Pinkly Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we are SO excited! If you’re getting together with your best gal pals this February or trying to cheer up your besties who may be bummed about their current boy sitch (or lack thereof), check out these Pinkly Perfect products that will be the perfect pick-me-up or addition to love-themed celebrations!



Margate Leggings:

If you’re staying in this Valentine’s Day, the outfit of choice obviously includes a great pair of leggings. We may be a bit biased but we think our Margate Leggings are the best because of the silver seahorse hit that will also remind you of summer vacation days. Shop them for $22 at


Give it with: Homemade caramel corn and a perfect girly movie. We suggest classics like He’s Just Not That Into You or When Harry Met Sally.



Pink Coordinate Keychains:

Fact: a summer-obsessed girl loves nothing more than her beach town. (Yep, boyfriends, you’re not even close second.) Give your bestie (or girlfriend) a Pinkly Perfect Coordinate Keychain for her favorite beach town and it’ll absolutely brighten her day.


Give it with: Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy as a Jersey shore alternative to the typical Valentine’s Day candy and our Pinkly Perfect “Beach-Sickness” Card.



Dennis Greeting Card, You Make Me Melt:

Did you already buy a gift and now need a perfect card? Look no further than our Dennis Greeting Card that reads “You Make Me Melt.” Our cards are made in the USA and left blank on the inside so you can jot down whatever message you like! Maybe play a joke on your bestie and sign it from the hottie lifeguard you were eyeing all last summer ;).


Give it with: “You’re Perfect” Newport Cosmetic Bag.



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8 Common Goals of Every Beach Loving Girl


January is definitely the month for setting goals and putting yourself first! From getting fit to getting As, there’s A LOT we’re working for this month. But if you’re a beach loving girl, there’s a set of goals that we basically daydream about all year, especially once summer rolls around. Check out our top 8!


A good tan:

The best part about a beach vacation is showing off your beach vacation when you’re reunited with your landlocked besties at school. A good tan is absolutely necessary for that and it also keeps the spirit of summer alive just a little bit longer. (Check out our favorite self-tanners to get you through these dreaded non-summer months!)


Owning a beach house:

You know you’re a true beach girl when your most common daydream includes owning your own beach house someday. In fact, you probably have your top 5 favorites in your beach town of choice already picked out for inspiration when the big day finally arrives.


Getting kissed on the Ferris wheel:

A Ferris wheel kiss is the epitome of teenage summer romance! What is better than overlooking your favorite beach town in the company of your crush? Yes, it’s definitely cliché but also so perfect.


Having a basket on your bike:

Beach bike envy is so real. And if you’re a true beach lover, you absolutely need a beach bike with a basket. How else are you going to transport your iced coffees and donuts?


A good summer job:

Do we want to be stuck inside all summer when the beach is a block away? Nope! That’s why landing a perfect summer job is a major goal. We’re aiming for a breakfast hotspot that includes afternoons free and lots of tip money.


A mini-golf date:

For beach loving girls, going ice-skating is torture not the dream date. Instead, we’re crossing our fingers for the guy of our summer dreams to ask us to go mini-golfing. We can wear a cute outfit and show off our competitive side. Perfect!


Winning a big stuffed animal on the boardwalk:

Who actually wins these things? Our favorite summer movies constantly show the beach loving girl walking away from a ring toss with a massive stuffed pink bear and we’re left empty handed. Goal.


Perfect beach hair:

Another thing that seems impossible. Perfect beach hair is a struggle. The day we master it is the day we can do anything.


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So This is Christmas: Pinkly Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

I take gift-giving very seriously and know from experience that the biggest mistake around the holidays is waiting too long to start shopping for your favorite people. That is why I decided to post our Pinkly Perfect Holiday Gift Guide early this year so you can plan accordingly.


In addition to our current line (all of which we know make great gifts), we designed some products specifically with Christmas gifting in mind. The below ideas are perfect for besties, sisters, moms, teachers…anyone who needs a little reminder of summer vacation. Take a look at our picks, all made in the USA and available on our website:



Newport Cosmetic Bags, $20

I’m a firm believer that when in doubt, get the girl a cosmetic pouch. And since it’s the holiday, get a festive one. Our Newport Cosmetic Bags have been one of our best sellers since we launched in April so we decided to make a limited edition version for the Christmas season. The Newport Bag now comes in silver, red, and green glitter. Perfect for if you’re buying in threes (three daughters, three cousins, three besties…).



Madison Bracelets, $24

It’s no secret that I am completely obsessed with the Madison Bracelet. It’s the perfect wear-with-anything accessory and also makes a great gift. It’s a super soft textured metallic leather (available in gold or silver) with a debossed seahorse and painted pink back and sides. I wear mine every day and love pairing it with our zip code bracelets for a little arm candy action. At Pinkly Perfect, we believe metallics are neutrals so we’ll be wearing this one all year long.



Dennis Greeting Card, $8

You can’t give a gift without giving a card! And if you’re buying for a summer lover, you better pick up a Christmas card that also incorporates the beach! That’s why we added the Christmas Dennis Greeting Card in addition to our other cards. This one’s silver foil print with a metallic envelope and left blank inside so you can write a more personal note.


Pair any of the above with a coordinate keychain, zip code bracelet, or Margate Leggings to really knock it out of the park this year. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives that we deserve to make them feel loved this holiday season.



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Study Tips for the Best School Year Ever

Written by: Sarah Felbin

The school year is here at last! Getting to see your girlfriends every day is, of course, a huge plus – but homework, tests, and quizzes? Not so much. Lucky for you, you don’t have to do it alone! With so many new apps and strategies out there, it’s just too easy to make this year the best year ever… So what are you waiting for?


Amazing Apps!


OneNote is a note-taking app that allows you to access notes from anywhere! Type, write, or draw your thoughts using this program, which is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users (which, we have to admit, is pretty impressive). With multiple ways to organize your documents and the ability to share pages with classmates and friends, OneNote is a must for taking digital notes in class!


Anki is a digital flashcard program that uses spaced repetition to make sure you never forget a vocab word again! Create your own flashcards from anywhere (even your phone) and review them daily to make any information stick. You can even add pictures, which is a tried and true method for faster and more accurate recall during tests. It’s perfect for information-heavy courses, like foreign languages, history classes, or even the sciences!


Wunderlist is your new personal assistant. A to-do list app that allows you to sort your tasks based on different areas of your life, Wunderlist stands out from the crowd with its ability to create shared to-do lists with others. Working on a group project? Add everyone to the same list so you can all keep track of your progress! You can even sort tasks by the date they’re due, which works wonders for procrastinators. So get downloading and get to work!


Sunrise is the digital agenda you’ve been looking for! Your own personal secretary, Sunrise can sync with your Facebook account, Google account, and even your Office 365, allowing you to see all of your events and appointments in one place. Schedule your classes, projects, meetings, parties, travel plans – everything – and see exactly what your week looks like at a moment’s notice. We’d tell you it’s free for both iOS and Android users, but we don’t want you to get too excited…


Forest is perfect for those time when your Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and texts are just blowing up… But you have a massive essay due tomorrow and absolutely no motivation. What’s a girl to do? Download Forest, of course! To get you working, Forest plants a tiny virtual tree every time you set the timer on your phone, iPad, or computer. After you set the timer, checking your phone or visiting other websites will kill the tree, so you can’t distract yourself while you’re working. The best part? Growing trees earns you coins, which you can donate to planting real trees in the real world. Put down your phone, crush that essay, and help save the world!


Study Smarter, Not Harder


Give Yourself a Goal:

Not in the mood to study those vocab words? Promise yourself a little reward for finishing – a trip to Starbucks, lunch with your bestie, or even ten minutes on your phone shopping Pinkly Perfect – whatever keeps you going! Having something to look forward to makes time fly by, trust us.


Break It Up:

Studies show we work best when we give our brains a break to process information. How long your study seshes are is up to you – just make sure you’re not tiring yourself out! Try the Pomodoro method (25 minutes of work, 5 minute breaks, then a longer break after you’ve completed 4 cycles) or experiment to see what works best for you. (Just don’t get too off task while your brain absorbs those facts!)


Take Note:

Good notes can make or break your test prep, so why not branch out a little? Organize information into an outline, make a mind map, create a chart, incorporate some color, or start a whole new system, like Cornell notes. It can take a few tries to find the method that helps you the most, so don’t be afraid to try something new!


Set Yourself Up For Success:

Location, location, location! Sometimes, where you study can be as important as what you study, so choose carefully! Look for a place that has good lighting, so you won’t want to take a nap, and bring earbuds. Studies show that music can help us focus and remember information better, so if blasting Sia helps you with those equations, go ahead! We won’t tell. 🙂


Brain Food:

Sometimes, the only thing keeping you going is a study snack – or two! But instead of reaching for Nutella and a spoon, try these (healthier!) alternatives:

  • Popcorn
  • Hummus and veggies
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Peanut butter (pair with apples, bananas, or crackers!)
  • Avocado (on toast, or even in guacamole!)
  • Granola bars
  • Oatmeal (try searching for “overnight oat recipes.” Yum!)


With these tips by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do – so get working on that essay, because we’ve got a school year to crush!


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Pinkly Perfect Gift Ideas

Chances are you know someone who loves summer, the beach, and/or the color pink. If so, Pinkly Perfect’s got you covered when you’re in need of a specific gift. Check out our picks for party favors, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, and just because!


Party Favors

Our canvas pouches are perfect party favors for a little girl’s birthday. Host an ice cream or beach themed birthday celebration and give each girl a Pinkly Perfect Solana Wristlet (now on sale for $12) or Newport Cosmetic Bag ($20) full of candy and pink nail polish that they can use as a pencil case for school.

Our Made in the USA canvas pouches make perfect party favors! Shop them at or Serendipity Shops in Doylestown, PA.


Hostess Gifts

Staying at a friend’s beach house soon? As a little token of your appreciation, consider gifting them a Pinkly Perfect Coordinate Keychain or Zip Code Bracelet in honor of their favorite place.

Our Made in the USA coordinate keychains are perfect to gift your hostess during your next beach getaway.
Our Made in the USA coordinate keychains are perfect to gift your hostess during your next beach getaway. Shop them at or Serendipity Shops in Doylestown, PA.


Teacher Gifts

Teachers may love summer more than anyone (besides me). Give your favorite teacher Pinkly Perfect’s latest Montauk Tote ($26) that reads “counting down to summer is my life saver” that they can use as soon as vacation rolls around.

Let's be honest. Every teacher needs Fall's Montauk Tote. Shop it at or Serendipity Shops in Doylestown, PA.
Let’s be honest. Every teacher needs Fall’s Montauk Tote. Shop it at or Serendipity Shops in Doylestown, PA.


Just Because…

Besties know when their friends need a little pick-me-up. Shop Pinkly Perfect Dennis Greeting Cards ($6 each) for your summer loving friends. Blank inside to say whatever they need to hear.

Send a little note to your besties in need of warmer months ahead! Shop them at or Serendipity Shops in Doylestown, PA!
Send a little note to your besties in need of warmer months ahead! Shop them at or Serendipity Shops in Doylestown, PA!
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Behind the Scenes at Pinkly Perfect’s Fall Shoot


Nothing I love more than photoshoot day at Pinkly Perfect!


Even though by the time we’re shooting our latest products, I’ve already been staring at them for months and months, something about seeing them under bright lights and captured by a professional photographer makes them come to life in a whole new way.


Yesterday, after a very busy weekend closing out festival season, I headed over to Church Street Studios, LLC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to shoot Pinkly Perfect’s Fall/Holiday capsule collection.


This was Pinkly Perfect’s third shoot and third time at Church Street Studios with Makeup by Emily Dimant and model Lauren O’Brien from Expressions Agency in Philadelphia and I LOVE the team of very talented women we’ve created and stuck with.


I’m not giving alllll the details away but wanted to give my blog readers a little sneak peek into some behind the scenes shots from yesterday’s shoot! To see more of them, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we’ll be announcing as soon as our fall line goes live on our website!

We don’t like school either!
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Perfect Pink Accessories to Wear at School (Uniform or not)

Back to school. Ughh. Not our favorite time of the year but there’s actually some pretty great things that happen once the school year starts up again (and in fall in general).


One of those things is getting to spend every day with our besties again. Granted most of the time it may be in chemistry, but at least they’re there for some chit-chat in between classes or to catch eyes when your crush asks to borrow a pencil. Swoon.


Another fun thing about the new season is new excuses to shop for some clothes and accessories. If you’re like me and went to a school that required a uniform (Enjoy it ladies! You’ll miss these days), then you may think that you don’t get to experiment as much. Wrong! Below we listed some of our favorite pink accessories you can rock this school year whether you are lucky enough to wear kilts and knee socks or not.


Pinkly Perfect Pink Zip Code Bracelet:

If you’re a true summer-lover (which we’re guessing you are if you’re reading this blog!), then you’ll need some daily reminder of your favorite beach town while suffering through a boring history lesson. Pick up a leather, made in the USA, zip code bracelet for Jersey shore points like Avalon, Stone Harbor, Wildwood, Sea Isle City, and Ocean City, NJ. We recommend pink (obviously) but also comes in perfect summery colors like lilac, sea aqua, and coral. Buy them all so you can mix & match.


Pink Nail Polish:

Nail polish is one of the easiest ways to add some pink into your uniform look and there are so many different shades you can choose from depending on the week or your mood! We’re currently obsessed with Essie’s “delhi dance” while ColorClub’s Flamingo’s an old favorite. Have your besties over for a “Let’s Pretend It’s Summer Party” this fall and swap pinks for some variety.


Pink Hair Ties:

Who wears her hair down at an all-girls uniform high school? Unless it’s Monday and you’re still rocking your weekend hair before you absolutely have to shower, then you need some pink hair ties for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Invest in this pack of 100 pink, white, and purple hair ties for only $5.00 at ASOS. You’ll go through them quicker than you think.



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Flip Flops for Any Occasion


Written by: Emma Veon

Flip-flopping between what shoes to wear this summer?  Every flip-flop lover in your life knows that there’s a pair for everywhere, you just have to find one to match your style. Here’s a short list of flip-flop favorites for any occasion.




Left to Right: Old Navy Classic Flip Flop in Coral Reef Neon Nylon ($2.50), Pinkly Perfect Sanibel Flip Flop in Aqua ($22.00 $18.00), FitFlops Lulu Leather Flip Flop ($80.00)


Old Navy ($1.00-$4.00) – The pinnacle of casual footwear, Old Navy flip flops are a lifestyle essential for men and women of any age.  From the boardwalk to the bathroom, plastic flip flops are a must!

Sanibel ($22.00 $18.00) – Pinkly Perfect’s Sanibel flip flops are a fun twist on the conventional summer shoe.  There are three styles and each leaves a special message wherever you walk.  (Pictured: “Make a Splash!”)

FitFlops ($59.00-$80.00) – Designed for ultimate comfort, Fit Flops will keep your feet happy as you stroll down the beach.




Left to right: Jack Rodgers Monte Carlo Sandal Maize Natural Fabric ($148.00), L.L. Bean Maine Isle Flip Flop in Fiery Red/Lobster ($21.99), Etsy Monogram Sandals, Medallion Flip Flop ($20.95)


Jack Rodgers ($76.99-$198.00) – These stitched shoes are perfect for some fancier outings this summer.

L.L. Bean ($21.99-$27.95) – Cute and colorful, L.L. Bean’s Maine Isle flip flops are made in a variety of patterns, including these adorable lobster ones!

Etsy (range) – If you’re looking for some snazzy shoes that you can’t find in most stores, take to the internet! Etsy offers a myriad of flip flops, many of which are customizable.




Left to right: Rainbow Double Layer Premier Leather with Arch Support ($55.00)

Rainbow ($38.25-$80.00) – Rainbow flip flops are the most versatile shoe on this list.  Their Cali beach vibe is never out of place!
No matter the occasion, flip flops are a go-to footwear option.  Whether you want to grab an ice cream cone with friends or order an expensive meal, you’ll be able to find a pair flip flops to match your outfit.


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Beach-inspired Back to School Supplies

Written by: Sarah Haurin

With the start of school looming just around the corner, summer lovers mourn the end of their favorite season. But the end of summer doesn’t have to signal the end of fun! These hand picked summery school supplies will brighten even the most dreary classroom – and each one for under $25.


The key to classroom success? Not losing your lucky pen or forgetting your history paper was due this Thursday. A Lilly Pulitzer planner will keep all of your assignments in one place and make opening up your planner to see your homework at the end of the day more bearable. We like the medium agenda in lovers coral.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner is a steal at $24!


Keep all of your supplies in one place by converting your summertime makeup bag to your everyday pencil case. The adorable seahorses on our Pinkly Perfect Newport Cosmetic Bag will keep you smiling throughout the day.

Pinkly Perfect’s Newport Cosmetic Bag is now your back to school pencil case! On sale for $14 at


What’s even better than a pineapple sticky note? A pink pineapple sticky note, of course! Stock up on these cute post-its to keep you motivated even when your favorite fruit isn’t in season. (For other pineapple accessories, check this out!)

$3 for a pink pineapple note pad? We’ll take it!


Everyone needs a lucky pen. One of these pens, shaped like a palm tree ($2.50), a whale ($2.39), or a surfboard ($7.28 per dozen) will do the trick.
These whale pens are your new lucky charm for those pesky algebra tests!

These adorable whale pens, which come in four fun colors, will make the perfect lucky pen for any beach-loving student.


Keep the summer spirit alive even through the start of school with these cool finds. With these supplies, you’ll be sure to have a smooth transition back into the school grind!


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Senior Week Saga by Sarah Haurin


Picture this: two cars filled to the brim with all of the beach essentials (snacks, chairs, and every possible combination of beach attire) putzing down the highway en route to Ocean City, NJ.


Planning for a week of living down the shore with no one but your four closest friends proved much more difficult than we initially anticipated. But after a Costco trip and several planning meetings over Jules pizza, we were ready for the most highly anticipated week of senior year.


Being the eager gals we are, we arrived nearly 3 hours before we were due to check into our house. After getting breakfast, browsing the boards for a hermit crab (which we named Bunbury and promised to return later to buy, but never did), and shopping for a few last minute food items, we moved into our adorable peaches-and-cream colored basement apartment which would be our home for the next week.


Although we had a few stumbling blocks along the way (i.e., misplacing the bag of lunch meat, cheese, and hummus, which was never to be found), the process of unpacking our excessive luggage and hanging the decorations we had been creating for weeks went remarkably smoothly.


It didn’t take me long to realize how ill-equipped I was to be living on my own. The very next morning after our exciting first night, I awoke before everyone else and set out to make myself a bagel and tea. After spending nearly ten minutes attempting to operate the toaster oven, I thought the worst part of my cooking adventure was over. However, when my bagel was perfectly toasted, I had the genius idea to use a napkin to pull it out so i wouldn’t have to stick my hand in the hot toaster oven. Paper, as I am sure you know, is quite flammable. I pulled the napkin out of the toaster and watched it catch on fire in my hand before i realized that I should probably put the fire out.


Despite the excitement of this small fire (which included the fire alarm going off before 9 o’clock in the morning), none of my friends arose from their beds to see if the loud beeping was anything to worry about. A word of advice for all future sweekers: please make your way out of bed when you hear something that resembles a fire alarm, because it may indeed be a fire alarm.


Thankfully we all survived my kitchen fiasco, and I learned not to use kitchen appliances without the supervision of one of my housemates. The rest of the week went smoothly, but my favorite part of every day was when one of my friends, most of whom were more qualified in the kitchen than I am, put together our pre-made dinners and we sat on our backyard patio to eat together. These moments made the week unforgettable as our last hurrah of high school.

Gab and Lanky (Katie) snuggle on our lovely couch.
Gab and Lanky (Katie) snuggle on our lovely couch.


And so, I would like to thank my Squidz for helping me to practice safety precautions in the kitchen. But I would even more like to thank them for being the best dang senior week house that Ocean City has ever seen. Love you all. Long Live Bunbury.


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