10 Surprising Facts About Year 2 for Pinkly Perfect


We just celebrated our 2nd birthday on April 1st! (Where has the time gone?!)

In reflection and evaluation of the past year, we decided to put together a list of 10 surprising facts you may not know about Pinkly Perfect!

  1. Our product was featured on TV!
  2. We’re over 21! Yep, we did some research and realized the majority of our customers were over 21. So we started gearing our designs more towards them and less towards high schoolers. Peace, love, wine, anyone?
  3. Our summer sales increased by 144%.
  4. We added two new product lines: hats & embroidery patches—both of which are best sellers!
  5. We filled about a million reorders over the summer (maybe an exaggeration but it sure felt like it).
  6. PP CEO, Maddy Sasso visited three new beach towns: Charleston, SC, Bar Harbor, ME, and Portsmouth, NH.
  7. She also got a full-time executive assistant in the form of a furry, almost two year old dog named Louie. He may not help with the administrative duties but assists in break time, licking tears, and encouraging walks outside.
  8. We moved into our PA office, making Pinkly Perfect run much more efficiently.
  9. Our blog got sponsored and we conducted our first ad campaign across college campuses in Philadelphia.
  10. We have a new creative genius on board who doubles as PP CEO, Maddy Sasso’s fiancé. Some of your favorite PP sayings are his ideas! (Searching for a Porpoise, I’ve got your back…)
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Beyond the Boss: Behind the Scenes Into BHB’s January Beauty Box


Being a #girlboss will always be my favorite title. This month we got to express that through curating Beyond Her Blush’s January beauty box! Beyond Her Blush isn’t like the typical subscription boxes out on the market now, which are often a mix of random samples that don’t take into consideration skin tone, hair texture, beauty preferences etc. Instead, Beyond Her Blush focuses each month’s box on a specific beauty trend and gives you 5-6 products to help achieve that look, all curated by celebrity stylists.


In perfect “New Year, New You” fashion, January 2017’s box is all about embracing your inner #girlboss and I feel SO lucky to have been able to curate it. I love being a girl boss and I was so excited to include some of our products in the box to pair with a metallic silver Essie nail polish and pink lipstick!


Below I’ve highlighted what PP products you can expect to receive in this month’s box and why they’re perfect for your boss lifestyle!


Madison Bracelet, BOSS:

Our Madison Bracelet in textured metallic gold leather is the perfect accessory to show the world who’s boss and to give yourself a little reminder when you feel stressed or overwhelmed—all an inevitable part of signing up to be a #girlboss.


Laguna Beach, CA Coordinate Keychain

Laguna Beach, CA Keychain:

The Pinkly Perfect girl loves summer and a true #girlboss needs fun things to look forward to when things get rough! Put that work key on the Laguna Beach, CA Keychain and look forward to a warm weather beach vacation once all the hard work pays off.



Cape Cod Pouch, PERFECT:

In order to be successful as a #girlboss, you always need to be ready to put your best foot forward for last-minute networking opportunities. Throw some makeup essentials like lipstick and nail polish in PP’s Cape Cod Pouch for a little touch-up before a big meeting and to remind yourself that you’re PERFECT.

Note: This version of our Cape Cod Pouch is only available in Beyond Her Blush’s January box and at Serendipity of Doylestown.


To get your January box or to sign up for an unlimited subscription, head over to Beyond Her Blush’s website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!



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Pinkly Perfect Spotted in {un}covered’s Holiday Gift Guide!


One of my goals for Pinkly Perfect’s first ever holiday season was to be featured in a gift guide. And yesterday, I found out that that came true! Yay! We were lucky enough to be featured alongside brands like Peace Love World, Skinit, and Just Chill in {un}covered’s Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Perfect Picks For the Beach Babe.


Not only are we feeling honored to be in such great company, but we’re also majorly eyeing this gift guide. If you have some beach babes in your life and need to do some last-minute shopping, look no further. Or, if you’ve been neglecting the most important person on your Christmas list—yourself!—then go ahead and shop! (Trust me: I’ve been doing plenty of this recently.)


On a personal level, the holidays have been a little difficult this year so the press could not have come at a better time. It was the perfect pick-me-up to close out a tough week and have me looking forward to new beginnings next week!


Check out the entire beach babe gift guide here and remember to shop summer this Christmas at pinklyperfect.com.


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My Interview with Girls Loft: Three Questions With


It’s no secret at Pinkly Perfect that we’re girls’ girls. Our target is beach loving teenage girls and we want to provide clothing and accessories that 1. capture the magic of summer vacation all year (duh) and 2. give our girls options to embrace the age they are, rather than feeling pressured to grow up too quickly. Our styles are girly, quirky, and capture beach town pride in a way that is competitive in a fun way.

Sometimes though, as women, we can be our own worst enemy. Last week at Inc. Magazine’s Women’s Summit, there were many panel discussions where women didn’t agree on very personal issues (more serious than if you think your beach town is better than mine…which is also serious). Regardless of their differences, they listened and treated each other with respect. This is where the magic happens. That is why they are able to be successful entrepreneurs.

What I learned at the Women’s Summit and what I learn every day by running Pinkly Perfect is that there is such power if women just started supporting other women.

An organization that does just that is Girls Loft. Taken from their About Page on their website, “Girls Loft is an inspiration project to help ladies find their side hustle, turn hobbies into careers and cultivate a more meaningful daily grind.” I love that they use successful women to inspire others who are looking to make the leap, or may just be feeling a little uninspired in general.

That is why I was so excited to be featured in their “Three Questions With” series, which you can read here. We should all be supporting each other every single day and be an inspiration to others. Please read the article, get inspired, and follow Girls Loft.

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Pinkly Perfect’s Top 5 Summer 2016 Moments


Labor Day Weekend’s always a bittersweet time of the year for me (and anyone else who is summer-obsessed). Although I continue to make some weekend trips to my favorite beach town in the fall and winter, I can’t help but notice the slightly slower pace after many shops and stores close their doors for the off-season. Kids are back in school, bikes are locked away, and lifeguards trade in their life savers for footballs.


This summer in particular, I am very emotional about the unofficial ending of my favorite season. I launched Pinkly Perfect on April 1st but the summer was when it came to life. Thinking back to Memorial Day Weekend, I am beyond overwhelmed with how much we (and I!) have grown and how many milestones we hit. Below I’ve listed my top 5 favorite summer moments for Pinkly Perfect:


5. Seeing the Pinkly Perfect display in stores for the first time.

Being a fashion designer, the excitement of seeing merchandise you designed in stores is something that we are used to. But when it’s your own brand and built off of a concept so special, the feeling’s completely different. Not only have I dreamed about having my own company some day, but I also always dreamed of seeing “Maddy Sasso-originals” out in the market. Through Pinkly Perfect, I was able to accomplish that this summer.


4. Getting stopped by strangers who recognized me from press and wanted to talk about Pinkly Perfect.

Pinkly Perfect has been lucky enough to get some pretty sweet press this summer. Our Instagram is also heavily followed and I document Avalon, NJ (my favorite beach) so much that somehow my name and/or face has been recognized when I least expect it. Getting caught off guard by people who love the brand as much as I do is actually the best feeling ever.


3. Skimmer Festival in Sea Isle City, NJ

The Skimmer Festival in Sea Isle City, NJ is number 3 on my list for a couple reasons. It was the first time I got to see so many people discover Pinkly Perfect (hint: their reactions were so sweet and supportive!) and it also reiterated what a great team of girls I have supporting me. My intern Melissa and Pinkly Perfect Contributor Amanda helped me all day long (it was a perfect beach day that they missed out on!) and I felt very lucky!


2. Glamour

There will never be another feeling like finding out that a Glamour.com article included you in their list of 20 girl bosses, quoted you, and linked to your website after being in business for only four and a half months. The hour long solo dance party in my NYC apartment as I was frantically texting my top besties that followed was also pretty spectacular.


1. Unexpectedly seeing our merchandise tagged on Insta/Facebook by happy customers

My goal for Pinkly Perfect is and always was to capture the magic of summer vacation all year for beach loving girls. To see that that’s actually the case AND that customers are loving the merchandise so much so that they’re posting about it on social media is so satisfying and motivates me to keep pushing out products perfect for my girls!


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Girl Boss: Hannah Carmody of HanMade by Han


Last month I was lucky enough to meet fellow girl boss and Jersey shore lover, Hannah Carmody over iced coffees in our favorite beach town. She is the passionate girl boss behind HanMade By Han, a jewelry company inspired by her trips to the bead store in Stone Harbor, NJ. Learn more about her journey, challenges, and trend obsessions below.


PP: Thanks for meeting with me, Hannah! Let’s start with how you first got involved in jewelry design and what was the ah-ha moment when you realized you could turn your passion into a business?

HC: Ever since I was little, I have been going to Stone Harbor, New Jersey. When I was younger, I would go downtown to the little bead store for hours and hours! I loved all of the different ways to make accessories and the endless bead options. Two summers ago, I got to spend my summer working at the shore! Working at the make-your-own jewelry store was something I had always dreamed of. I started making HanMade originals and suddenly all of my friends wanted their own. When I got back to Penn State for my junior year, I realized that I could turn my passion for beading into my own business!


PP: So exciting! I remember spending rainy days at that bead store too! What has been your biggest challenge since running your own business and how have you overcome it?

HC: My biggest challenge has been making my company a well-known brand that all customers can trust. As a young entrepreneur, it is easy to have bigger retail stores take advantage of you. The best way to overcome that is to always stick up for yourself and focus on what makes your brand unique. If you can find a way to separate yourself from your competitors, people will support you.


PP: Agreed! What have you learned about yourself since starting your own business?

HC: My life motto has always been: do what you love, love what you do. I have learned that if you have the opportunity to take a passion and turn it into your own business, it doesn’t feel like work at all.


PP: Love that, Hannah. What advice would you give to high school girls in terms of branching out and starting their own company?

HC: My advice would be to find a mentor and ask a lot of questions. It is important to educate yourself and find people that can help you grow as a startup. When I was at Penn State, I loved taking classes on entrepreneurship. The classes allowed me to meet other students interested in starting their own business and develop all of the skills I needed to find success in the earliest stages of my venture.


PP: What is your favorite jewelry trend right now?

HC: My favorite jewelry trend right now: LAYERING! I think it’s fun to have your favorite everyday necklaces to layer with new pieces. There are so many ways to wear your favorites! I like to choose different lengths and shapes to make my own combinations. One of my favorite HanMade necklaces to layer is the Ellie! The elephant charm makes a statement and gives any outfit a little more personality.

Get your perfect layering pieces at www.hanmadebyhan.com!
Get your perfect layering pieces at www.hanmadebyhan.com!


PP: We’ll have to try it! What is your best seller?

HC: My best sellers have been the crystal collection. With many teardrop styles to choose from, girls love having two or three to switch up their look. The Dale is popular for day and the Nala is trendy for night.

Shop HanMade by Han at www.hanmadebyhan.com


PP: Finally, what is your favorite shore memory?

HC: My favorite shore memory is getting up early to go to the beach before the lifeguards arrive. Those mornings make me feel lucky to have such a beautiful setting, just blocks away!


Like HanMade by Han on Facebook

Follow HanMade by Han on Instagram

Visit HanMade by Han’s Website


The Girl Boss series celebrates women business owners who are making their dreams happen.


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When Glamour Calls You a Girl Boss


Last week as I was watching Bachelor in Paradise (no shame in my game) and debating if I was going to order in ice cream or not (finally landed on not), I decided to do a routine Google check and type in “Maddy Pinkly Perfect.” The usuals came up like my Pinkly Perfect website and some previous press pieces.


But as I scrolled through a couple pages, I found something new. Then my heart stopped. And I got shaky. And I clicked. And I scrolled. And I died.


Glamour.com called me a Girl Boss and quoted me in their “20 #Girlbosses Share Their Secrets for De-Stressing After Work” article. AND they linked to my website.


Words cannot describe the feeling of a major publication like Glamour calling you a Girl Boss after only 4.5 months of being in business. After using shaky hands to text my parents, sister, and my most VIP friends, then sharing everywhere possible (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), I had the best night of my life dancing around my apartment to girl anthems like Fifth Harmony’s “Boss” and Beyonce’s “Girls.” Even when I tried to go to sleep, I couldn’t! I was smiling all night long and still have the biggest smile when I think back on that moment.


I am SO lucky to be featured in Glamour but am using this blog post to get real with you. Pinkly Perfect’s Instagram may be all pink ice cream cones and beach pictures and I may have a “cute little line” and be cute and little in real life, but I’ve worked harder than you could ever imagine over the past year.


I often wake up in the 2, 3, 4 o’clock hour to get my day started and I wear a million hats throughout the day. I make mistakes and correct them and still have time to look half decent when I leave my apartment. Over the past year, I’ve received a lot of support, but I’ve also had to deal with less than pleasant comments and questions or people simply trying to find things that are wrong with what I’m doing.


And while most people cannot and may never be able to relate to this constant up and down of starting your own company and trying to make everything else work too, there are some pretty awesome and inspiring Girl Bosses who can. I am so lucky to have met a bunch of them over the past year and can’t imagine going through this journey without them. If you’re reading this and you’re not a Girl Boss, please remember to support them. Like their Facebook, follow their Instagram, or text them when they accomplish something amazing. We deserve it.


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Pinkly Perfect August(ish) 2016 Updates!



WOW! We are SO excited to fill you in on all the happenings at Pinkly Perfect. Only 9 days into the last month of summer, and August has been by far our busiest month (since our launch on April 1st…can you believe we’ve only been open for four and a half months?!). From new press pieces to girl boss collabs to new boutiques carrying Pinkly Perfect, we’ve been BUSY. Here’s a little roundup in case you’ve missed anything:


Beyond Her Blush (seen in picture above):

This month we were lucky enough to have our Pinkly Perfect Solana Wristlet be featured in Beyond Her Blush’s August Subscription box alongside Number 4 Hair Care and celebrity hair stylist Christopher Corum. We are SO obsessed with Beyond Her Blush’s subscription boxes and suggest you check them out ASAP. You won’t want to miss out on these perfect beauty boxes.



In August, we officially added ish Boutique in Ocean City, Maryland to our list of boutiques carrying Pinkly Perfect!


CEO Blog Nation:

We were lucky enough to be featured in CEO Blog Nation’s Article “15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Blog for Business” 


Road Trip

We planned our summer 2016 Road Trip! Later this month, Pinkly Perfect’s hitting some major East coast beach towns to get our products into the hands of more boutiques for next summer! If you notice your beach town’s missing and want to shop with us in person, leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to add that to our list!


7 Mile Sweets Giveaway:

Earlier this month we partnered with 7 Mile Sweets (Avalon, New Jersey’s newest candy store!) and ran our quickest Instagram giveaway yet! Within 1 hour of our Insta post, a lucky Stone Harbor, NJ fan won a FREE $20 gift card to 7 Mile Sweets simply by being the first person to purchase two or more Pinkly Perfect Stone Harbor, NJ Coordinate Keychains.


Exciting Collaborations!

This month, I also met with fellow girl bosses Hannah from Hanmade by Han and fellow ice cream lover Mary Kate from Jersey Shore Ice Cream Guide and we have some very exciting collaborations coming so soon!


As you can tell, we have SO many exciting things happening at Pinkly Perfect and this is just the beginning. Keep following us on our website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see where the next couple months take us! Hint: we’re seeing palm trees…


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Girl Boss of the Week: Nicole Beltz, Serendipity Shops



If you’re an Avalon or Stone Harbor beach-goer, you’ve probably shopped at Serendipity on Dune Drive. You may not know that they have two other locations, in Doylestown and Chestnut Hill, PA. And I’m sure you don’t know that the founder is 27-year old Doylestown native Nicole Beltz (pictured above third from left). Yep, 27 years old and operating three successful retail locations. Read more about her impressive journey below.


PP: Thanks for talking with us, Nicole! Let’s learn more about how you got started. What attracted to you to the retail business and when did the idea for Serendipity come to you?

Nicole: I have always worked in the retail business. From a young age I enjoyed creating items and selling them to friends, family, and neighbors. As I got older my passion grew into a love for retail. I worked numerous retail positions throughout high school and college. My love for the industry grew deeper, working hands on in the small business environment when I took a summer job at Global Pursuit in Stone Harbor; I got to experience all facets of retail trade. After graduating college, I worked corporate retail for one year before quitting and voyaging into small business for myself. Together, my mom and I took on a pre-existing business in Avalon, NJ and turned it into Serendipity. We took on a large storefront and began working with makers, creators, and boutiques from the tri-state area to outfit the space. September of 2013 Serendipity was established.


PP: Why the name Serendipity?

Nicole: The name Serendipity came from its meaning of making a desirable discovery by accident. Our variety is something sure not to be found anywhere else. Customers frequently quote they found something they weren’t even looking for.


PP: Love it! That has always been my experience shopping Serendipity as well. And how did you decide on your three locations in Doylestown, Avalon, and Chestnut Hill?

Nicole: Our three locations came about because they are all in towns we live, love, and now operate from. Serendipity began in Avalon: our summer oasis, we vacationed here since I was just a kid. Shortly after we opened in Avalon, I added a second location in my hometown of Doylestown. Two years later, Serendipity was opened in Chestnut Hill as a new adventure and has now become a home away from home.


PP: Very impressive! How do you hope to see Serendipity grow in the next couple years?

Nicole: As Serendipity grows over the years, we hope to have a bigger web presence and look forward to adding more locations in the tri-state area.


PP: What has been your biggest challenge since branching out on your own and how did you overcome it?

Nicole: The biggest challenge about being in business for yourself is being able to wear all hats! When you go into business yourself, you don’t realize how many tasks come along with that.


PP: Agreed! But that gives us much more opportunities to grow and learn about ourselves. What have you learned about yourself since starting Serendipity?

Nicole: What I learned the most about myself since I have been in business is that I am capable of way more than I ever thought I was and so is everyone else! If there is a goal—achieve it! Anything is possible with a little blood, sweat, and tears.


PP: Currently, you’re responsible for a lot of different tasks with running Serendipity. What is your favorite thing to focus on?

Nicole: My favorite task to focus on is working in the store with staff, customers, and merchandising. I love working with people and making them feel good about themselves whether it is a customer or an employee. I love merchandising because I love to make the store look special and inviting.


PP: You do such a great job with that! What do you think your high school self would think about what you’re doing now and how successful it has become?

Nicole: My high school self would be proud I didn’t settle and work for a huge corporate company. I have always wanted to be self-employed and be able to express my creativity. As far as I can remember, I have enjoyed small towns and living local. Now I am proud to be working amongst the people I have always been inspired by.


PP: Yes! That is so great. Finally, what is your favorite shore memory?

Nicole: All shore memories are great; I can’t pick just one. Overall the best memories come from the friends made down the shore! Friends from the beach stay with you forever.


Shop Serendipity Avalon:

2268 Dune Drive, Avalon NJ 08202

(609) 368-3103

Shop Serendipity Doylestown:

33 S. Main St., Doylestown, PA 18901

(267) 880-6260

Shop Serendipity Chestnut Hill:

8506 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA


Like Serendipity Doylestown, Avalon, and Chestnut Hill on Facebook

Follow Serendipity Doylestown (@serendipityofdoylestown), Avalon (@serendipityofavalon), and Chestnut Hill (@serendipity_chestnuthill) on Instagram

Visit Serendipity’s Website



The Girl Boss series celebrates women business owners who are making their dreams happen.


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Girl Boss of the Week: Adriana Botti, Little Words Project


Adriana Botti is the founder of Little Words Project, a jewelry company offering a way for girls to “keep the love circulating” through featured words of encouragement on beautiful beaded bracelets. What started in her sorority at The College of New Jersey has now taken off as a successful company that has attracted thousands of followers. Learn more about her inspiring journey to distribute positivity to girls who need a little pick-me-up, or would simply like to pass it along to friends.


PP: Thanks for talking to us, Adriana! We’d love if you could tell us about how Little Words Project got started and what the ah-ha moment was when you realized you could build it into a company.

Adriana: I started a version of Little Words Project while I was in my college sorority. We needed a way to “keep the love circulating” amongst a group of 60+ women daily. So I came up with the idea of passing around these little word bracelets when sisters needed pick-me-ups or words of encouragement. Pretty soon, the idea took off and sisters were passing them around like crazy! After graduating, I wondered what kind of effect they would have if I brought the bracelets to the masses. I just knew there was something to be said about the simple act of giving someone something off your person for the selfless purpose of making them happy. I didn’t know that I could necessarily build it into a real company at the time, but I knew I wanted to try.


PP: That’s amazing! So how did you go about manufacturing/ choosing e-commerce as your main platform when you first started?

Adriana: I think I just knew I had a product I wanted to sell, and knew that the easiest way to do that this day and age, was to put it online. I wanted the product to feel like it had a brand behind it and wasn’t just me in my basement beading bracelets (although that is certainly how it started behind the scenes)! I knew that the online community would be the best way to get this launched and with the help of my sorority sisters, we we’re able to spread the link and earn about 30 sales on the first day!




PP: Congrats! So much about LWP seems to be rooted in the sisterhood/personal connection of the traveling jewelry. How do you personally try to connect to your customer to build a larger sisterhood of girls that encompasses smaller groups of girls?

Adriana: We really want the customer to feel like they’re joining a big community of women that all believe in and cherish their own Little Words. By allowing customers to share their stories publicly, they are able to see that others out there are going through similar experiences. It’s a great way for women to find comfort in the stories of others and even help provide them further comfort in the passing on of their cherished bracelets. That passing process really enables our customers to connect with one another. Not only did they both fall for Little Words Project as a company and a concept, but they’re fully on board with our mission and are willing to part with this new favorite piece of jewelry. That connection is extremely genuine.


PP: What has surprised you the most about how the brand as evolved since you started it in 2010 as a passion project?

Adriana: Seeing how much it’s caught on, has definitely been a fun surprise. Of course, I always believed it could, but deep down I had a real fear that it would flop. I have been so pleased and honestly shocked to see how many people have registered, passed bracelets on, and have come back for more again and again. It’s just so clear that when people know the story and can get behind the mission, they really enjoy being a part of our community. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it- but I like that feeling.


PP: What has been the most “traveled” word?

Adriana: Our most purchased and likely most “traveled” word is definitely “Strength.” We all know someone who could use a little “strength” in her life and it’s been a fan favorite since the beginning.




PP: What has been your favorite word and what word do you think is most needed these days for women?

Adriana: My favorite word is “Believe.” I really think that we could all benefit from believing in ourselves and truly knowing that we can accomplish whatever it is that we set our minds to. So often, we as women can think of the 10 reasons why something is impossible rather than the one reason it’s not. I think we need to start truly believing that no matter what it is, we can make it happen so long as we “Believe.”



Like LWP on Facebook

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Shop LWP’s website


The Girl Boss series celebrates women business owners who are making their dreams happen.


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