for the ideal memento.


This year, rather than scouring the shops, create your own beachy keepsake with items that you can easily and effortlessly collect during your beach bumming days.


With shells collected throughout your trip and a decorative jar, you can create a cute decoration for your desk or your nightstand. This past June, my parents surprised me on my birthday with this jar (see picture above) filled with seashells found on the beach of Isle of Palms, SC. This token from our amazing vacation will definitely keep some summer in my life even when the leaves begin to fall and the temperature starts to drop!


If you’re feeling more adventurous with your crafting, or still have seashells leftover even after creating a frame, Christmas ornament, or hair accessory, you can build an ocean in a box using a shadow box and some beach collectibles.

We're loving how a little sand and shells can take your picture frame to the next level! Picture from
We’re loving how a little sand and shells can take your picture frame to the next level! Picture from


To personalize your box, you can use a picture of you and your friends enjoying a perfect beach day as the background. Add some collected sand, seashells, and maybe a little sea glass and you’ve created the perfect summer souvenir!


With a bigger shadow box, you have room for a collage of beach day pictures that can even include a map of your beach town, some stickers, or your favorite summer quote; nothing rings truer than “Life is better at the beach!”


Forgot to take fun pictures on your beach excursion? No problem! You can simply fill a shadow box to the brim with seashells and hang it on your wall as a year long reminder of the fun that you had collecting them.

Perfect way to use old seashells! Picture from
Perfect way to use old seashells! Picture from


What’s even more fun than crafting solo? Crafting with your best friends! You can incorporate making your ocean in a box into a fun summer party with your friends.


A personalized beach box also makes the perfect gift for your friends with summer birthdays, or even for Christmas – if you can wait that long to share your awesome creation!


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How to Repurpose Old Beach Tags


Written By: Jenna Yesenosky


Beach tags. We all use them. Unless you only vacation in Wildwood, in which case, consider yourself lucky. You’ve never been rudely awakened while trying to relax in the sand by a sweaty, sunburnt tag checker who’s making sure you actually paid to sit on the beach. Every day, sometimes twice a day, the beloved beach tag checker makes you pull out your tote and drag sand onto your towel so you can prove your purchase of sun and sand. Ugh.


What’s even worse is that the beach tags we buy are only good for a year, and after a summer we throw them away. If we’re going to have to go through all that trouble for one tiny little fluorescent tag, we should at least save them as a keepsake, right?


Here are four ways to reuse and recycle your summer beach tags:


  1. Make them into keychains. Sick and tired of confusing your keys with your bestie’s? Grab some string, some beads, and a beach tag from your favorite summer and get crafty! Attach the pin to the string, spruce it up with some beads, add a hook and you’re finished! You can even make these as gifts for your shore-lovin’ girls if they get way too jealous of yours.
  2. Jazz up your bag. Think about it: The tags have to stay on your beach bag for a whole 3 months anyways, right? You might as well make them look pretty! Grab a beach tag, one from every year, add whatever kind of crafty glitter or jewels you please, and stick them back on! Be careful though, your beach tag checker might think you’re trying to pass off a trendy new brooch as a tag!
  3. Add them to your scrapbook. Was your summer one for the books? Print out some of your favorite pictures and grab some of your best keepsakes and put them all together! Add in a beach tag from last year so you can commemorate summer 2015 and cherish it forever. (Until you make crazier memories this year, that is!)
  4. Make a DIY picture frame. Personalize a birthday gift for the BFF you spend your whole summer with. Grab a picture frame, some spray paint, glitter, jewels, your beach tags, and get to work! Glue everything onto the frame, slide your favorite picture of the two of you inside, and watch her face light up when she unwraps it. Best present ever!


Yes, beach tags are a major pain in the mermaid tail, but they definitely have a lot more uses than just ensuring you don’t get kicked off of the beach. Any of these four ways to reuse your old beach tags would make you the trendiest girl at the Jersey shore.


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Give Your Locker a Beach Makeover


Written by: Catherine Geruson 

With the sun finally out and summer right around the corner, who wants to be sitting behind a desk all day?! Cravings for boardwalk treats and some well-deserved relaxation are kicking in. It seems like it’s time to trade in the textbooks for some beach reads, but there’s still a couple of months to go! One way to help you stay on top of your studies and let the summer motivate you positively is to deck out your locker with beachy vibes!


Most lockers are probably looking a little messy at this point in the year; pictures are faded; there’s a strange smell; stray papers are everywhere. It’s time to clean it out and get going. First empty out your locker so you have a clean slate to decorate.


For the back or inside door of your locker, hanging up a cute piece of fabric similar to a beach towel is a great idea. Anything with bright colors or bold patterns can get you in the mood. Create a collage with tons of pictures of summer memories, or hang up a few of your absolute favorites as focal points inside.


Some people like to put mini chandeliers in their lockers for decoration, but hanging a unique paper lantern is even more creative and reminiscent of relaxing summer nights. Other small decorations such as Hawaiian flowers, small shells, or fun Fourth of July décor can add unique touches. Giving your locker a quick spritz of a summer scent can transport you to your favorite vacation spot, while simultaneously killing the funky smells escaping from your backpack.


Inside your locker you can even include your plans for the summer months. Right next to your assignments list write down your beach must reads! Cover the walls with summer-inspired post it notes that have items from your summer bucket list. Hopefully, thinking of the adventures to come will encourage you to finish the school year strong!

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DIY Sea Glass Crafts

Written by: Elizabeth DePaul


One of my absolute favorite activities during the summer months is to walk the beach in search of sea glass. I love finding the perfectly imperfect pieces, each a different color, shape, size, and with a different story. Not only are they fun to collect, but there are also so many unique ways to show off your finds. Try one of these simple crafts to display your sea glass:



Pendant Necklace: Wrap a piece of wire a few times around the middle of your favorite piece of sea glass, and then attach the wire to a strong piece of string, cord, or chain. You could even make a few at different lengths and layer them together. You’ll always have a little piece of summer with you!



Candle Votive: Place one of these summery scented candles in a clear glass votive and surround it with colorful sea glass pieces and other beach finds like shells and stones. Make a few in different sizes and use them as beachy decor for your next summer inspired party with your besties!



Framed Wall Art: This DIY is the perfect way to turn your beach treasures into a work of art. Arrange several pieces of sea glass onto a sturdy piece of paper – you could even arrange them in the shape of a heart, your initial, or the abbreviation of your favorite beach town! Secure the pieces with hot glue and place the paper in the frame. Hang this over your desk for some summer inspiration while you study.



Photo Transfer: Print out your best summer photos and use this tutorial to transfer them onto your sea glass pieces. These would make great gifts for your summer loving friends or to keep on display on your desk or dresser to remind you of your favorite summer memories.




What are some of your favorite crafts to do with sea glass? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂



Picture above from Martha Stewart

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You Collected All Those Seashells. Now What?



Written by: Jenna Yesenosky


Nothing is more exciting than finding a perfect, unbroken seashell at the beach. Why do we collect seashells? Maybe it’s a way of collecting memories, maybe it’s a tradition passed from generation to generation, or maybe it’s just a way to waste the lazy Jersey shore days away. Whatever reason we do it, by August it’s always the same story: we end up with a pile of pretty seashells that we have no legitimate reason to keep. So, the  question is asked: You Collected All Those Seashells. Now What?



Picture Frame– Keep your favorite Jersey shore memories in this DIY frame made of shells from your favorite tanning spot. The best part about this DIY Seashell Frame is that it can be super simple or, if you want to spruce it up a bit, the shells can easily be painted to match any room or wall. Get creative! Try out a bright color, some glitter, or both!



Ornaments– Having a hard time thinking of a gift for your shore bestie? Make her something instead! Try something like these Ombre Glitter Seashell Ornaments. These ornaments take some time to complete, but they make perfect gifts for any Jersey-shore-loving girl! To make it even more personal, use her favorite colors or write her a letter that includes all your summer inside jokes.



Hair Accessories– If you’ve spent your whole life looking for a way to become a mermaid, look no further. Check out these simple DIY Seashell Hair Accessories. These hair clips are an easy way to bring a little piece of the summer around with you wherever you go. If you don’t have any shells to spare but you still want a beachy vibe, check out these Beachy Hair Pins from Ornate Treasures or any other beach-inspired hair clips from one of the many Etsy shops available.



“Beach In A Jar”– Remember summer even as the snow falls outside with this cute room decoration. Let your creativity fly as you fill your mason jar with as much sand, as many shells, and as many memories as you please. Add in some sand and voila! Your very own beach in a jar that you can wistfully stare into until June. Think of it as a motivational tool to finish out the school year strong! 🙂



Whether you’re wearing your shells this winter or getting a jump start on your 2016 Christmas gifts, it feels good to finally have a way to put these shells to good use. After all, finding an unharmed seashell is like impossible, so it’s always nice to finally be able to flaunt your findings.


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Alternate Uses for Your Old Beach Toys

Written by: Elizabeth DePaul


There’s nothing more nostalgic than searching through your attic and stumbling upon your once beloved beach toys. We loved all the classics, like sand buckets (especially the ones shaped like castles, and especially if they were pink), shovels, and Disney princess beach towels. Rather than having our childhood favorites collecting dust, we thought it would be fun to re-purpose our beach toys so we can always be reminded of summers past.


Ornament: Take your favorite shovel, rubber beach toy, or shell you found in one of your old buckets and turn it into a tree ornament or wall hanging. These tips for summer holiday decorations will help you out!


Shovel Garland: If you’re anything like me, you had numerous shovels in an array of shapes and candy-colored hues. Whether you’re hosting a beach inspired party for your besties, or even just to add some summer fun to your room, string your old shovels together and hang them up for a fun, beachy garland. Spruce them up with sequins, paint, and shells or alternate them in-between some twinkle lights!


Storage Bucket: We love the idea of using old beach buckets to hold books, art supplies, or hair accessories in our room. Host a craft night and decorate old sand buckets together with your friends! (Tip: play these best summer songs of all time as you re-make your beach buckets!)


Beach Game: If you’ve got a summer full of beach visitors (hello, birthday weekend with your besties!) then turn your old toys into a new game. This beach bucket toss game would be perfect to set up during a day at the beach!


Beach Towel Quilt: Beach towels were essentially everything when we were younger. There was always that thrill of going into the store and picking out a brand new towel for the summer, adorned in shades of pink and princesses. If you still have a few and don’t mind cutting them up, use them as squares in a beach-inspired quilt. This would make a great blanket for those cold winter months and to have on display in the summer! Here’s a simple beach blanket DIY.


Have you re-purposed any of your old beach toys? Let us know in the comments section below!


Picture above from Party Fetti blog

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How to Host a “Let’s Pretend it’s Summer Party!”



Chances are you’ve already been to a couple holiday parties this month with some more on the way. You’ve worn ugly Christmas sweaters and reindeer headbands while consuming handfuls of gingerbread cookies and breaking your teeth on candy canes. You’ve ordered countless peppermint hot chocolates from Starbucks and have already started panicking about which New Year’s Eve party you should attend in order to find a last-minute date to Winter Formal.


But the depressing thing is that after New Year’s Eve, the most exciting holiday festivities are pretty much over. Sure, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but consuming copious amounts of Hershey Kisses as you watch flowers get delivered to all your non-single friends isn’t always the most exciting holiday (even though we do get a pretty good excuse to wear pink!).


Instead of falling victim to the winter blues, why not host a “Let’s Pretend it’s Summer Party!”? Just because it’s freezing outside, there’s snow on the ground, and you’ve forgotten what it feels like to wear flip flops and shorts doesn’t mean we can’t at least pretend for one night that it’s our favorite season and throw a summer party!


Invite your best girlfriends over for a weekend night and tell them to bring their favorite summer outfit. Have them change as soon as they arrive, greeting them with a beautiful display of quintessential summer foods. Put some cotton candy in your parents’ martini glasses, have a big bowl of caramel corn, and serve pink lemonade with a drink umbrella. Later in the night, whip out a “build your own ice cream sundae” bar equipped with your favorite flavors and toppings!


Download these best summer songs of all time to play in the background while you discuss your goals for Summer 2016 and insta-stalk last summer’s fling while painting your nails different shades of hot pink. You can even start to plan out all the concerts you’ll be attending next summer or watch your favorite summer movie (read: The Parent Trap).


If you want to throw a summer party, you’ll need to go all out on the decorations. Pick up some beachy paper napkins like these from OliveItGifts on Etsy and hang up a seashell garland like this one.


Turns out just a few simple decorations, some quintessential summer snacks, and your best friends decked out in neon tanks is all it takes to successfully throw a summer party and remind us of the fun times awaiting us when school’s out!


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Seashells and Sleigh Bells: Add a Summer Flair to Holiday Decorations


Written by: Emma Veon


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?  But if you prefer Christmas in July to December 25th, here are a few decorative tips to keep a happy balance between snow and sand this holiday season!


The Tree – Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, thy leaves are SO in need of some beachy ornaments.  Stores like Target or Walmart start carrying holiday merchandise in October so they’re sure to have some fish ornaments in stock at this time of year, but the artistic decorator might want to try making his or her own ornament! Most craft stores and pottery painting shops sell clear glass balls or blank ceramic shapes that you can paint yourself.  Quaint, clean ornaments can be made from seashells, sand dollars, or starfish.  Use hot glue to attach a ribbon to the back of your ornament and hang it on the tree.  A few pom-poms and paints could turn a starfish into Rudolph or a sand dollar into Sandy Claus :).  But don’t put the glue gun and ribbon away yet!  Tie or glue some more string to a pair of old sunglasses or cut out some bathing suit or sun from colorful paper.


Beachy Ornaments


The Lights – All I want for Christmas is you… to buy me some perfect lights.  White icicle lights are beautiful, but if you’re looking for a more summery vibe this winter, bring the luau lights inside.  Strings of paper lantern lights or colorful plastic globes keep the season merry and bright without sacrificing all of your summer favorites.  Check out colorful string lights, too.


The Wreath – On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: four messy wreaths that could definitely use some updating.  Go ahead and grab those beautiful evergreen wreaths, but also pick up some shells, colorful ribbon, plastic sea creatures, fun stickers, or anything that reminds you of your treasured time at the beach.  Glue or tie the pieces of your choice to the wreath and proudly hang it on your door.  If you’d rather try something other than a traditional evergreen wreath, hit Pinterest or Etsy for some inspiration.  A wooden frame can be the base for a wreath of pictures or towel bits or seashells.


The Decor – I’ll have a blue Christmas, but only because all my decorations are blue.  Red and green are lovely, but try some blue, white, or tan, too!  Keep the summer decor up all year, but add some Santa hats, window candles, trees, snowflakes, and bells around Christmastime.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas with all the fun and warmth of a summer afternoon!


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