10 Surprising Facts About Year 2 for Pinkly Perfect


We just celebrated our 2nd birthday on April 1st! (Where has the time gone?!)

In reflection and evaluation of the past year, we decided to put together a list of 10 surprising facts you may not know about Pinkly Perfect!

  1. Our product was featured on TV!
  2. We’re over 21! Yep, we did some research and realized the majority of our customers were over 21. So we started gearing our designs more towards them and less towards high schoolers. Peace, love, wine, anyone?
  3. Our summer sales increased by 144%.
  4. We added two new product lines: hats & embroidery patches—both of which are best sellers!
  5. We filled about a million reorders over the summer (maybe an exaggeration but it sure felt like it).
  6. PP CEO, Maddy Sasso visited three new beach towns: Charleston, SC, Bar Harbor, ME, and Portsmouth, NH.
  7. She also got a full-time executive assistant in the form of a furry, almost two year old dog named Louie. He may not help with the administrative duties but assists in break time, licking tears, and encouraging walks outside.
  8. We moved into our PA office, making Pinkly Perfect run much more efficiently.
  9. Our blog got sponsored and we conducted our first ad campaign across college campuses in Philadelphia.
  10. We have a new creative genius on board who doubles as PP CEO, Maddy Sasso’s fiancé. Some of your favorite PP sayings are his ideas! (Searching for a Porpoise, I’ve got your back…)
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Summer Mode to Slay Mode: Pink Accessories Perfect for Girl Bosses


Is it just me or does everyone get a little slow moving (along with super bummed!) once summer ends? I know fall’s one of the best seasons for the beach (water is so warm in September!), but weekends at your favorite beach town are basically over and it’s harder and harder to justify a nightly ice cream cone. How are we supposed to be excited about that and be ready to jump right back into the routine of schoolwork and 5-day work weeks (or 7 if you’re a girl boss!). In order to go right from summer mode to slay mode, check out these must-haves to unleash the girl boss in you this off-season!


Personalized Stationery:

$2.60 each at minted.com

We (obviously) love the subtle palm tree addition to these pretty pink notecards! Get yours at minted.com.

No matter how many times you e-mail, insta DM, snap, or tweet your favorite people, there’s still nothing like receiving a hand written note in the mail. As a girl boss looking to make a serious impression and have her name be remembered, it is critical to get back into the habit of writing letters. After a meeting, a thank you note to a potential customer, when sending press sample, letter writing is perfect for so many occasions! Have a personalized (and pink) set on hand and make it part of your routine. Don’t forget pink stamps!


Business Card Holder:

$13.83 at Amazon

A business card holder is a must-have this fall. Pick up a pink leather one at Amazon.com.

A true girl boss never misses an opportunity to network. Ever get asked for your business card and realize you’re not carrying any with you? Yeah, us too but never again with this pink leather business card holder. At only $13.83, it’s an absolutely necessary “don’t leave your house without” item because you never know when the best opportunity will come knocking at your door!


Easy to Find Keychain:

$18 at Pinkly Perfect

Is work your happy place? Maybe not. But this leather keychain will save you major time searching your purse for your keys!

Time is of the essence when you’re constantly jumping from one meeting to the next and even a couple minutes of searching for your keys can really disrupt your groove. To save time (and sanity), place your keys on an easy to find keychain, like Pinkly Perfect’s “Happy Place” in petal pink. Made in the USA, real leather, and only $18—perfect!


Small Notebook & Pen:

$10 from ban.do

Business on the top, party on the bottom?! We think so. Lovely notebook from ban.do.

In a world where you can do literally everything from your phone, taking meeting notes should not be one of those things. I get it—it’s super easy and then there’s no chance of losing information but from the other person’s perspective, it’s slightly rude. Think about it–there’s no way for anyone to know you’re taking notes or writing out your grocery list. Instead, buy a small notebook and pen that can fit in any of your purses and keep it on you for surprise meetings. We love the simplicity of ban.do’s pink 5” x 8” notebook. It’s only $10 and features an elastic band to keep any loose papers safe too!


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One Year With Pinkly Perfect


In anticipation of Pinkly Perfect’s first birthday on April 1st, I sat down with one of my besties (and PP Contributor), Maureen, to chat about the past year, what I have learned, and my hopes for the future of Pinkly Perfect! Below is our convo:


MD: What is Pinkly Perfect doing to celebrate her birthday?

MS: We’ll be celebrating with a nice dinner out with my parents. For her launch, I organized a big party and this year I really wanted to honor the people who knew me when PP was just a dream and I was too afraid to act on it. I’ll also be making a little stop at the beach of course! 🙂


MD: What was the rose of the first year, and what was the thorn?

MS: The rose was being quoted in Glamour. And the thorns were the negative comments from people I thought would be supportive. It’s really not fun to be putting so much effort into something and working on it completely alone and constantly doubting yourself then you get some great press or hit a milestone and you’re like “Yes! Now I have something to celebrate!” and they automatically point out a flaw. Those moments are what you need to stay alive and then comments like that throw you right back down. I wish people knew how completely exhausting and scary running a company is.


MD: What are Pinkly Perfect’s goals for the next year?

MS: I’m moving into a big office space on her birthday actually and my goal for the next year is to get a real organized operation and process in motion where it can run seamlessly without me being there. Also looking to make my first official hire in year 2 and getting an advisory board in place to help with the more difficult decisions of running a business.


MD: A one-year old has grown 50% since birth, can stand alone, and sleeps less during the day. What milestones has Pinkly Perfect reached since last year?

MS: After one year, Pinkly Perfect’s product line is completely realized. When I launched last year, I launched a variety of products with not too much inventory as a “test.” This year, everything I launched works and sells so it’s nice to have something really tight and specific. She also has a built in base of repeat customers, which is really impressive.


MD: What has been the hardest part of the last year? What has been the easiest?

MS: Hardest part by far is doing it alone. I say this over and over and still can’t say it enough—it is so difficult to have no one on the team with you to get advice from, brainstorm with, problem solve, or just vent to. It’s one thing to have sounding boards with friends and family but they don’t get it—there’s nothing at stake for them/they have no equity in this. The easiest part is working on it 24/7. I love it so much that I genuinely really enjoy spending so much time on it and making it perfect. People think I’m crazy or that I need a “break” but I’m obsessed and proud of it!


MD: You had a clear idea of Pinkly Perfect’s path. How did she follow that path, and how did she differ?

MS: I worked on PP for an entire year prior to my launch so I kind of sorted out the path she was going down prior to that. Although in the last year, she geared more towards accessories than clothing and also got into 13 boutiques. I launched thinking I wanted to be online only so that’s been a massive difference.


MD: What did you learn about yourself in the last year?

MS: I learned that I can be my own role model. Starting a company was something I always wanted for myself but pushed aside because I didn’t know anyone who was doing it at my age and alone. When I realized I owed it to myself to do this and then since launching, doing it so well, I felt kind of sad that I didn’t realize before that just because someone else wasn’t there doing it, that I couldn’t. Since launching, I’ve heard from so many women of all different ages that I’ve inspired them to make the leap and it’s the best feeling ever to be that inspiration for myself and for other people.


MD: What do Pinkly Perfect and Maddy have in common? How are they different?

MS: Pinkly Perfect and I love all the same things. We’re beach obsessed, prefer warm weather to cold, love being comfortable, and surrounding ourselves with things that are cheerful. We’re different in that I am actually pretty tough and don’t love the spotlight. I often have to crack the whip, which has allowed Pinkly Perfect to shine but I think people would be surprised about that fact.


MD: What kind of cake is Pinkly Perfect’s favorite? Pink velvet?

MS: Anything pink with lots of sprinkles!



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Beyond the Boss: Behind the Scenes Into BHB’s January Beauty Box


Being a #girlboss will always be my favorite title. This month we got to express that through curating Beyond Her Blush’s January beauty box! Beyond Her Blush isn’t like the typical subscription boxes out on the market now, which are often a mix of random samples that don’t take into consideration skin tone, hair texture, beauty preferences etc. Instead, Beyond Her Blush focuses each month’s box on a specific beauty trend and gives you 5-6 products to help achieve that look, all curated by celebrity stylists.


In perfect “New Year, New You” fashion, January 2017’s box is all about embracing your inner #girlboss and I feel SO lucky to have been able to curate it. I love being a girl boss and I was so excited to include some of our products in the box to pair with a metallic silver Essie nail polish and pink lipstick!


Below I’ve highlighted what PP products you can expect to receive in this month’s box and why they’re perfect for your boss lifestyle!


Madison Bracelet, BOSS:

Our Madison Bracelet in textured metallic gold leather is the perfect accessory to show the world who’s boss and to give yourself a little reminder when you feel stressed or overwhelmed—all an inevitable part of signing up to be a #girlboss.


Laguna Beach, CA Coordinate Keychain

Laguna Beach, CA Keychain:

The Pinkly Perfect girl loves summer and a true #girlboss needs fun things to look forward to when things get rough! Put that work key on the Laguna Beach, CA Keychain and look forward to a warm weather beach vacation once all the hard work pays off.



Cape Cod Pouch, PERFECT:

In order to be successful as a #girlboss, you always need to be ready to put your best foot forward for last-minute networking opportunities. Throw some makeup essentials like lipstick and nail polish in PP’s Cape Cod Pouch for a little touch-up before a big meeting and to remind yourself that you’re PERFECT.

Note: This version of our Cape Cod Pouch is only available in Beyond Her Blush’s January box and at Serendipity of Doylestown.


To get your January box or to sign up for an unlimited subscription, head over to Beyond Her Blush’s website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!



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Pink Accessories to Stay Organized in the New Year


Happy New Year! Despite 2016 being our launch year and the “first” of so many exciting things for Pinkly Perfect, I was SO ready to bid adieu and get started on a new year of adventures as a #girlboss. After a couple weeks of doing the bare minimum when it comes to work, I can’t wait to get back into my routine and start killing it again.


Sometimes the transition isn’t quite so easy though. I happen to be very excited to get back to the office but know I’ll need a little bit of help when I’m ready to go take a fourth coffee break and peruse the pink nail polishes at Duane Reade.


Here are my picks for the best pink accessories to stay organized and motivated in 2017! Included items are for the gal who already spent her Christmas gift money (me!) and for those who are ready to splurge!


Pink Coffee Mug:

I am so obsessed with waking up early, making a hot cup of coffee, and returning to my bed to sip and do some “big picture” brainstorming. Having a beautiful coffee mug makes that even more exciting (especially when you’ve been out late and would rather be sleeping). Check out our picks for pink coffee mugs!


Safe: Anthropologie Mimira Mug, $14 (shown above)

Splurge: Every day I’m Hustlin’ Mug from Ashley Brooke Designs, $23 


Pink Dry Erase Board:

I bought our splurge item (shown below) as a little Christmas gift to myself this year and I am SO happy with it. I will be writing my weekly goals for PP so I can hold myself accountable and be more productive this year.

Love the bracelets too? Shop our leather bracelets at pinklyperfect.com.

Safe: 18” x 24” Whiteboard from Staples, $39.99 

Splurge: ShugabeeLane Pink Framed Dry Erase Board (shown above), priced by size 


Pink Planners:

Planners are a busy girl’s best friend and absolutely necessary for keeping track of a hectic work and social life. I’m loving these pink ones!


Safe: Day-Timer Monthly Pink Calendar, $14.79 at Staples 

Splurge: 2017 Blush Planner, $68 (shown above)


Pink Piggy Bank:

If one of your New Year’s goals is to stop spending and start saving (smart), stay motivated to do so with a pink piggy bank! Or, if you’re constantly throwing change around, place that in the bank and save for a trip to somewhere warm and beachy next winter with your best girlfriends.


Safe: Pink Piggy Bank from thelittleblue house on Etsy, $14

Splurge: Gift Boutique Pink Sparkle Pig Bank, $198 (shown above)


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Let’s Get Real: Top Five “Mistakes” of 2016


Running a company (especially when it’s your first!) is full of learning experiences. And in the first year especially, there is a lot of trial and error. While what I present on our social pages is usually (and obviously) focusing on the positive, there’s actually way more frustrations that go into running Pinkly Perfect than you could ever imagine. For this post I decided to get super real and give you the inside scoop into my “biggest mistakes” of 2016 and how I’ll be turning them into the best learning experiences for going into 2017.


Eating for the Insta

Pinkly Perfect’s Instagram is full of shore favorites and summer reminders. This includes PP fashion and accessories, pictures of the ocean, and quintessential boardwalk sweets like ice cream, caramel corn, salt water taffy, and pancakes. In summer 2015 while I was sneakily working behind the scenes to make PP a reality, I had an easier time not eating all the sweets in my pics but this year I was super stressed and found comfort in it all. Nothing wrong with that but a daily indulgence doesn’t exactly help the bikini bod.

Goal for 2017: Learn to say no.


Not understanding Twitter

I just don’t get it. Please follow me.

Goal for 2017: Remember to post every day.



I am the worst at keeping secrets when I’m super excited about something. And this past year was full of A LOT of excitement! Combine that with the fact that I work alone and often get desperate to talk to people or share something with someone, and you have one of my biggest mistakes. As soon as something wonderful happened, I frantically texted my mom and best friends and posted on our social pages. This may not seem like that big of a deal but when you’re in the middle of a big project, getting so easily thrown off is actually pretty dangerous to accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Goal for 2017: Calm down.


Waking up too early

Notice there’s a lot of coffee pics on PP’s Instagram? Well, they’re needed. Somehow after launching Pinkly Perfect, my body’s alarm clock started going off early. Like, way early. Most days, I jumped out of bed by 4:30 AM while some days it was as early as 2:30 AM. I would fit in half a workday before 9 AM and then was too stressed to nap so it made for a very unhealthy (although efficient) work atmosphere.

Goal for 2017: Never wake up before 5:30 AM unless absolutely necessary.


Thinking I couldn’t do it

We launched PP on April 1st. Since then, we’ve been picked up by 9 boutiques (with more on the way for next summer!), had 13+ press features including NJ Monthly Magazine, Creator, and Glamour.com, and received such positive feedback from industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs. Yet somehow I spent so much time stress-crying alone in my office (thank god I face a wall) focusing on the mistakes or setbacks. This behavior is pretty typical of solo entrepreneurs (I’ve heard) but still it was pretty distracting and maybe even delusional.

Goal for 2017: Embrace my inner #girlboss and stop focusing on the negative.



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Support Pinkly Perfect on Small Business Saturday


This is a big week! A short work week (thank goodness), Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls Revival (!!!!!!), Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.


SO many exciting things! And reasons to shop. So between your turkey dinners, pumpkin pie desserts, and curling up in leggings watching hours of Netflix, make sure you check out Pinkly Perfect to grab some summer inspired fashion and accessories perfect for the off-season…


…all on sale. YEP! On Saturday, November 26th, in honor of Small Business Saturday, you’ll be able to use coupon code SMALLBIZZ at checkout to get 15% off everything on our website!


But it’s just for Saturday so make sure you plan accordingly. It’ll be a perfect way to stock up on our holiday merchandise that you could use as Christmas gifts for your favorite summer lovers. Grab a bunch of zip code bracelets for all your beach town friends, a festive Newport Cosmetic Bag for your Secret Santa, a Madison Bracelet for your bestie, and Montauk Totes for your favorite teachers.


Pinkly Perfect launched a festive version of our best-selling Newport Cosmetic Bags! Pick one up in green, silver, or red glitter for this holiday season.


And if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, make sure you do so soon on our homepage! We heard from Santa’s elves there’ll be some extra treats this holiday season…


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My Interview with Girls Loft: Three Questions With


It’s no secret at Pinkly Perfect that we’re girls’ girls. Our target is beach loving teenage girls and we want to provide clothing and accessories that 1. capture the magic of summer vacation all year (duh) and 2. give our girls options to embrace the age they are, rather than feeling pressured to grow up too quickly. Our styles are girly, quirky, and capture beach town pride in a way that is competitive in a fun way.

Sometimes though, as women, we can be our own worst enemy. Last week at Inc. Magazine’s Women’s Summit, there were many panel discussions where women didn’t agree on very personal issues (more serious than if you think your beach town is better than mine…which is also serious). Regardless of their differences, they listened and treated each other with respect. This is where the magic happens. That is why they are able to be successful entrepreneurs.

What I learned at the Women’s Summit and what I learn every day by running Pinkly Perfect is that there is such power if women just started supporting other women.

An organization that does just that is Girls Loft. Taken from their About Page on their website, “Girls Loft is an inspiration project to help ladies find their side hustle, turn hobbies into careers and cultivate a more meaningful daily grind.” I love that they use successful women to inspire others who are looking to make the leap, or may just be feeling a little uninspired in general.

That is why I was so excited to be featured in their “Three Questions With” series, which you can read here. We should all be supporting each other every single day and be an inspiration to others. Please read the article, get inspired, and follow Girls Loft.

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What I Learned at Inc. Women’s Summit


A couple days ago, I was lucky enough to represent Pinkly Perfect at Inc. Magazine’s Women’s Summit with speakers Barbara Corcoran, Venus Williams, Lisa Price, Alexa von Tobel, Katia Beauchamp, and more.


It was an all day event for women entrepreneurs and included Q&A panels and networking opportunities. (Plus free food and unlimited coffee, which never hurts.) So I obviously knew it would be an inspiring day.



Free (pink!) Baked by Melissa cupcakes! Melissa Ben-Ishay was also a guest speaker.


Barbara Corcoran (if you don’t know who she is, stop reading this and check out her article from Inc. here), was discussing what makes a successful entrepreneur. Among other distinctions, Barbara said entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of failure. Instead, they’re motivated by it. She said that it’s not failure that scares people. Anyone who’s ever failed probably can look back and know that great things came from what seemed at the time to be the worst thing ever (yes, yes, yes!). But it’s the fear of failure that stops people, especially women.


This really resonated with me as I’ve realized in the last couple months that I have been fearful of so many things in my life that actually aren’t scary at all. Instead, facing them has lead to my most rewarding moments.



The first time I remember experiencing fear. For real, that slide was scary and I remember getting to that point and turning around and going back down the steps over and over until I asked my mom to take my picture so I would HAVE to go down. Once I did it, it was so fun! Why did it take another 25 years to learn that I shouldn’t be afraid of so much?


In terms of Pinkly Perfect, I was terrified of launching my website, afraid to promote blog articles I wrote, nervous to admit success, or ask questions when I didn’t understand something. In my personal life, I was afraid to look like an idiot at the gym, tell people they hurt me, say goodbye to people who brought me down more than they lifted me up, or go in the ocean alone (watch out, Summer 2017).


But all of those fears, after I faced them, weren’t scary at all! I wouldn’t have any revenue without my website, I love writing blog articles, I am proud of my success, I understand things that were once confusing, I can eat my favorite summer sweets without hating myself, I don’t hold grudges, and I genuinely like everyone in my life. (Will report back next summer how going in the ocean alone goes!)


Even though this was a lesson geared towards entrepreneurs, I really hope it can resonate with girls at all different stages of their lives. Asking questions in class could lead to more As, trying out for the basketball team could just as easily mean making the basketball team rather than getting cut, telling someone how you really feel could lead to meeting someone way better for you, and trying new things could lead to recognizing your life’s passion rather than coasting by on other people’s expectations of you.


While I attempt to go through life even more fearless than I’ve been, I hope you join me!


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Girl Boss: Amy Rothstein, Dona Chai


Written by: Maureen Devenny


Amy Rothstein is the founder of Dona Chai (pronounced “Donna”), a chai tea concentrate brewing company based in Brooklyn, New York. We sat down with her at a local cafe for–you guessed it–a chai latte and a chat about a college class that changed her life, her mom’s creepy childhood doll, and what it takes to run a company that stocks across the country.



PP: What inspired you to start Dona Chai? 

AR: In college I was an environmental studies major and took a class about the ecology, politics, and ethics of food. I didn’t realize that there was more to food than just cooking or eating it, and I was intrigued. I decided I wanted to study food further, and entered a graduate program at NYU for food studies. I went to a lot of coffee shops in my first semester to do homework, and noticed that while there was a strong culture of locally-roasted coffee, there was no parallel focus on locally-blended teas. That’s when the idea for Dona Chai came to me.


PP: What sets Dona Chai apart?

AR: For one thing, the recipe. I spent the summer between my first and second years of graduate school wholly devoted to perfecting the tea recipe. “Chai” is actually a very broad term that simply means tea blended with spices, so there is no set recipe. After three months of experimenting, I settled on a blend of molasses, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, green cardamom, black peppercorns, cloves, and black tea, that I was absolutely confident in. [Editor’s note: the Dona Chai latte I sipped while talking to Amy was hands down the best chai latte I’ve ever had.] The other thing that sets Dona Chai apart is that I am relentlessly critical of the company and product. It sounds negative but the constant evaluation helps me make sure that the product is the absolute best it can be.


PP: What is the hardest part of running a company? 

AR: Well, I can tell you what the easiest part of the company was for me–the name! My mom had a creepy childhood doll named Dona who sat in my grandmother’s living room. I wasn’t allowed to play with her; somehow Dona is the first name that came to mind when I was thinking of a name. I know that the story doesn’t make sense to most people, but the name is perfect to me.  Another thing that is easy is waking up in the morning. I am eager to get to work! [For more about Amy’s daily life, check out this article about her on Forbes.] Keeping up with the fast pace of a growing company is always an exciting challenge. Thankfully, my brother is on the Dona Chai team. His degree is in business, so his analytical skills complement my skill set. We’ve grown to 6 employees, so I’m not doing everything myself.


PP: How has being a woman affected your business?

AR: I’ve been lucky enough to meet fellow female entrepreneurs. I went to a women’s summit hosted by Forbes called 20/40; it matched up female entrepreneurs in their 20s with those in their 40s for mentorship advice. I’ve learned that the more people you talk to, the better; that’s something I’m working on as the company grows. Women are supportive of each other.



If you can’t resist a good tea photo, the Dona Chai Instagram is your new happy place.



PP: What have you learned about yourself in this process?

AR: I’ve discovered a bunch of new interests. I’m getting more interested in the graphic design, photography, and marketing elements of the business. I’ve also started developing recipes that use Dona Chai–it’s not just for lattes!–so that’s been fun.


PP: Have there been any surprises?

AR: There are always surprises in running a small business. One thing I certainly wasn’t expecting was meeting my boyfriend through work! I walked into his cafe to sell him some chai, and we’ve been dating for two years. We’re both small business owners, so we understand what the other goes through each day.


PP: How will you know when you’ve achieved success?

AR: When I feel like I can go on a vacation and things will be ok in my absence. I’m looking forward to that day!



Like Dona Chai on Facebook

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Shop Dona Chai



The Girl Boss series celebrates women business owners who are making their dreams happen.


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