Plan a Pinkly Perfect Party!

It’s SUMMER! Well, maybe not exactly, but it’s definitely shore season and that means we’ve got three months of fun in the sun at our favorite beach town awaiting us! YAY!


To celebrate the best time of the year, why not plan a summer themed party?! Invite your favorite beach babes over for a night of tropical themed food and fun, and bring the beach to you!


As self-proclaimed experts in all things summer ;), check out what we recommend for making it (pinkly) perfect:




Dennis Greeting Cards, Time to Celebrate!

Write your invite out in Pinkly Perfect’s Time to Celebrate card. They’re blank on the inside so it’s perfect to write out individual notes to your favorite beach bums. Shop them at and at Serendipity Shops of Avalon in Avalon, NJ.



Top summer songs of all time playlist



Did you know you can purchase your favorite summer ice cream flavors in quarts at Sundae Best (Avalon, NJ) and Springer’s (Stone Harbor)?! Pick up a couple flavors, some candy from 7Mile Sweets, and Johnson’s Caramel Popcorn and make a killer ice cream sundae bar!


Party Favors:


Coordinate Keychains for your bestie’s favorite beach towns.

Shop our coordinate keychains ($18 each) and gift to your summer loving friends as a thank you for coming! We love the idea of using them as place settings. Instead of names, have your besties locate their seat by their beach town of choice. Available for Lavallette, Seaside Park, Ortley Beach, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Sea Isle, Ocean City, Cape May, Ocean City, MD, Laguna Beach, CA, and Block Island, RI, or a general “My happy place, you’re sure to find one for every preference!


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How to Host a Flamingo Party!

Written by: Keri Berghahn

Trying to beat the summer heat? Throw a Pink Flamingo pool party! Not only are flamingos the “it” summer pool accessory, but who also doesn’t love a pop of pink!? To successfully complete the pink flamingo summer look, you’ll need some key supplies.


First, you’ll need some pretty pink flamingo pool floaties! Adding these to your backyard pool is the perfect way to add that pink pop of color!

Urban Outfitters sells the most perfect flamingo pool float!
Urban Outfitters sells the most perfect flamingo pool float!

Second, you’ll want to serve your guests some delicious sweets and treats. We suggest anything with some pink frosting or candies. Check out this recipe for some homemade cupcakes with Flamingo toppers.


Next, you’ll want to decorate your yard or patio area with some pink decorations. By simply adding in some other summer colors, the whole yard will look bright and summery! Check out these flamingo decorations from BlushBazaar on Etsy.

Check out BlushBazaar on Etsy for some perfect Flamingo decorations.
Check out BlushBazaar on Etsy for some perfect Flamingo decorations.

Think about letting your guest know about the theme with some perfect flamingo-inspired stationery.


Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you have the best summer games and activities and of course keep them pink flamingo themed! You could create your own obstacle course with the flamingos, or maybe even try a pink flamingo ring toss.

We love this idea from Sugar and Cloth!


With these summer tips, your pink flamingo pool party will be a perfect summer success!


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Pinkly Perfect’s Summer 2016 Kickoff Party

As many of you know, I have a very talented team of (mostly) high school girls who have been contributing blog articles to Pinkly Perfect since last fall. (Read a great article from Creator that goes into more detail on the strategy behind that.)


So last night, I hosted a dinner in their honor to both show them how much they mean to me and also celebrate the start of summer!


But planning parties is not my line of work so I turned to my friend since elementary school, Ashley O’Brien, to take the lead with her company, Party Perfect Events.


How adorable is this table setting?
How adorable is this table setting?


Ashley went above and beyond and put together the cutest party for my contributors and I that included a set dinner menu, seashell napkin holders, sparkling pink lemonade in pink glitter pitchers, and cupcakes topped with quintessential shore snack, cotton candy, among so many other little details I never would have thought of own my own.

Cotton Candy Cupcakes!
Cotton Candy Cupcakes!


We had the best time chit-chatting about summer goals, upcoming vacations, and school drama and are officially ready to kick off Summer 2016! Follow us on all of our adventures on Instagram @pinklyperfect_inc 🙂


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Planning a Pinkly Perfect Launch Party!


For those of you keeping up with the blog and/or following us on Instagram, you know by now that there are A LOT of very exciting things happening for Pinkly Perfect in 2016! In case you missed it, I am currently decorating for my first ever real-life office (!!!) that I will move into prior to my website launch in a couple weeks! Yay! We also had the best ever photo shoot last Monday during a crazy blizzard that served as the perfect reminder of summer vacation coming our way very soon.


And while I’ve been so, so, so busy with everything from packing merchandise to model go-sees to designing new products, I decided that I would for sure make time to plan and host the official Pinkly Perfect launch party! So I rented out a space in NYC where 50 of my closest friends and family will come to celebrate this perfect little brand that I created out of my love for the beach, summer, and fashion.


Since this is such a huge event for me, I am pulling out all the stops with the perfect decorations, entertainment, and giveaways for all my favorite people who have cheered me on along the way! Below are some Pinkly Perfect tips for planning a launch party.




Since Pinkly Perfect’s all about girly, beachy fun, I’ll be decorating the venue with a bunch of pink balloons, including letters that spell out “Pinkly Perfect” (obviously). To add in that summer vibe, there will also be some beach balls tossed around as well as a life-sized inflatable flamingo. The bartender will also have a supply of pink party straws like the above from WhenItRainsPaper to use when making my guests’ drinks. Add in the instruction on the invitation to wear something pink and I can already see how perfect everything will look together!





The best parties are always a result of how good the music is. That’s why I’m taking making the perfect party mix very seriously. I’ll for sure be adding in the Best Summer Songs of All Time playlist as well as some oldie summer jams and some classic pump-up hits. By the end of the night, I hope everyone’s in the mood for some late 90s/early 2000s hip hop to get us going to move on to our next location! 🙂






Another important consideration when planning a perfect event is the giveaways! With admission to the party, guests will also receive raffle tickets to enter to win some of my Pinkly Perfect merchandise! But instead of the typical raffle tickets, I will cut out different summer shapes like seashells and sunglasses for guest to write their name on. Each guest will also leave with a sparkly pink seahorse sugar cookie made from Sweet Impressions (inspired by my non-professional attempt above!) to enjoy as a late night snack when the celebrations end!


Can you think of any other fun ideas to add to my party planning? Let me know in the comments section below and make sure you keep checking back in to see the official announcement of Pinkly Perfect’s online launch! I am so excited for all that’s to come and even more excited to share it with all of you! 🙂


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How to Host a “Let’s Pretend it’s Summer Party!”



Chances are you’ve already been to a couple holiday parties this month with some more on the way. You’ve worn ugly Christmas sweaters and reindeer headbands while consuming handfuls of gingerbread cookies and breaking your teeth on candy canes. You’ve ordered countless peppermint hot chocolates from Starbucks and have already started panicking about which New Year’s Eve party you should attend in order to find a last-minute date to Winter Formal.


But the depressing thing is that after New Year’s Eve, the most exciting holiday festivities are pretty much over. Sure, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but consuming copious amounts of Hershey Kisses as you watch flowers get delivered to all your non-single friends isn’t always the most exciting holiday (even though we do get a pretty good excuse to wear pink!).


Instead of falling victim to the winter blues, why not host a “Let’s Pretend it’s Summer Party!”? Just because it’s freezing outside, there’s snow on the ground, and you’ve forgotten what it feels like to wear flip flops and shorts doesn’t mean we can’t at least pretend for one night that it’s our favorite season and throw a summer party!


Invite your best girlfriends over for a weekend night and tell them to bring their favorite summer outfit. Have them change as soon as they arrive, greeting them with a beautiful display of quintessential summer foods. Put some cotton candy in your parents’ martini glasses, have a big bowl of caramel corn, and serve pink lemonade with a drink umbrella. Later in the night, whip out a “build your own ice cream sundae” bar equipped with your favorite flavors and toppings!


Download these best summer songs of all time to play in the background while you discuss your goals for Summer 2016 and insta-stalk last summer’s fling while painting your nails different shades of hot pink. You can even start to plan out all the concerts you’ll be attending next summer or watch your favorite summer movie (read: The Parent Trap).


If you want to throw a summer party, you’ll need to go all out on the decorations. Pick up some beachy paper napkins like these from OliveItGifts on Etsy and hang up a seashell garland like this one.


Turns out just a few simple decorations, some quintessential summer snacks, and your best friends decked out in neon tanks is all it takes to successfully throw a summer party and remind us of the fun times awaiting us when school’s out!


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Cookie Decorating Party for Summer Lovers


One of my favorite things to do is entertain my besties with unique party themes. Another one of my favorite things to do is indulge in tasty sweets. So I decided to combine the two and mix in my love for summer to host the ultimate Girls’ Night In with my gals.


Last Friday, I invited a couple girlfriends over and instead of just watching movies we’ve seen a million times already, I came up with a great activity for us to do while chit-chatting about our weeks, crushes, and plans for the rest of the weekend.


Since most of my friends share my love for all things pretty and sweet, I decided it would be a cookie decorating party. I bought this perfect seahorse cookie cutter from TheFussyPup on Etsy and the night before, baked up a bunch of sugar cookies for us to decorate. (Note: they also have other beachy cookie cutters like mermaids, bikinis, and sailboats that would be SO fun to decorate.) I used my go-to recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, which are for soft sugar cookies although mine still always come out a bit crunchy. I don’t mind though because this recipe makes cookies that aren’t too sweet, which allows us to really go crazy with sweet decorations and not overwhelm our taste buds. Especially since Halloween was yesterday, it’s nice to have a tamer treat in the house!


Then I bought a variety of pink sprinkles, icing, and edible markers like these from FooDoodler and set up some cookie decorating stations for us all to customize the delicious seahorse sugar cookies. Since I knew we’d obviously get thirsty after venting so much about our pesky A-s on last week’s math test, I poured some sparkling pink lemonade (just mix half pink lemonade with half club soda and voilà!) into champagne glasses and rimmed the edges with extra pink sprinkles from our cookie decorating. Add in a pepperoni pizza I ordered for us to munch on and a perfect summer-inspired playlist and it was the perfect night!


The best part is that the four of us got to dig into some of our creations and then take the rest home for later!


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My Perfect Mermaid Party

The only thing I love more than going to a party is hosting one. And in the summer, I have an especially fun time planning cute, beachy décor for any get-together with my besties. For my end of summer bash, I decided I’d throw a mermaid-themed party and I am so excited to share with you all the fun decorations I found!


I always plan super far in advance so I’m not running around last minute and settling for some less-than exciting paper plates at Target or some generic party supply store. Plus, I absolutely love supporting other small businesses so I end up buying most of my party supplies on Etsy. Also, what I’ve learned is you don’t have to go crazy with too many themed party supplies. Instead, it’s smarter to buy a handful of themed products and use them as accents to accompany solid color items you can buy in bulk.


For this party, I decided I would buy 4 mermaid-inspired decorations and then mix in solid paper napkins, plates, and cups. To accompany the cups and add some spice to our pink lemonade, I bought these Seafoam Green/White Paper Straws from ShopCelebrationLane. They’re pretty subtle and will be just enough of a mermaid-touch without being too cliché. Plus they’re only $4.00 for 25 straws, which will last me two parties, instead of one. Sweet!


Party Straws


My next two items I purchased was for the décor. I found this super cute Mermaid Tassel Garland (pictured above) from LoveGarlands and I can’t wait to hang it over my food display. It’s $23 for the 13” inch garland, but it’s well worth it because I can re-use it after this party for another one next spring. I’m also super obsessed with confetti balloons and decided I’d purchase 6 of these Gold Confetti Balloons from LolasConfettiShop to add to my decorations. They come in sets of three balloons for $7.00.


Glitter Balloon


My last decoration is the only literal mermaid decoration and it’s this super cute Glitter Mermaid Cake Topper (see below) from Pelemele. It works perfectly with the color scheme I’m going for and allows me to save money on the cake, buy it solid white, and add this mermaid topper for all the decoration it needs. It’s $15.89 and ties in all my decorations perfectly.


Cake Topper



So next time you throw a party or if you need some last minute inspiration, check out the Etsy links I featured and be sure to impress your friends with these perfect decorations!


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